This is a MODERNIZED, STRONGER version of the name "Pauline".
Just mentioning that this is also a word-name. Opaline means "opalescent". It also refers to types of glass what are opaque or white semi-opaque. Basically Opaline means "opal-like". [noted -ed]
Much better than Opal.
I prefer Opal.
To extra... Also, it sounds like the name of a nutrition drink! Stick to Opal please!
Ugghhh! No thanks!
Sounds a bit weird. Opal makes more sense.
I prefer Opal.
I love Opaline. Since my mom was born in October, it could honor her. Plus, this name just sounds beautiful and I love opals.
This name is awesome!
According to some sources this was a medieval variant of Apollonia.
It's quite nice, really, but I think it'd be, perhaps, better as a middle name rather than a first name. :-)
Sounds too close to Ovaltine.

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