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It sounds best with the English pronunciation, even if it isn't the original. The Greek one sounds ugly to my ears.
littleraeoflight  11/24/2019
This name is so pretty! The English spelling is my favorite, and I love the nicknames Panda and Dori for short.
― Anonymous User  11/7/2019
This is my name, but I go by Panda. I really love the name Pandora, and it’s very unique but uncommon these days! Nobody calls me Pandora anymore, but that will probably change in my Middle Ages. My life is so dang fun. Everyday someone has something different and positive to say. I wouldn’t have been the person I am today if I had a different name. I have had an adventure with my name, and you guys can use it if you would like an interesting life.
nylonpanda  11/2/2019
I’m a Pandora. I ONLY go by Panda. I have been bullied zero times. This is my reference. Pandora. And I’m proud to be Panda instead of Dora. And Pandora opened the box and found that her name was pretty cool. ;)
― Anonymous User  9/13/2019
Sorry, just can't get behind pinning this name on a child or grown woman. All I think of is opening Pandora's jar/box and unleashing all evils on mankind. Too bad I took Greek mythology in school. Just isn't right pinning this name and all its baggage on a poor innocent child. No way. It isn't that Pandora was evil. She wasn't. In fact, she was beauty itself. However, she did (according to the myth) cause evil to be unleashed on mankind. So no go!
― Anonymous User  8/4/2019
I like this name, but it’s on the tacky side, because Pandora is the name of a music application. I would name my child Pandora if an app weren’t named after it.
SeptemberOctober  6/26/2019
This is a beautiful sounding name, but it also has so much mythological baggage that it's a really tough call whether it's an appropriate name for a young girl. Personally, I think it's alright. Very young children won't understand the implications and teenagers will think this is absolutely cool.
angolmois  10/31/2018
My name is Pandora. I hated it for most of my life, for the same reasons as the others did here. Artists found it easier to decorate a box than a jar so that’s how the Greek story got changed. With all the current usage, my name has more positive connotations. As a senior citizen, it may get better each year so I won’t be ignored as many senior women are. I’ve never answered to nicknames. I was named after that movie from the ‘50s, Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. My mother had never heard the Greek story, since she grew up in the piney woods of Texas. That wasn’t covered in schools there.
Pandora 2  9/10/2018
This is a gorgeous name that means "all gifts". The mythological association and the jewelry store shouldn't deter you from using the name. It's lovely. Dora would make a nice nickname.
kayisforkeen  8/7/2018
I dislike the "Dora" part of it.
saranade  7/27/2018
Strange but unique.
Curious me  7/17/2018
I pronounce this name Pan-dor-uh.
Tatumarore  7/4/2018
Strange name.
Luvbug86  12/14/2016
There seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding this name for no reason other than some have misunderstood the myth of Pandora's box, but because others have already commented with the appropriate corrections I won't get into it myself. I have a certain fondness for Greek Mythology, which is why I especially love this name, but I also just think it sounds lovely, and I would have no objections with naming someone Pandora!
reymes  9/21/2016
This is my given name. It has it highs and it lows. As a child I was picked on mainly because it was different. As a young woman, well you can imagine all the lovely comments I would receive from men. I love my name and my nickname has been Panda- I hate Dora and Pan. The name has made me strong and independent, quick witted, sarcastic and tolerant of ignorance. With what I learned in Art History the past few years, I am even more grateful that my parents chose a significant name for me.

Having a Art History Minor Greek Mythology is a fascination of mine and Pandora in Greek Mythology is like Eve to the Christian world.
"PANDORA was the very first woman who was formed out of clay by the gods. The Titan Prometheus had originally been assigned with the task of creating man. But because he was displeased with their lot, stole fire from heaven. Zeus was angered, and commanded Hephaistos and the other gods to create a woman, Pandora, and endow her with the beauty and cunning. He then delivered her to Epimetheus, the foolish younger brother of Prometheus, for a bride. When he had received her into his house, Pandora opened the pithos (storage jar) which Zeus had given her as a wedding present, and released the swarm of evil spirits trapped within. They would ever afterwards plague mankind. Only Elpis (Hope) remained behind, a single blessing to succor mankind in their suffering.
Pandora's daughter Pyrrha (Fire) was the first-born mortal child. She and her husband Deukalion alone survived the Great Deluge. To repopulate the earth they each cast stones over their shoulder. Those cast by Deukalion formed men, and those of Pyrrha women."
Pandoraly  12/30/2014
She shut the lid before it was too late, leaving the last evil locked inside. Because it was kept inside, we have hope. If it were released, we would all know our miserable futures and probably not go on living. I love the name.
Sakusha  10/20/2014
My name is Pandora :) I think it's a lovely name considering it's not used much here in England. Mates don't tease me at all, they love my name! I usually go by Nora or Panda. I never get called Dora.
crowsandlionhearts  7/27/2014
You guys are speaking about these myths as if they were true! Lol It's kinda funny to me really. There was no girl that opened any box or jar full of evil and hope. Come on people!

The sound and look of this name are both quite nice.
C.Ambrosi  6/23/2014
Pandora radio.
C.Ambrosi  6/23/2014
I hope people learn the facts about this name soon. Pandora's Box is just an incorrect translation. The original Greek word for the Pandora's "box" was pithos and a pithos is a large JAR. So I don't see how a large jar can be turned into a perverted comment. Pandora was also not evil or satanic, she was just curious much like Eve was. People don't see Eve as an evil being so I have no clue how some people come to this conclusion about Pandora. I think it is a lovely name and I will personally be using it if our baby coming this September is a girl.
RainbowVixen  3/6/2014
A character on 'American Dad' has this name, but she's a minor character, only showed a few times.

And I know I'm not a 'famous bearer' but I also have this name.
pepper256pasta  12/14/2013
Pandora Moon is a character from the British teen drama Skins, and is sometimes called 'Panda' as a nickname.
jeannie.  4/9/2013
Okay. To the point. It would completely suck if people called you Dora.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2012
"Pandora" sounds demonic... satanic... black... evil. A perfect choice for your precious little angel, eh?
― Anonymous User  6/3/2011
This is a cool name, but I won't use it. Still, it's really awesome.
Chrila96  12/11/2010
A famous bearer of this name is the English actress Pandora Clifford. :)
walesgal92  9/21/2010
I've really liked this name for a while, and I think if I ever have a son that it would be quite nice. It's not all that feminine (especially if it's pan for short, after the horned god)-- a bit androgynous, actually, and feminine-ish names for guys aren't all that problematic in my eyes.

However, with the rise of Avatar, my opinions about this name are changing for the worse.
eirin799  2/27/2010
I do like the name Pandora, it is very pretty. I would never use it because of that horrid Avatar movie.
Alora  1/25/2010
Technically not a 'famous bearer' but Pandora is the fictional land where James Cameron set Avatar. It is very beautiful, but toxic to humans. =D
Emily Cheeseface  1/24/2010
I would use this name for a character for sure! Maybe even a daughter. The nickname Panda is so cute, mainly because I love pandas!
italiannames  11/15/2009
I think Pandora's a good name. Just a little strange. I would never name anyone this.
-Julia-  7/23/2009
Pandora's name means 'gifted by everyone'. She was made by Hephaestus (Greek for Vulcan). All gods and goddesses gave her gifts like beauty, artistic gifts, etc. She was send to earth as punishment for human being. There was also another Pandora, an ancient goddess of the earth.
Kaat5  5/12/2009
The meaning doesn't seem so terrible when you actually think of a world without anything bad in it. Without badness there would be no goodness, or at least no one would recognize or appreciate the goodness. Why do all these stigma-attached names have to be so pretty? I love the names Pandora, Lilith, Lolita, Jezebel, Delilah, Desdemona, etc but would be hesitant about ever naming a child one of these.
imbidubi  4/29/2009
Stigma? What stigma? (From the Ancient Greeks' point of view) If it weren't for Pandora, we wouldn't have hope, and the happiness hope brings, in the face of evil. Now, imagine our world without such evils, but also without hope.

Kind of boring, isn't it?
― Anonymous User  4/16/2009
It's weird but I like this name a lot. I think it's nice. It's sort of on my "I love this name, but I'd never name my child this because it's too strange" list.
becca_marciano  3/4/2009
Is instantly recognizable as the name of one of the main characters in Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole books. Pandora is Adrian's enduring and unattainable love interest, she is highly intelligent and politically minded. Adrian liked to call her Pan as a diminutive, her full name was actually Pandora Louise Elizabeth Braithwaite.
arabesque  12/31/2008
This is the name of one of the twins in a book called Gemini by whom I can't remember. Her twin brother was named Peter. Haha.
_0TophasNails_1  11/17/2008
Pandora's other name was Anesidora. Supposedly this was the name that was inscribed on her body when she was made from the earth.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2008
Sorry, but it sounds tacky. I can't forget how some Swedish dance pop singer used this as her pseudonym in the 90s, and it rather does sound like a pseudonym for a pop singer or a stripper. It's a little too ''out there''.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
There is a Madina Lake song called Pandora.
carenmuffin  12/25/2007
Not an ugly name, but I'd never use it on a girl. Too overdone. If I had a business such as a club or a boutique I might name it Pandora, but again never on a girl.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2007
The myth of Pandora is a misogynous one, which tries to prove than women brought about all misfortunes on earth, very much like Eve did. All the major classic cultures have founding myths like this. However, the detail that she was able to keep hope in the box is more lenient towards women.
Nosferatu  12/16/2007
Adrian Mole, in the Sue Townsend books, is deeply smitten by Pandora, but nothing good comes of it in the long run. This has more to do with the character of Adrian than the meaning of the name, though she certainly represented "all gifts" to him.
Anneza  7/11/2007
Pandora closed the box when she saw which kind of things that were in it, but then she heard a voice from the box, which said it was hope, and that she should let it out. She trusted the voice and from the box hope flew out in the shape of a butterfly.

So in some way Pandora could mean faith or trust because she trusted the unknown voice from the box and it turned out to be a good thing.
Kris-tine  6/17/2007
I don't see where the stigma comes from. She was essentially another version of Eve, and no one seems to avoid the name Eve because she ate the fruit.
― Anonymous User  5/26/2007
Pandora does have a stigma, but it's still a beautiful name. Besides, Pandora was not doing anything malevolent when she opened the box and unleashed the pains of the world; she was just curious. She did not mean for any harm; why should she be branded?
gaelruadh19  1/9/2007
Pandora was also the name of a vampire featured in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles.
CBarras  1/2/2007
It is true, Pandora closed the box in time to keep hope, which is why I think the name is beautiful. It somehow means that against all evils we must remain with hope. Also a Latin group was called Pandora.
Jeidy_mn  9/21/2006
I think this is a pretty name, but in all the versions I have read, she clapped the lid on just in time to keep hope from escaping, as the other things would quickly have destroyed it. If I'm wrong feel free to correct me, but this is what I have read.
nelirosala  6/28/2006
I named my teddy bear Pandora. It was funny, though, because someone was putting it in a box and they said, "I'm going to put her in Pandora's Box now."
sqirrlie  6/18/2006
Might I remind some of you out there, Pandora was not evil. She was simply over-curious. However, as ravencel reminded us, Pandora did release hope into the world along with the evil spirits.
avalah  5/5/2006
I think people forget that when Pandora opened the box and released all the evils into the world, she also released Hope, which was the last to leave the box.
ravencel  11/20/2005
This is my daughter's name. I think it is beautiful and has a beautiful meaning (without the box). It is the Greek mythology version of the Christian Adam and Eve and there are plenty of 'Eve's out there. BTW we call her "Panda" as a nickname, however outsiders are only allowed to call her Pandora. She is 6 and loves her name and is far from evil, she is a good child and very talented and beautiful like I imagine 'Pandora' was meant to be.
DAWNRA  7/25/2005
There is an Anne Rice vampire named Pandora.
Belle Enfant  6/16/2005
Well... what can I say about this name? This is my name, and my sister gave me it. I think she didn't realize the meaning at first, because she just took the name from one of her friends. But anyway, I love it, because it is my name.
Pandora  4/23/2005
I love this name, I think it is beautiful, and I am going to change my name to this a.s.a.p., especially because of what it brings to mind.
i_love_bam  4/19/2005
A gorgeous name, but would never use it due to its unfortunate stigma.
Mommy2B  4/6/2005

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