Órla is Irish and means "golden princess". Orla (no fada) is the Irish word for "puke". I'm not kidding, you can look it up. The fadas aren't there just for fun, they serve a purpose and change the pronunciation. Don't forget about them.
Orla means foreskin in Hebrew.
Orla Shipley, a character in the video game Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. She is an orca.
Really cute! Reminds me of a princess.
Reminds me of Derry Girls - Orla McCool is my favourite character on that show, and this name is really sweet and pretty, just like she is!
I find Orla strange sounding, and it often autocorrects to 'oral'.
My real name's Orla and honestly don't curse your child with it, everyone calls you paula or ola, it occasionally autocorrects to oral and means foreskin in hebrew- which isn't really helped by how much it 'rolls off the tongue'.
I like Orla. It doesn't sound like "oral" at all, I'm sometimes really wondering where people get their odd associations from.

Yes, it is technically an anagram for "oral" but the name doesn't sound like the word, it doesn't look like the word. You'd have to rearrange the letters to get "oral" and I doubt that anyone would bother. I went to school with several Orlas (it's common here) and I can assure you that that was never an issue even though we all did know what oral meant, we were modern teenagers who knew about sex.

It's like not using Naomi because it's an anagram for "I moan". A bit ridiculous.

Apart from that there are several spellings to choose from such as Orlagh, Órfhlaith and Órlaith even though the last two might not work outside of Ireland (the first one is still easy enough to explain).
Actually fun fact, the name Orla in Irish means “golden princess”. I’m using this name in my story because it sounds beautiful and its meaning is beautiful as well, as usual, the name in my story will be Irish, and not only that, but the name Oral in Irish has a similar meaning as “golden son” for a boy name.
Not very attractive and the anagram "oral" is unfortunate.
I have grown to love this name, I think it's cute and I can imagine a child having it. Orla Rainbow!
There is something I do like about this name however it reminds me of ‘Orr’ too much like the saying ‘stop sticking your oar in’ etc that’s all I hear every time unfortunately. I find ‘Or’ a very ugly nickname.
Every time I hear or see the name Orla it reminds me of the word Oral.
I think Orla is an okay name, I would name a pet this but all these comments about it meaning foreskin and Oral, that's how you know you shouldn't use the name. If you want to name your daughter Orla it should be because of the sound or because it's something that impacts you because family had that name and it involves your culture. Minor details about a language that you don't even know or planned on learning shouldn't matter about wither you use that name. That's my issue with people on this website- it's about the name and if your only interest is the meaning that's a problem. Naming a child is supposed to be personal and have something you will be happy about for years to come not on a whim because it sounds exotic or because it has a cool meaning. This is a forever decision that's going to impact your kid and kids are going to bully them regardless but you should feel confident about your choice first and foremost and not care what others think.
Orla McCool, the main character on the show Derry Girl's.
I chose this name for my second daughter 11 years ago. I still love it as much today.
Beautiful name for a precious little girl meaning ‘golden princess.’ An authentic Irish name also spelled Orlaith.
I adore the name Orla. It has a lovely meaning and it rolls of the tongue.
While Orla is an Irish name, it's even more popular in Scotland.
Brian Boru, a historical Irish king, had a sister named Orla.
Apart from the unfortunate anagram several people have mentioned (oral), in Hebrew, the word "orla" means "foreskin". Even more unfortunate, I would say!
I like the sound of Orla the deep one, you know creepy fish-girl with a heart of gold. Makes me smile.
Orla Brady is an Irish actress.
The name Orla was given to 30 girls born in the US in 2015.
Means golden princess. I named my only child Orlaith, after my niece, both beautiful souls.
I'm actually using this name for my fantasy animal who is a feline with dark orange fur and leopard like golden spots. And the meaning is "golden princess". I believe it suits her.
Pretty name for a lovely girl.
Orla, classic and sophisticated. Authentic Irish name with modern appeal.
Ummm... Orla Kiely? The designer?
Orlaith means “golden princess.” The name was shared by both a sister and a daughter of the most famous of the high kings, Brian Boru.
Just a divine, special and magical name!
Great name! Strong, classic, beautiful meaning. Little girls will wear this like a 'golden princess'!
Model from Boston Orla Roche (gorgeous girl, beautiful name!)
I find the name Orla very beautiful, underappreciated and special.
Orla Gartland is an Irish singer/songwriter from Dublin who gained popularity from posting cover songs on her YouTube account.
There's a girl at my school named Orla, and although she's very nice, this name is just much too close to oral (as above posters have noted). It makes me think of being confused (possibly due to the 'or' sound), or of gnawing, for some reason.
Apart from the oral thing, I like this name because it sounds like the Spanish and Portuguese word for hello.
It's too similar to Oral. It sounds ugly as well. Sounds like an ocean monster.
Orla is a gentle feminine name. I think Didi is quite an unfortunate name. Poor you.
One of my favorite names in the world. I love how old-fashioned it is, and yet it also seems timeless. I could just as easily imagine an Orla born in 1911 as one born in 2011.
Irish actress Orla Brady is a famous bearer.
This name is very cute, but its anagram is Oral. Not the best anagram in the world.
Maybe I have my mind in the gutter, but it's an anagram of oral. So a girl with this name might get teased at school.
Ugly. The first syllable just doesn't sound very pleasant.
I know a girl called Orla but it's a shortened from Orlanda.
Orla Fallon is an Irish singer and harpist.
It's so weird to think of this name as a feminine name, since it's used only as a male name in Denmark. Furthermore it's very old-fashioned, and I really don't like it at all, and not because of it's old-fashioness.
Orla Quirke was sorted in to Ravenclaw house in the 5th Harry Potter book Order of the Phoenix.
This lovely Irish name means "golden princess".
This is a very good name for it is my name. I find it a wonderful and original name, yet I have had this "new" Scottish and Irish and Welsh name in Canada since 1958.

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