"The Paisley Witches" were a group of seven people executed for witchcraft in the town of Paisley, Scotland, on the 10th of June 1697 - the last mass execution of witches in Western Europe.
Not cute at all!
I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but I wanna say that the name is like Pays Lee. So I'd rather use Paislee or like Paisleigh. But the name is pretty.
It sounds like "pays lee" like someone pays a person named Lee.
It sounds like 'Pays Lee' like someone pays a person named Lee.
I would never have guessed the dislike for this name because it has such a pleasant sound. I'm partial to most names and biased towards a specific limited few based on very specific factors and none apply to Paisley. As mainstream names go anyway, I can't think of a name I've ever had a greater dislike for than I do Harper for a female. Still, although I legitimately cannot stand it, after reading many of what to me legitimately seem like irrational observations, I'm going to have to at least reflect on my level of intolerance for it because it's honestly very odd to hear it for Paisley. I could also see how it would apply to certain names, but don't agree that "any parent who names their child this is flat out uneducated or has a questionable taste level". It's not among my personal favourites, but I think Paisley is in many respects a great name for either gender. Not sure why I see it differently, maybe because rather than conjuring irrational associations, overall, I look at it from simply a linguistic perspective, as I do every name, and take it from there. Though I agree with the commenter who also likes the name, I wouldn't pair it up as "Paisley Piper, Paisley Peach, Paisley Princess, etc." That, to me, would be "juvenile, questionable and teen mom-like". Otherwise, Paisley is a name I would not have any problem taking seriously etc., at any age, and definitely see on someone who can be. Though I can't say the same of all celebrities, Jamie Oliver is an intelligent, respectable and talented individual. With the name pairings he's given his children: Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela, Petal Blossom Rainbow, Buddy Bear Maurice and River Rocket Blue Dallas, certainly don't reflect the fact, so not everything is as clear cut.
I think this is quite a cute name! The fabric is pretty as well.
People. Why do you have to hate like this? I mean, it's honestly not really my thing. But I don't think it's bad. At least, not as bad as all of you are making it sound like. I understand if you don't like it, but please please please, don't call this name tacky, trashy, ugly, etc.
I think this name is adorable!
I actually think the name Paisley is super cute. It definitely does not deserve all the criticism it's gotten on this site… Paisley is an adorable name (no matter how it's spelled) and personally, I think its association with the beautiful fabric makes it even better! I mean, think about it: Paisley designs are very abstract and unique, and so are human beings, and life, in general. That being said, I think Paisley would make an awesome name. It would also be really cute if the middle name that followed it started with a “p” as well, like Paisley Piper, Paisley Peach, Paisley Princess, etc.
Overall, I think Paisley is a very good name.
Not gonna lie but I think it's a nice name. But that's just my opinion, but I would never use it.
Hate it. If you want a P name then go with Paige or something.
Too trendy in the next ten years this name will be dated.
Very cutesy, but nevertheless adorable. However, this should be only used as a nickname for a child. I hate to admit this, but lots of people wouldn't take you seriously if your real name was this; I actually kinda like it, though.
I like Paisley print, but I don’t like the name as much to be honest with you. Sounds kinda childish not to mention trendy.
I like it, this name has a beautiful meaning and an okay sound. I think that great nicknames could be Paisy and Paisie.
It’s very trendy! But you can name your child whatever you want. I wish I could come up with a cute nickname for it though.
I like this name and am considering naming my daughter Paisley after her grandmother. I think it's cute. It is a little trendy, but lots of names are and I tend to end up liking popular names so I just got over wanting an uncommon one. Some people say they can't picture an adult named this, but that's because it wasn't popular 30 years ago. In 30 years there will be a bunch of 30-40 year olds named Paisley, Everly, Braxton etc and those will be normal middle aged people names at that time. Name your kid whatever you want. They can always change it or go by something else if they want. I love this name. Linda was a little girl's name at one time, now we picture an old woman when we hear it. That's just how the times change! :)
To be honest I think it's a bit too childish on someone who will grow up to be an adult. I personally like the spelling "Paisleigh" better.
This name is horrible.
I named my daughter this. I mainly did it because my husband liked it. I called her this for two years and I just couldn't ever grow a liking for it. I now call her by her middle name "Claire". I'm glad I did because I didn't know there was so much hate for the name "Paisley".
Nothing interesting about it. Just another trendy, boring name!
Paisley is a harsh name.
Paisley is a girly and pretty name with the beautiful meaning of ‘church’. A little nod to a country name!

Let’s stay positive everyone and make this a fun and kind community.
I also hate this name for a girl, it sounds dopey. Not cute or anything.
Better than Tinsley or Whitley or whatever surname that ends in -ly that some women decided to slap on their kid and call a name.
Paisley is from Elliot Moose.
I've definitely seen worse. Paisley is kind of cute I guess, never hated it but I never loved it. It's alright, sounds like a name a younger mother would give.
This name brings me memories of pain. Sorry, but I despise this name! It’s ugly and not very pretty or cute it’s just boring and ugly!
A majority of people here hate it and I’m not surprised.
I don’t get why everyone seems to hate this name. I think it’s pretty.
I think Paisleigh is a cute name.
Absolute trashy name. It’s so ugly I can cry. I absolutely despise this name.
This is my opinion, don’t get offended if you like this name but this is how I feel about this name:
I feel sorry for all the Paisleys out there, I know there might be some nice Paisleys but you need to know that your name is trash and you should change it.
If you want to name your child this, go ahead.
Okay you people need to stop! Stop saying you hate this name and nobody should use it! You are being very rude and disrespectful to people who like it! Grow up! That's your damn opinion! Don't tell others what to do! And for your info I LOVE this name and if I have a daughter in the future I would totally name her this! Why? Because I want to name my kid a unique and cute name. I don't really like my name, it's way too popular and overused. Before you make fake stereotypes and judge this name or any other names you should take a good look at yourself and maybe even the names of your kids! Stop being bitchy and winy! No one cares!
Absolutely hate this name. Please don't do this to a baby girl!
Sounds wimpy on either girl or boy.
One of the ugliest names I've ever heard. That's it.

Note: if your name is Paisley, I mean no disrespect to you yourself! I dislike the name, but the name doesn't define your personality! If you're named Paisley, that doesn't mean you're an ugly person with an ugly personality. I'm sure you're wonderful and special in your own way. Don't take this an insult to you, I just hate the name, NOT the bearer.
Paisley Houndstooth is a character on the Disney show ANT Farm.
Most ugliest name I’ve ever heard, it’s even uglier than Princess and all the new names.
Cute name! I don’t see why everyone hates it so much. Personally, I think It ages wonderfully! I can see a 2 year old with this name, as well as an 80 year old. I like the combo Paisley-Jayne.
I am a few months away from naming our baby girl Paislea Jamison and we couldn't be happier with our choice! I think it's a cute and unique name for a special little girl.
Please please please don’t do this to a poor little girl! I would absolutely hate being stuck with name!
There's something about this name that turns me off for some reason. I don’t even know what it is.
Why name your child after a pattern? The name sounds ugly anyways. There are so many better names out there.
Hard to imagine anyone over the age of 14 with this name.
To everyone who uses the excuse “everyone I meet compliments my name!” I hate to break it to you m’am but, people usually AREN’T serious. It’s just small talk.
Such an ugly and masculine-sounding name.
I named my daughter Paisleigh Belle. I chose the name because I absolutely loved it, it's cute and pretty. I changed up the spelling to give it some extra flair and specialness :) It's also not a name that has been overused the last hundred years. I wanted her to be unique. Paisleigh is twelve now. I still love her name and she gets many compliments. Also, she's only met 2 other girls with her name (different spellings) Calling a name ugly, terrible, tacky, etc. Is very rude. Stop hating on names, you are only making people who like it or have it feel bad! Also, I was not a teen mom. I was 22 when I had her. I'm very sure all the people making these type of comments have a terrible and boring name, so they come to trash wonderful names like these. Go look at the comments on YOUR names :)
I don’t like this name. It’s cute for a dog or a hamster, but not for a human. I’m not a big fan of any modern names that end in ‘sley’.
White moms will rejoice in any name with the suffix "-sley." Oh, and for extra caucasian factor, let's go ahead and stick a Marie in there too. Paisley Marie. One day she will work in a retail store selling ugly bohemian jewelry.
This isn't as bad as a lot of trendy names nowadays, but it is quite youthful. I cannot imagine any grown woman operating with this name. Also, it seems weird to name your child after the name of a pattern.
It sounds more like a name for a lime green plant. I personally dislike this name and any of its variants. No offense, Paisleys.
My name is Paisley Amelia, I'm 13 and to be honest, some say the name was given by a parent under the influence of drugs. Jokes on you, my mom AND dad were. If you're thinking about naming your child this, leave them a mature middle name so when they are older, if they please they can use that.
I do like this name, but it isn't my favorite. All the hate is ridiculous, however. I like the name Paisley April a lot.
Paisley Currah is a professor of political science at Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He was born in Ontario, Canada, received a B.A. (Hons, First Class) from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University. He is a Board member of Transgender Studies Quarterly.
Three of my friends have named their daughters Paisley. Sure the name Paisley Rae rolls off your tongue, but it is becoming a very overused name. Imagine someone at your job being named Paisley? It sounds adorable for a cute little girl, but won't fit well once she grows up into an adult.
This name doesn’t sound too ugly. It may sound trendy because it’s modern, but I still think it’s a nice name. Just like Paige and Piper. Paisley may sound and look unisex, but to me it’s more of a feminine name than a masculine one, if anyone’s wondering.
I’m not sure if this name can also be a masculine name too. I’m only wondering if it can because it looks unisex, like Riley. This name sounds so modern and trendy. Not a bad thing. I still prefer this name for a girl. Sounds too pretty on a boy. Not that I’m saying males can’t be pretty, they can. But usually they need less weak names, common opinion.
I hate this name. It is one of the dumbest names I have ever heard, and and any parent who names their child this is flat out uneducated. This is an insalubrious town in Scotland, and an especially ugly pattern.

I feel so sorry for girls named Paisley.
Naming your child after a pattern? Come on. There are many names out there.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Paisley who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 436th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Paisley is a town in Scotland and a pattern design, even a last name, but not a first name in my book.
Though I've heard of the name it wasn't until today that I encountered a person with it. I immediately didn't like the sound of it.
Not very pretty.
My mother named me Paisley Nicole back in 1990. Growing up no one had my name, but it seems to be growing in popularity lately. I even had someone I know name their newborn after me about a year ago, it was somewhat flattering. Everyone has always commented on my name with positivity. However, I have often had thoughts about how my name is not going to age well with me, and that's been a little bothersome. I don't know if it's the ley or just the name as a whole.
I'm the oldest person I know with the first name Paisley, but agreed it is trendy today. Which is not going to help with the whole aging well thing.
I love the name Paisley. I have a niece named Paisley. She’s a redhead & I think it suits her so well! We often call her Pais. I think it’s a very pretty girly girl name.
My daughter who’s 1 is called Paisley Florence and I personally love the name! Everyone who’s saying horrible things about it I would love to hear what your children are called? It's beautiful. But everyone has different taste! I am not a teen mum either!
I named my daughter Paisley in 2014. My grandparents came to Canada from Scotland with my mom when she was 10. My mother, my grandmother and my great grandmother were all born in Paisley. I wanted her name to be meaningful and have a story behind it. It makes me sad to see such negative comments especially when the name means so much to me. I do hope however if my daughter Paisley, or anyone else with the name Paisley Googles their name...& this thread comes up (as it is one of the first when I did), you're beautiful. Your name is one very small aspect of yourself and your personality. I think the name is very beautiful and can grow with a woman. Be proud of your name and who you are. And if anyone is considering naming their child Paisley I think that it's lovely.
My daughter and her twin sister are named Paisley Kaia and Brooklyn Paige. They are in 7th grade and Paisley has aged very well! I hate that people would call this name ugly! I am not sure if I was a "teen mom" as listed above. Unless you count 22 as a teen mom than no. Paisley is a beautiful name because your daughter won't have to be Paisley K, Paisley L, etc etc. My name is Creel so I never experienced this but, my husbands name is Aiden and he did not want either girl to have a common name. Basically this is a cute name for a girl that sounds trendy without being over the top.
This name is awful but still "trendy".
This is such a juvenile name, with virtually no level of sophistication whatsoever. Totally unclassy. I'd rather be named Bertha. As for the whole Scottish heritage argument, I'm Scottish, and no self respecting Scot would name their kid Paisley. It's totally chav name here.
Paisley is a beautiful and adorable name, and a longtime favorite of mine! I would definitely use it for a girl.
Wow, kind of shocked to see how many people despise the name Paisley. What some may be missing is the true origin of the name and that it's not something made up by a "teen mom". I have a 3 month old named Paisley Hannah and have never been told by anyone that it's trashy... to each their own I suppose. We chose the name to commemorate my husband's Scottish heritage and I think any name can grow with an individual. My other daughter is named Pyper as per the heritage part. Some people don't pick names based in popularity, sometimes it's a feeling. Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but perhaps calling the name trashy amongst other things is a little degrading to those who carry the name.
Doesn't even sound like an actual name.
My dog is called Paisley and I am called Paige and when I get called Paigie it sounds very similar to Paisley so we both get confused.
My name is Paisley and I'm a University student. It ages well and I still hear that it's an unique and nice name and suits me well. The meaning of Paisley is Church and if the person fits that meaning well then the name suits them. You can change the spelling to Paislee and Paisleigh. Also, my mum wasn't a teen mom, nor on medication. A name doesn't define a person. It's only what they are known as. It doesn't matter what a person's name is, it's their personality that matters most. So to judge someone just because of their name says more about you than it does them.
I think to say in our English language that a word can have only one meaning is ridiculous! Paisley is a word or name... and getting so angry and insulting people about it just because you don't like it shows how important you think "you" and your opinion really is! I do happen to like Paisley used as a word for a unique design/pattern... or to name your child. Why the cruelty?
I named my daughter Paisley Rose four years ago. I was a 26 year old married woman, not a "teen mother" like some ignorant people have commented on here.
It's a beautiful name and suits my very beautiful daughter quite well. For those saying someone with no taste would name their daughter Paisley, I am in fact a very successful fashion designer so I have more taste than most people.
If you don't like a particular name that's your choice, however making rude or disrespectful comments just isn't helpful.
I was going to say it was bad, but reading the comment above me, who am I to judge? It can work. It can even be pretty. I am glad to see some people stand up for what they like because really, we all deserve a choice. What is pretty to one mom isn't to another and so on. That said, Paisley has its place as a name.
This is really a bad name for a child. Moving on.
A silly pattern and also a crap town in Scotland, from which the pattern is named. Anyone who names their kid this has a questionable taste level.
I fail to see the appeal in this name. It sounds so ugly to me, and I'm not a fan of the Paisley pattern, either.
Sorry, but if this "name" keeps increasing on the charts, it's official that people are heavily medicated or are on drugs when they name their children.
I never met a Paisley (online or in reality) and I hope to god I never do. I wouldn't be caught calling somebody "Paisley".
I don't wish to associate the name to anyone or have anything to do with it.
Paisley is a great name and the surname meaning of "church" makes it even better. To everyone calling the name trashy, low class or teen momish, you could probably use some more "Paisley" in your life. Unfortunately you are probably the ones who's kids names end up being bully or jerk instead of being called by their true name.
I was 25 when I had my son Paisley-Stephen who I might add is now 23 years old. I already had a 5 year old daughter called Lacey-Kennie at the time, and wanted something unusual for my 2nd child. One evening I noticed my husband's wedding tie (Paisley patterned) in the wardrobe & thought, yep, Lacey & Paisley go together. Two kinds of material. Some people loved the name. Some not so sure, but WE liked it so that's all that mattered. Then it started from there really. When I fell pregnant with my third, 2 years later, AGAIN I wanted unusual names. So I was thinking Levi. Then an OLDER THAN MYSELF friend of mine joked... Why not call him DENIM after jeans. Then you WILL have all fabrics... EXCELLENT IDEA, I thought. Hence I then had Denim-Peter. Three years later along came our fourth & final child, a daughter, of whom we named Patent-Florence-Kate after patent leather shoes. We had no more, as we would have probably ended up calling him/her wardrobe or something, to hang them all in, lol. Yes, my four children are all now adults, I might add (28, 23, 21 & 18) and are all unusual. Silly or even stupid to some ignorant people out there. But to be honest, who cares? Especially as since then, all of my children's names have become quite popular. Funny that... Cannot be that stupid, ugly or bad!
It is not ugly or a bad name. It is a unique and different name to everyone else. I am 14 and my name is Madison Paisley and I am proud of that name. I am tall and smart and it will be great as I age. My mom had me at the age 26, so she was not a teen mom of any kind.
I can't fathom why ANYONE would name their child this and why it's within the top 1000 and even within the top 100. Paisley is AWFUL.
My name is Paisley and I'm 30, and so far I have never stumbled across anyone whom disliked my name or thought it was youthful and tasteless for a grown woman. I have never had an issue with being respected, nor has my authority ever been questioned considering I own a daycare and neither children nor parents ever undermined my decisions, thoughts or rules. I love my name and never felt indifferent about it nor have I ever wanted a different one. My mom didn't get my name from the pattern though, instead she was a huge Prince fan and he came out with the song Paisley Park in 85' which happens to be the year I was born and since the tradition of our family is that all the girls have "Pa" names it fit perfectly. Growing up when I said my name people always complimented it. Now that I'm grown I still get the same reactions and compliments!
AWFUL 'name'. Enough said. I know for a fact that I will never ever use it regardless if for: pet, child, character or object. I'd rather get stung by a bee or wasp than use this revolting so called "name."
Congratulations on being one of my top most hated names, or sorry "names", of all time.
I determined I would name my first daughter Paisley back in 1992. After searching through books to find another name that meant the same as mine, my mother's, grandmother's & great grandmother's first names, the only one I found to be left was Daisy. Um... Definitely not to be used after Daisy Duke. I wanted to name her a name beginning with the letter "P"... Just like my Mother, Peggy. Unfortunately, every single name that began with the letter "P" made me picture an overweight girl I had known or known of at some point in my life. One day, it just came to me. Why should I get a name from a book? I sifted through P words... Flowers, decorative things, beautiful things... And determined that Paisley... Would be perfect! It was exactly what I was looking for. I'm an artist. I realized that I would have loved to have this name. My daughter was going to be a very lucky girl! She was born in 1994. She LOVES her name!
I think it's a unique name. My daughter's name is Paisley. My husband and I couldn't decide on a name. This is what he started calling her early on. I was against it in the beginning but it grew on me. Now I can't imagine calling her anything else. You have to remember that names have multiple meanings. Paisley actually means Church. Also, Paisley is a small town in Scotland and that is where the pattern Paisley came from and that's how it got its name. Do your research before you hate on a name. There could be multiple reasons for a person choosing such a unique name.
For those of you who are saying that Paisley won't age well, think about it, what name really does? I can't picture saying hi to an old lady named Jessica or Kinsley. There are a lot of names out there that will not age well. If you posted about this name saying it won't age well think about your name or your kids' name? Are you going to name your daughter Edna or Gail just so it'll age with them? Haha Paisley is NOT a trashy name, I think it's a beautiful and classy name. Some people are just so judgemental. A name does not reflect their personality or who they are as a person it's their name. Take it or leave it. I'm not a teen mom but I was 22 when I had my daughter PAISLEY. If you don't like the name then don't comment mean and horrible things about it. Make sure your name is perfect first, which I doubt it is. :)
Um, what? There are many names out there that are timeless and will age well. It's not like if every name out there is either juvenile-sounding or terribly old-fashioned. The names Jessica and Kinsley are both tied to a particular time period and are not good examples. A few examples of names that can age well are Elaine, Victoria, Nora, Mariana, Rosalind, etc. And there are many more! Not wanting a dated, old-fashioned name is a weak excuse to use one that won't age well.
My name is Paisley, and I find it so incredibly rude and despicable that so many of you are saying the name is "trashy" or "atrocious" or some tacky name granted by a teen mother who knows nothing. My mother is a wonderful woman, a smart woman. She named me Paisley Grace (won't mention my surname) because she wanted a unique, delicate name for me.

My name is not "trashy" or "childish". I am a young woman, and my name has aged with me well. My name is unique and I'm proud to be unique, not the third "Bailey" or "Lexi" in my class. I think I'm better off than a lot of you, at least I'm not a Tiffany or Stacy, if we want to talk unoriginal and trashy lets bring up those.

Paisley is a unique, graceful, sweet name filled with class, sophistication and heart. How dare you assume someone with the name has to be associated with the scum of the earth.
My beautiful daughter is named Paisley and I find it stupid that you all think it's "trashy" because I could come up with a lot more trashier names. Why should a name reflect on a person? And being a teen mom does good for some people! It has changed lives for some all because of a little baby and it's also god giving a gift to someone who needs it the most! So don't bash teen moms! I totally agree with @paisleysalem 100%
Absolutely atrocious. I feel bad for any child who is saddled with this teen mom, low class name.
Quite possibly the trashiest, ugliest and tackiest modern name. Paisley is a pattern, and a sorry excuse for a name.
Ewww! How the hell is this made up, revolting and tacky name in the top 100?! Better yet, how is it even in the top 1000? How did it go from being at around #80 in 2013 to #53! In 2014. W-w-why did it jump so high on the charts in a span of only one year? The name makes me want to vomit my guts out in all honesty. Desperate to give your child a different name or just joining the brainless trend?
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm sick of seeing all these modern, juvenile and immature type of names that appear to be concocted from a teen mommy.
The name Paisley better get off the charts; better sooner than later. It's not a good name. There's no reason for its popularity. Where are people's heads at when they name their child anymore...
I really like the name Paisley. It's cute and unique and I love how it's a type of pattern! :3.
I think all of the comments referring to the name as disgusting and ugly is plain cruel. I named my daughter Paisley Marie, she is a beautiful girl and everyone remarks on how beautiful the name is! Also, I'm not a teen mum as commented above. I was taught if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. I think some of you would benefit from this.
I have a Paisley too! She is a senior in high school. Most of the people she has met like her name, if they don't, who cares!
I love the name, it is unique. I am not one of these young new age mothers. I can see it on a mature, loving wife, mother, and professional woman. After all, a name is what you make of it.
Damn all these teen moms. Have someone else name your children if you're just going to pick some ugly ass, trendy name. Or better yet, birth control! And even more, wait till you're older where you can make better decisions.
I have zero respect for "Paisley" it is not a name

I agree with everyone else, claiming that it's bad. It truly is.
I don't see "Paisley" lasting long. This name is going to die out or hopefully be an ugly trend just like the pattern.
I first heard this name on "Toddlers and Tiaras," which may have colored my impression of it - trendy, lightweight - forever. It doesn't help my impression that paisleys figured heavily into some truly ugly 1970s fashion.
This name is just plain awful! As tacky as the pattern and naming your kid "Paisley" is nearly a form of child abuse in my book.
It's an unnatractive, made up, tacky modern name. I will never consider Paisley a name at all. I just hate it too much. It makes me cringe.
I just pray to the lord this name doesn't ever become common.
Ugly name.
I honestly hate this name. Paisley just sounds disgusting and sickly as a name. I don't know why anyone would want to use this lower-class, icky sounding name. It's not pretty or unique at all.
This is another "-ley" name I really don't understand. I don't think it sounds pretty because I really don't like the "-zley" sound at the end. Also, I'm not a fan of the pattern either.
Such a cute name but hate that it is popular.
Despite being very trendy-sounding, I like this name to a certain degree. Most modern parents are probably inspired by the pattern, not the surname or town. I do think the Paisley pattern looks like amoebas. [noted -ed]
I despise everything about this name. It's not pretty, cute, or beautiful, and the poor girl won't be taken seriously at all. I mean, come on! Paisley Loan, business woman? Paisley Adamson, supermodel? Paisley Collins, policewoman? It just doesn't sound right. It's a bit better on boys, but not much, as it's still an incredibly ugly, tacky, and youthful name.
I LOVE the name Paisley for a girl. It's a favorite of mine. I'll be honest, I don't really think it will age well, but I still love it and would use it in a heart beat. I think it could age well if you have the personality to go with it, I have it paired as Paisley Genevieve, just so she has an adult name for when she's older if she needs one.
As a last name Brad Paisley, is a country singer.
Meh. It sounds and looks very trendy.
Personally, I think the name Paisley for a girl/woman is beautiful and quite quirky. Unlike many of the people who've shared their views here, I think it'll age quite well. I can see it mature with a woman gracefully from her school girl days all the way up to her adult and senior years.

This is such a unique name that sounds natural, soft, gentle, loving but can also portray independence and power.

Of course, you'd really have to consider the surname when you'd be naming a child Paisley.

But, when it comes down to it: a great name! Sounds like the name of a fashion designer or a PR manager or an ultra-savvy businesswoman.
I don't care for this name, partially because I think Paisley itself is ugly, and I don't see this name aging well after high school. Who's really going to take you serious if you're called Paisley?
A famous bearers of this name are Ian Paisley and Ian Paisley Jr, Northern Ireland's ex-First Minister and his son, Northern Ireland MLA (Member of the Local Assembly).
I've heard worse, but this name sounds a tad too boyish and youthful for a woman. Come to think of it, it sounds quite youthful on men too.
Yes, I feel the same about Paisley. I love the name but I don't think that I would actually use it. Although, well, maybe I would. But it's quite unique and "untouched" and I like that very much.
I like the name Paisley for a girl, although I don’t think I would use it. It’s nice for a young girl, but I am not sure how a grown women would feel about having the name Paisley. It is pretty though, and I like the fact that it’s unique.
Paisley is a pattern/design (for fabric). And, I read a book once with a character named Paisley Rose.

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