Gorgeous name! I love fairies!
The meaning is beautiful. So is the name! It’s actually quite refreshing to hear from Paris.
I love the meaning! The name is pretty.
Beautiful. And I like the meaning!
Really pretty! I pronounce it like Teresa with a P. Pah-REE-sah.
Also English, GermanPronounced: pə-REE-zə (English), pə-REE-zhə (English), pa-RI-za (German)It is also a variant of PARIS [2].
Parisa Fitz-Henley is an American-Jamaican actress who has been in several TV shows and movies, including Jessica Jones as well as Harry and Meghan: a Royal Romance.
This is my name and I really like it. I get a lot of mispronunciations, but it really isn't that difficult of a name. I think it's a good midpoint between mature and youthful. There aren't a lot of good nicknames for it; most of my friends call me P. I did have a friend when I was very young- around 12- who called me Capri Sun, but I've never been teased for anything about my name. I actually get a lot of compliments on it.
I love it! I much prefer it to the masculine Paris.
This is a very pretty name. :)
My name is Parisa, and I was never teased, but I hate it when my mom spelled it out like "Paris with an 'a'". I was also called "par-iss-ah" or "par-EE-ZAH" sometimes by some people.
Overall, not a bad name to have.
This name is quite beautiful. It might be mispronounced, though. I still think it's much better than Paris and makes a great alternative.
According to a Persian-American named Parisa, the name is pronounced "pah-REE-sah."
I absolutely adore this name: very nice meaning, it's so pretty.
Pari is a Hindi, Farsi (Persian), Iranian name. It means Fairy or Angel too.

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