Lovely name. I agree with the commenter that said this name can be unisex. My daughter is named Owynne Paxlie, nickname Owie and we love it so much, we get many compliments ❤❤❤ it's a gorgeous name for a girl.
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Yes I know.
Hello, my name is Owen and my name is alright. I have many other people around me with the same name, but other than that my name is nothing special but a fun one to have.
The name Owen means young warrior so I'm not surprised if an Owen becomes a warrior (especially me).
People named Owen are handsome, sexy, funny and intelligent. If you come across an Owen date him. If you can't, if you don't try, it's your loss. Marry him if you can do it because people named Owen are perfect then when you have children name your child Owen so they can be perfect as well.
There's nothing special about this name. It's boring.
"Owen" is a kid's book by Kevin Henkes (1993).
Owen Campbell is an American actor. He played the lead roles in As You Are and Super Dark Times. On television, he played Jared Connors in The Americans.
It's my name, and I hate it. It sounds ugly and is just the worst.
Cute. This would also work well for a cat.
I named my son Owen and he’s almost 2 now. At daycare they call him Owie and he seems to love his name. There is another Owen a class above him. Right after we told my mom she reminded me of the movie Throw Mama From the Train where Danny Devito’s character was named Owen. There’s a scene in the movie where Billy Crystal comes to see Owen and Mama yells ‘Owen doesn’t have any friends’. Oh well... ;)
Good name!
I don’t like, very unattractive and just ugly.
I used to really love this name, but now I know a dog named Owen. I still think it’s nice, but it sounds weird on a human to me. Meeting a pet with a good name always changes things for me :(
It's not the best and it's not the worst. It is just meh.
I don't like this name. No offense to any Owen or anyone who likes this name, I just don't particularly care for it.
It's a nice name that ages well, although it reminds me of owls.
Owen Mercer aka Captain Boomerang II is a character from DC's flash comics.
I haven't seen this mentioned recently.. Uncle Owen from Star Wars! Owen was the name of Luke Skywalker's uncle in A New Hope, made in 1977. He was strong, faithful, respectable, a hard worker, a family man, and honorable. I think his character was a good fit and representation for the name.
Handsome, I like it!
Sophisticated and handsome name. Unfortunately I bet it won't be too long before this name becomes unisex like a of other male names have :/
Surprisingly, I haven't seen a comment about this but Owen Grady is the name of one of the most influential characters in the Jurassic World movies, some books, and a few games.
Even though Owen has a feminine form Owena, it’s still unisex. The feminine form just means Owena is slightly feminine if you think Owen isn’t girly enough. Doesn’t mean Owen can’t be used on a girl. I don’t know about Owena on a boy though, but that’s still okay! The point is that this name is appropriate for either gender, but because of the usage, it’s better on a boy. It’s cute on a girl too!
Simple name, looks good on anyone.
In 2018, 3 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Owen who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 525th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Owen Grady is the main character of “Jurassic World” and its sequel! “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.”.
Doesn't sound very pleasant to me.
Oh when?
I love love love the name Owen. I have a nephew named Owen. We call him O. I think the name Owen is just simple & easy! I love the name but hate how popular it has gotten!
Owen Ford is a student who comes to board with Leslie. He falls in love with her and they get married. (Rainbow Valley)
What would a conservative, suburban, vanilla, middle-class couple name their son in 2018? Owen!
I would pronounce this name as O-wen.
My English teacher is named Owen, he is kind and friendly. So I think the person who is named Owen usually is nice.
If you like it but not the popularity, consider Owain. Or Eugene. They are more unique but equally nice.
The name Owen was given to 18 baby girls born in the United States in 2015.
This was the name my parents gave me; it was a singular form of my grandmother's maiden name, Owens. I've never met another Owen in person, but I've seen the name in multiple cases besides my own.
To be quite honest, I found the name to be quite dull on *my* record; which is why I no longer call myself Owen. The name sounds like that for a strong, light-minded, intelligent man who gets along well with others. And while I like to think of myself as intelligent, I am not strong, and I am very introverted.
Owain, on the other hand, is a name that I'd be more willing to carry. Unlike the light-minded modern Owen, Owain sounds like a dark name. Cooler. More me.
I really like this name, I can see why it's becoming popular.
It took a while, but this name grew on me. I used to want to name a son Owen, and though I no longer want children, I still think it'd make a great name for a guy all through different ages. It has a bit of a nerdy edge to it, but I have a liking for names that sound nerdy, so this is a good thing for me. I definitely recommend it -- or at least I would, if it wasn't so popular.
Owen is a terrible name. Nuff said. Sounds like a duck.
Owen isn't a bad name by any stretch. I'm neutral towards Owen because while it isn't my favourite, it's still a pretty good name. The only possible downside is that it does remind me of the word "owe", as in owing someone something.

I am rather surprised that Owen is derived from Eugene. Then again, if Shane is a form of John, anything can happen!
I once knew a guy with this name. He was a really nice, attractive, and intelligent guy so I associate it with a charming young man. Doesn't sound plain, boring, or dumb at all.
I am in love with this classic! Strong, handsome and perfect for all ages in life!
Owen is such a lovely, cute, masculine Welsh name. I'm totally considering using this name for a future son. ;)
Pronounced O-WIN.
Cute! My cousin named her son this in 2009. And it's popular but it's great. I love it. Strong, snarky and sweet. All the things a boy should be!
A fictional bearer is Owen Archer, protagonist of a medieval mystery series by Candace Robb.
This name is just so good and pleasant to say, hear, and read. Even though it's trendy, it's still a good name. I once heard of a brother and sister named Owen and Vivien. I think that's a good pair.
A very charming name. However, it sounds a little too much like owin' as in owing money.
I've hated this name ever since people started calling me Owen Wilson because I happen to look like him (except the nose of course). I don't like him or his movies, and the name Owen always brings me back to the actor. And I can't see the connection between this name and a girl, despite people naming their daughters Owen.
Owen is my maiden name and up until recently it was the only part of my name I liked. I often wished I'd been born a boy so that I could simply be called "Owen" because I liked it so much and hated my given name even more so.
As a child I resolved that my first son would have either the first or middle name of Owen.
As it turned out, the name my husband had always wanted for a boy worked beautifully with Owen, so my son's name was set 5 years before he was even conceived.

Due to my health he is likely the only child that I will ever have and I am grateful that I was able to pass on the name in a way. If he'd been a girl I was considering Owena, Olwen, and Rowena just to try and get it in there, but they never felt right.
He's still young, but so far seems to like his name. I hope he ends up being the sort that loves his name and is proud of it (both his first name and middle name) rather than being like me and being stuck hating my name yet never finding a nickname that felt right either.

I love this name so much that I sometimes regret not hyphenating my name, but my given name and married surname both end in -en as well. So, it would be disasterous.
If I am not mistaken, Cass Elliot from The Mamas and the Papas had a daughter named Owen.
Owen's a handsome name. It's really cute on a little boy, but not to the point where you can't imagine it on an old man.
I've concluded that Owen means "a youth well-born of the yew tree." All its meanings have to do with birth and age.
I like the name Owen. It's a cute name for a little boy but at the same time a handsome and strong name for a man. I think I would use it as a middle name, though, rather than a first. There are just so many little Owens running around now.
A famous bearer is King Owen the Irish King. Also, my name is Owen and it means "Born To Nobility".
Cute for a boy yet great for a man. It's quite nice. :)
This is the best name I have ever seen in my life.
Sir Owen Meredith Tudor (c1400-1461) was a Welsh soldier and courtier, son of a prince, who founded the Tudor dynasty which was to produce such notable royals as King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.
There is a character named Dr Owen Hunt on 'Grey's Anatomy'. Prior to that, I always thought of Owen as a little kid name, but now I think that it works well for an adult too.
In my opinion, the name Owen fits a kind, happy-go-lucky sort of guy. A guy who's always smiling and laughing, and laid back. For some reason, the name Owen reminds me of a blonde guy; or maybe a guy with dirty-blonde or strawberry-blonde hair.
This is currently my favorite name for a boy. It's not harsh-sounding, but neither is it unisex. A boy can carry the name all throughout his adulthood.
I like this name. Even though it's overused now, it certainly sounds more mature, in my opinion, than a lot of the crap that some people name their sons. However, I don't like the Owen Wilson association.
This name sounds so dumb. It's like people are just trying to be dumb when they name their kids this. It sounds really stupid.
I rather like this name. I sounds so sane and normal compared to some of the crap people come up with or suddenly start liking. It sounds mature and dignified enough for a grown-up, and a guy named Owen won't be discriminated against because of his name, unlike some guys named LeShaun or DaQuan sure will. It's too damn popular for my taste, but it's a nice enough name. It doesn't even remind me of annoying frat boys.
Owen Harper, a rather promiscuous doctor on the television show (and Doctor Who spin-off) Torchwood.
Nice name. Can also be "Bowen", a Welsh surname meaning obviously, 'son of Owen'. I much prefer Bowen!
The late Owen Hart, youngest of Stu Hart's wrestling family, is a famous bearer.
I love the name Owen. I love the Arthurian Legend connotations as well. :)
This is one of Kel's friends in Tamora Pierce (I think) 's books, "Protector of the Small."
I think it's very nice.
Owen Davies is the adoptive father of Bran ap Pendragon in Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Sequence.
I really like this name. It's cute for a little boy. And very mature and strong for an adult.
Owen is the name of the main character in 'A Prayer For Owen Meany'. Nice, weird book. :3
Singer/musician Michelle Branch has a daughter named Owen.
I like the name Owen for a boy. It has increased in popularity but isn't over used.
I can only hear Luke call for Uncle Owen in Star Wars.

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