Orpah is Oprah Winfrey's real name. People kept getting it wrong, so she just changed her name to Oprah. Makes sense :)
Whoever said "why would the author of Ruth name their character 'back of the neck'", Orpah was a real person and I think Ruth was written by Ruth.
Beautiful old name.
Why name your child “back of the neck?” It also doesn’t sound good.
I am really skeptical about the idea that Orpah is derived from the word meaning "back of the neck." This seems like an after the fact "folk etymology" made up by medieval rabbis who were writing commentaries about the character that were frankly misogynist and derogatory. If Orpah was a real person, it makes no sense that her parents would have actually named her "back of the neck", and I don't think the author of the Book of Ruth would have given her a name that's insulting like that since the character really is not presented as a bad person in the story.
Orpah is a really ugly name, and the meaning 'back of the neck' makes no sense to me. I can see why Oprah changed the spelling.
I think this is a lot prettier than Oprah, and Oprah is just completely iconic now and a sort of questionable name choice.
The name comes from the Hebrew word "oref", meaning the back of the head, because she turned her back on Neomy, while Ruth stayed.
Oprah Winfrey was supposed to be named this but the nurse spelled it wrong or something like that and it just stayed that way!
I believe that this was the original spelling of Oprah Winfrey's name. I heard that it was her mother who had mis-spelled it by mistake, but the changed name stuck.

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