Lovely. It's Irish, people; it's said the same way as Oona.
Ok so I LOVE the name Oona. But the way this one is spelled is just downright ugly. Just stay with Oona and your daughter will like it way better when she gets old enough to understand!
It appears as though none of the variants are very popular in Ireland itself (as in the island, not just the country): Una, Oona, Oonagh... so since I'm not Irish, I can't say for certain which is the favored "native" spelling. However, Oonagh is the only variant that doesn't seem to chart *anywhere*, and I can see why: it has too many dang letters. Una (with the accent) is the "original" that would likely be favored by traditionalists, and Oona has a quirky charm that is growing on me. But the ending -gh here is just unnecessary, imo.
Hate the spelling.
This spelling looks ridiculous to me, as if Una was too hard to say. It looks like a pronunciation guide.
According to Lady Wilde in her Ancient Legends of Ireland, Oonagh is the wife of Finvarra, the king of the western fairies and of the dead. She says:

Finvarra the King is still believed to rule over all the fairies of the west, and Oonagh is the Fairy Queen. Her golden hair sweeps the ground, and she is robed in silver gossamer all glittering as with diamonds, but they are dewdrops that sparkle over it.

The queen is more beautiful than any woman of earth, yet Finvarra loves the mortal women best, and wiles them down to his fairy palace by the subtle charm of his fairy music.
In the Sevenwaters triology, Lady Oonagh is the evil witch.
Has anyone heard of the book "The Prophecy of the Stones", written by Flavia Bujor? In it, Oonagh is the name of a magical creature that can read people's hearts (in the context of the story, the heart is the faculty capable of emotion and thought). Oonagh is the name of a single creature and NOT a species.
Oonagh I think is a pretty, intelligent name. It's the name of one of my best friends! Oonagh's great!

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