The meaning is interesting. Anyhow, I like the sound of this name. It’s not bad. Oswald is also fine. I prefer this name on a male.
One of my new favorite male names! There are other good female names out there, IMO.
PronouncED "AWZ-win" in English.
Because of Jenna Coleman's portrayal of Oswin and Clara Oswin Oswald on Doctor Who, I think I will forever render Oswin as a female name. However, I probably would not name my daughter Oswin, because of the heavy Doctor Who reference towards it.
It's a male name. Naming your female child Oswin is just weird.
Oswin Oswald or Clara Oswin Oswald.A Steven Moffat Doctor Who Character who has been heavily criticised.
Played by Jenna Louise Coleman.
Clara First Met the 11th Doctor as Oswin, but later became a companion as Clara Oswald.
Weirdo name for a girl. Not feminine or pretty at all. I really hope this doesn't become trendy because of a Doctor Who character.
The newest companion on Doctor Who is Clara Oswin Oswald, portrayed by Jenna-Louise Coleman. (She was first introduced as Oswin Oswald, then later as Clara Oswin Oswald, so it can be assumed that Oswin is her middle name).
A female character in the Doctor Who series is named Oswin, I think it's a really nice name on a girl.
I would assume somebody bearing this name would be sort of friendly and approachable. (Also a good name for a male cat!) :)
Oswin is a character in the long-running game series Fire Emblem. He is Hector's personal assistant, and is the man.

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