Actor Parker Stevensson from Hardy boys, Baywatch.
I really like this name. I think it's cute on a girl, also what that person said many years ago about the name Addison...ya. Names don't have genders, there's no such thing as "girl" and "boy" names they're just categorized as what sounds "right". Yes, a boy with a "girl" name might get teased, but that needs to change. People shouldn't be teased for a name.

Rant over!
Parker Rooney is one of the main characters on the Disney Channel sitcom Liv and Maddie. He is portrayed by Tenzing Norgay Trainor.
Personally, as a girl who is named Parker, I just straight up hate the name. It’s very weird and I have no interest in it. But saying that a name should be for only this type of sex or this race is just messed up. I understand that some of you guys are just saying your opinion, but some of you are just saying straight up sexist things.
I feel kinda neutral on this name to be honest. For a girl it's kinda meh. I prefer it on a boy.
Adorable, but I wouldn't use it personally.
When someone uses Parker as a middle name, all other people around them be like "Do you have two surnames?" or "Uhm... what's your surname actually?"
I don't like it as a name, too surname-like.
My daughter is named Parker and these comments are horrendous. She has experienced more compliments on her name than both of her (classically named) brothers have, combined. And the fact that a girl won’t be “feminine” if she doesn’t have a feminine name? I got such a laugh out of those bigoted statements. I guess if this is your thinking, you would prefer the name of the baby girl who shared her room in the hospital: Reighlynn. After all, her mother was so proud of how feminine it was! My girly girl is a dancer, cheerleader, and gymnast, is popular and outgoing, and OWNS her name. She’s also the only one in her school, which can’t be said for the Sophias and Emmas who have to go by their first name and last initial since there are so many, so she stands out because everyone knows who Parker is. We named her for the Park side of my family and I wanted a name that is easy to spell and pronounce, because I have to spell mine for someone every single day. Mission accomplished. Saying she won’t get a job because of her name? I’m willing to bet my honor roll student will move to the top of the employment stack when it’s time, long before your Paislee, Nevaeh, and Destinee’s make the cut.
I don't understand what some people find feminine about this name? It's so obviously a boy name.
This name doesn’t sound feminine at all.
Hate this name for a girl.
The first Parker I’ve met was a girl. To me, it’s more of a masculine name.
HATE this name. I know a couple of mums in the (very working class) school I work in who chose it because they thought it made their kid sound sophisticated but I just perceive it as such a chav name! I’d associate it with a bit of a thick council estate family who watch telly all day.
Nothing about this name is feminine.
Horrible on a girl.
I know a little girl named this. It’s not my cup of tea and also not a fan of it as a first name for a girl. However, I think it could be cute as a middle name with a more feminine/traditional first name.
You guys are ruthless lmao. My name's Parker, and I’m a girl, and I think it’s quite sweet. Sure it can be a bit confusing and I get asked lots of questions about it, but it’s certainly not a bad name. My middle name is Alice so I find the femininity of that balances it out, plus my last name is quite common so a unique, more masculine name is kinda fun. It does kind of seem like a name you would give a golden retriever or something though.
Definitely a unisex name, but I personally wouldn't name my son this, sounds too feminine.
Sounds nice on a boy. Weird on a girl. And lol, it's not "sExIsT" to dislike it on a girl. Funny thing is that most of the people who say these things find feminine names on boys "disgusting". In my opinion, the whole feminine-to-masculine thing should come to a stop because it's getting tired, ridiculous (they're even using James as a girl name?), and girls have more than enough names to choose from.

And in response to another comment, no, there will never be a "girl-name-on-boy" trend, at least not anytime soon. Anything masculine (even things other than names) on girls is considered "cool" and "quirky", but anything even slightly feminine on boys is "weird" and "wimpy".
I think all of the negative comments are horrible. Do you guys not realize how many male names were turned to “female names”? I know tons of girls who have “male” names and boys who have “girl” names. Ashley used to be just a male name. Any name is unisex. Why do girls have to have feminine names and boys stick to masculine names?

“It’s not sexist to think this” yes it is, it 100% is. It’s like telling boys they can’t wear crop tops and girls they can’t wear pants because it’s too feminine or masculine. Please shut up, Parker in a great name for both genders.

I get it hate the name bc it sounds shitty but not the person that’s named it or the parents, along with fact that it was give to a girl.
For all of you who think it is "sexist" to not like masculine names on girls, I dare you to give your son a name like Sophie or Amelia.
My name is Parker, and I think it is fine on both males and females. I often don’t like people with the same name as me, but that is often boys because honestly it feels like they are copying me. I am not a girl, and therefore a girl can’t steal my identity.
My name is Parker and I am a girl. I quite like my name, I find it sad that some of these people in the comments find my name so bad.
I personally think Parker is a unisex name.
The only Parker I know is a girl, so I will always think of it as a unisex name that is very usable for girls.
I feel like this name is more suited to a boy, but I don’t like the name Parker. It sounds like they are parking a car lol (no offense to anyone who is called Parker).
At least Ashley, Leslie, Kelly and Tracy (all names that were originally just for guys but are unisex now) all sound feminine but Parker doesn’t.
Disgusting on a girl.
I don’t like it, it sounds like they are parking a car. And it’s a surname. I don’t like surnames as first names.
Saying “Girls shouldn’t be named Parker, would you name your sons girls’ names?” is like saying “Girls shouldn’t wear pants, would you put your sons in dresses?”... So if you’re okay with your daughters wearing pants, it makes little sense for you to be not okay with girls being named Parker. I think Parker is a pretty cute name for a girl. It makes me think of summertime.
Only like it on a boy.
Despite Parker being a unisex name, I like it a whole lot better on a boy. It sounds repulsive on girls.
Parker Cannon from The Story So Far. I left an anonymous comment on here about if I had a boy I’d name him Parker which is still true! But I’ve seen Parker on girls and it has suited them! So, I say it doesn’t really matter. A name is a name and if you like it for your daughter go for it (:
As a trans guy, I chose the name because I like how masculine it sounded. It's perfectly fine for girls to have this name too, if the child doesn't like it then they can change it. I really like being named Parker it's a good name for me and anyone else who is named it.
Ew it sounds so ugly on a girl. Why, just why would you give a boy name to a girl? Why is giving boy names to girls popular?
One of my best friend's is named Parker, and she's female. She complains about her name being more masculine, but I think it's very pretty and very suiting for her. A wonderful name.
Parker Kate Busby is one of the quints on “Out Daughtered”.
Parker Pyne is a character in some of Agatha Christie's books.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Parker who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 739th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.

In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Parker who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 012th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
Hey guys! My son's name is Parker and he recently turned 18 and loves his name as well. Growing up it was quite unique in his circle of friends, and they always complimented him on his name, especially the girls. There used to be a TV show on many years ago called The Hardy Boys, with Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson. Before then, I had never paid much attention to the name Parker, but, it definitely caught my attention once I did hear it, and it stuck... (Obviously... lol) I'm not sure about using it for a girl's name, however I do recall the infamous Parker Posey, from the Hilarious House of Yes film, and she definitely suites the name. It's still a free country folks, so I suppose people are able to choose any name that they prefer, and we should ALL be grateful for that amazing right, as many countries even today don't have our same blessings. Peace out... †.
I like the actress Parker Posey. I'm not personally a fan of the name, occupation names in general (e.g. Taylor = clothes maker, Cooper = barrel maker, Hunter = hunter) are not my cup of tea.
It would be a nice name for a dog. Humans... not so much.
Spider-Man’s secret identity is Peter Benjamin Parker.
I dislike occupational names. Also, this is a weird name to give a girl.
My name is Parker and I hate seeing all these mean comments. I love my name and I'm proud of it!
I’m a girl and my name's Parker. So what? It’s more about how it is gender neutral, not that it is assigned just to men because it sounds more masculine because who really cares.
To all of you saying "stop giving boy names to girls," I would like you to take a look at the name Addison. One of its categories is "male to female," but you probably (though not necessarily) have met more female Addisons/associate it with little girls.

And this isn't new: Evelyn has been more popular for girls than boys for as long as there are popularity records in the US, but was a boy's name in the 17th century. And Aubrey has been a girl's name since the 1970s! And there's Courtney, Jocelyn, Kelsey, Lindsay, Madison...

Naming trends change; popularity is only one trend, gender being another. Deal with it, because humans have been for as long as there have been names.
I agree with @VoraLundar, the girl name on boy trend will start soon so don’t get mad at girls with boy names. Soon everything will be unisex!
Yeah, riiight. You're so cool and unique when you name your daughter Parker, James or Michael. Why don't name her Unicorn, Chair or Window? It would be even more unique.
I love the TV Show Leverage and Parker is one of my favorite characters. Also I know several people with the name Parker. I would probably name my daughter Parker, but I would do it as her middle name and give her a more feminine first name. That way it doesn't matter if she's a girly girl or a tomboy, she'll have a name that will match her personality.
Fine for a boy, and it's not my style but I could see it for a girl as well. It's not as overused as Taylor/Tyler.
I'm a girl and my middle name is Parker and my first name is Elizabeth. I've been called Parker all my life. I'm not quite sure why, but I've gotten used to it and it's normal to me. My friends call me Pooker, parking lot, Parkie Pickle and many other things! I've learned to love it!
Don't like it, especially not on a girl. Doesn't even sound like an actual name.
I'm honestly so sick and tired of people saying that this is not a name. Or like it won't get you a job in the future. Then you look at names like Paisley, Krystal, etc. And people are like omg, so cute and pretty! Like seriously, those are not names they're objects used as names. Parker is a legitimate masculine name, and I personally love it.
Name your kid what you want-- do not listen to these crazy judgmental people! Our 5 year old daughter is named Parker Belle and her name perfectly fits her sassy, smart personality!
My husband's name is Parker. He's named after the parking sign that he was born in front of. I find it to be incredibly strong and it sounds pleasing to the ear. I understand why this name is picking up so quickly!
My son Parker is 16. He loves his name. Until he was 10 I had only heard of 1 other Parker. It is different and unique but I'm hearing it more often. People always comment on how they like his name.
My name is Parker and I am a teenage girl. People have said that I have a strange name, but I love my name. I've also gotten many compliments on my name though!
I like this name and if you like\love it as well and are considering using it for your little guy, some combos I have paired with it that you are more than welcome to take a look at are:

Parker Raimi
Parker Rylan
Parker Sebastian
Shannon Parker
Thomas Parker.
Sitting here reading all of these comments from years pasts really makes me angry. Parker is a name, and it can be used as an example of extraordinary, or it could be used as boring, even terrible. It depends on the person themselves. Your name is not just your name. It's the name of thousands across the world. But it is your name, and you are what you make of it. It is a beautiful name. It's not too common, and for a boy or girl it's not one that you hear often. What bothers me is that it can't be used for a girl? You're telling me you don't see this name as a girl, because it's too masculine? Since when do female names have to be masculine? This is the 2000s. People are changing their own sex for goodness' sakes. But no, MY name, because I am a GIRL- it's ghastly, and just wrong for you people? I was not born an Emily, Madison, or a Chelsea. Nothing wrong with those names, but you hear them often. All growing up I heard negative comments about how that's a boys name- why? Why do we have to even have boy's and girl's names now? I know a girl named JOEY. It does not matter. It's funny how we can praise celebrities with names for females such as James- when we just shut down the idea of naming a girl Parker. It's pretty. It's funny. It's smart. It's me. And it fits perfectly. Your daughters would be lucky to be named Parker. And your sons.
I adore this name so much, it is very cute for a boy. My future son will be named Parker :)
Nice name for a boy.
I'm adding my own two cents here. My name is Parker and I honestly don't see what's wrong with someone who identifies as female being called Parker. I personally think it's an awesome and completely gender-neutral name, lol :P
I love the name Parker. I don't know any Parkers except for the tv show Gold Rush. My husband and I have tried for years to get pregnant and here we are. I'm due in Feb 2016 and we are naming our first child (boy) Parker Matthew. I love this name and we've had it picked out for years. I find Parker a different name and rare, even though it has been around for many years. Yay for the Parkers!
We just learned that our niece will name her new baby girl Parker in February. UGH! Why would you subject your little angel to such a name? It sounds like a boy's name to begin with, so the chance for confusion immediately ranks very high. What is with this trend to give boy names to girls? Is our confusion with gender/sex so great that we have to mix things up right from birth? Will we hear of little boys being named Emily or Sophia or Hannah? I don't think so. That's a good thing. Why can't we try to make things easier for the next generation right from the start? This world will always need BOTH boys and girls so what's wrong with sticking with boy names for boys and girl names for girls? Don't even get me started on any other association with the name Parker. (My neighbor named her son Parker 30 + years ago and he'll be the first one to report on the difficulties he experienced in life).
I love this BOY'S name.
My daughter was born in 2013 and we named her Parker. I had read that Parker meant "keeper of the forest" and I loved that.

Thank you so much to the females named Parker who commented here, because I'll admit I was getting a little frightened by the vehemence of some of these responders about their hatred for this name for females. I mean, who has that kind of fury over a name? Someone wrote that they refused to accept this name for a girl; what happens when they meet a woman named Parker? Will they refuse to interact with her? So strange.
My son's name is Parker. Yes it is high brow. No it is not trendy. He can be a CEO, a doctor, or the President. It's becoming increasingly popular, but it is also the name of my very distinguished great uncle. People can be so nasty and rude just to say they have an opinion. My stepson gave me the idea to go with Parker and after some research, I decided to go with it. Whatever you want to name your child, just do it out of love and remember the child will become an adult one day.
I love the name Parker. I like it for either sex. I think it sounds cute and casual. It is a name that suits the times we live in, not a fluffy name more fitting of 1915 than 2015. Parker ranks 74 for boys and 267 for girls. Those numbers indicate that in the US this name is unisex. A unisex name is a name that is used on both genders. It does not have to have originated as a unisex name. Names evolve over time. The names Shirley, Evelyn, Sandy, and Meredith originated as male only names; however, I do not know of anyone who would stubbornly insist that those names could not be used on girls. Personally, I do find the notion that only a boy is "good enough" to be named the mom's maiden name to be quite sexist. The idea that surnames only belong to boys is extremely sexist. All the names that people like to complain about being used on girls are surnames.
Great name for a BOY! Parker as strictly a boys name (or surname) should be obvious and clear-headed enough.
Ehhh... well at least it's more bearable than Hunter. Still, I don't like it as a given name. Especially for a girl.
My son's name is Parker! Parker is my best friend's maiden name & we named him after her. He's not snobby at all. I love the name for a boy or a girl. I can't believe all the negative comments.
Sounds like the name of some stuck-up rich boy who plays lacrosse and gets drunk at parties.
I kind of like this name, but I agree with the comments above saying "Let's take Parker to the Park!" Ha, it's a little comedic that way. I do find it cute for a girl, there's nothing wrong with a tomboy. I like it for any gender. Names don't have genders.
I love this name but for a boy, only because I have brains.
I love this name, but only for a boy since I have a fully functioning brain (: I only accept Parker being on a girl if it's her surname.
I love this BOYS name (: take the hint when I didn't mention "girl" or "unisex" take another hint how this masculine name is popular among girls ONLY in the states. As usual, challenged Americans just "Luv" masculine names on girls. I'm from the states myself and I really hope that not every Non-American thinks that every American has the nasty "masculineNameOnGirlFever" Parker is labeled unisex on here primarily due to my country using it on girls. I in no way see Parker usable on a girl (surname exception) and I'm a young woman from the states.
I've only ever met a female Parker. Her name is pretty interesting, considering her sister has a very feminine name (Lily). I prefer Harper over Parker (as a girl name), but I don't think I would name my child this, regardless of the gender.
Parker is 100% a males name. That's not remotely sexist but common sense.
Parker would only work for a girl if it's their surname

Sorry, but there's lots of girl names out there. Why steal a fantastic boys name and use it for the wrong gender? I find it completely unacceptable to give a girl a masculine name. There are zero excuses as there are plenty of girl names that aren't overly feminine.
I 100% agree. Apparently me and many other users are accused of being "sexist" for thinking that Parker suits boys rather than girls. According to that rule, I'm sexist to think names like Mark, John, Jason, Steve, Paul etc. Don't suit girls. *gasp* The WHOLE world MUST be sexist to think girl names like Anna, Chloe, Zoe, Lisa, Rochelle etc. don't suit guys! :O Also, it's okay to declare that genders for names don't matter according to the user "mechanicalAssassin" who says "Get rid of the idea that a name has a gender...". So, it's totally FINE for people to name their SONS Emma, Sophia etc. (Sarcasm, in case you missed it.) lol, some people need to look up what the word sexist actually means! XD

Rant over. ಠ_ರೃ.
The opinions that most people are leaving for the name Parker prove that they are lacking excitement or the love for unique things in this world. So much undeserved hatred for a name. Wow! I was glad to see a female Parker speak up and sing praise about her beautiful name. There are a lot of lame people out there who want to push their kid in a square hole and name their girl "Emma". If my girl Parker runs into these lame people it will make it that much easier for her to weed them out of her life.
I think this is a great name on a boy that gets far too much undeserved hatred. On a girl, however, it's ghastly.
Not feminine enough? You can all take your gender stereotypes and shove 'em. My daughter's name is Parker and whether she'll be feminine or masculine has nothing to do with it. Grow up, people.
Ick - hate that 99% of these comments are blatantly sexist. It's too "masculine", it's too "sophisticated"(?) for a girl's name? Enough. Personally, it reminds me of Miss Bonnie Parker, and I like it.
I love the name Parker. Reminds me of Peter Parker. :D It's a cute & handsome name for a guy! Moreover, it's one of my FAVE boy names beginning with 'p'! ^_^ It's scary how girls are being named this, as it sounds masculine... o_e.
I'm no fan. It's too close to "porker".
My name's Parker (I'm a girl) & I always get complimented on the name! People tell me it's beautiful, classy, unique and more than once, I've had people write it down in their phones to add to their baby name list;) Not once have I ever thought of my name as masculine! Neither has anyone else I know! It can be masculine on a male, but to me, it can be a gorgeous name on a female.

It's the person that makes the name I believe.

I'm quite shocked at the nasty comments towards this name!
Really.. You should open yourself up to something a little unique and different! :)
Wow. I'm embarrassed for my country. Parker is a great name (don't get me wrong, I love it) but it's definitely NOT for a girl, unless it's their surname.
The fact that Parker is so high on the list for girls just makes my blood boil. What makes Parker usable or feminine in any way? Way to put your child's gender into confusion.
I will say this through and through; Parker is a males name. No matter how many ignorant parents wish to slap it on their daughters.
Girl due in 4 weeks and she will be named Parker. I find it cute and classy, and we're pretty excited about it. A name is a name is a name, after all. The child will be who she is regardless of what we call her.
No of y'all should have kids if youre worried about it being 'too masculine' for your little girl. Get rid of the idea that a name has a gender... bye.
Names should determine the gender of someone. Absolutely. I for one see Parker as either a surname or a males name.
I love this name, but for a boy ONLY

Parker is either a surname or a boys name. Not suitable for a girl at all. Dumb America...
Well, my name is Parker and I am a girl. I happen to LOVE my name and think it is unique and fits very well with my personality. Most everyone I have encountered has complimented me on my name saying they like it for a girl. Thanks.
Parker sounds very harsh and informal. I agree with the past comments about it sounding "snobby, boring and trendy." Overall, Parker is a lame name for a boy and it is especially horrible on a girl! Yuk.. puke :(
I was surprised to see Parker was a unisex name! I had always thought it strictly male. It's quite a masculine name.
Parker is a good name! But better for a girl because it's my name and I'm a girl.
On the show "Bones", Seely Booth's son's name is Parker.
I had a male relative named Parker who was born in 1895! This name is by no means new and trendy.
Parker is the name of a female character on the TV show Leverage.
My brother's name is Parker. He's named this because my mother's maiden name is Park. I've always liked this it. I don't think it's weird or too trendy/stupid at all to name a boy Parker. I think naming a girl Parker is a little weird, maybe because I associate the name with my brother. I guess Parker on a little girl might be kind of cute, but at someone above said, I can't imagine a grown woman with this name.
I like this name for a girl, yes a girl. Everyone needs to relax. It's a unisex name, that means male and female. Why should parents have to stick to names like "Emma" for their girls, that's, to me, like saying girls should have to stick to being dominated by males. We're in the 21st century grow up people.
We named our son Parker, and EVERYONE loves the name! What I'm really sick of is parents naming their daughters male names. I feel like parents of boys are running out of good male names. Can we please keep a few for the boys? Like Parker for example? Thanks!
Excuse me, parents should be allowed to name their daughters anything they want. I love Parker for a girl, and dislike it for a boy. It sounds cute and nice for a girl.
My youngest son's name is Parker Lee, and we've gotten so many compliments on it. I love it. And I had to smile at the comment made, I've never thought it odd to take "Parker to the Park". I take my son to the park, not a name. Not everyone is going to like every name, to each their own.
I kinda like it on a guy, but it's horrendous on a girl. Nothing sounds feminine about it.
I do not understand why this is considered a girl name. Parker is SO masculine and fantastic for a boy. I'm not usually a fan of surnames being used as first names, but for some reason I have always loved the name Parker for a boy. It probably helps that my best friend is named Parker, and he is one of the funniest, most friendly kid you'll ever meet. Not to be weird, but I actually might use this name on my own kid one day. It is just that awesome.
I have nothing against surnames as first names, but I really dislike this name. I cannot get over the 'Park' part. "Come on Parker, let's go to the PARK.". And don't even let me get started on Parker for a girl. There isn't even a girly nickname to justify using it for a girl.
Anyone remember the 80s sitcom Parker Lewis Can't Loose?
I have always loved this name for a boy, but I don't like it for a girl. It sounds way too masculine! I think it would be cute to have twin boys named Parker and Walker!
Parker Case was a member of JamisonParker, and now records music under the name I and the Universe.
All I can think of is Parker pens. And nerds who stuff Parker pens into their shirt pockets.
Not really a fan of Parker for girls in general and I think for boys, Parker sounds best as a middle name, not a first name.
I love the name Parker, lol! I think it is the cutest boy name ever! Also it's my boyfriend's name! So I think the name is strong!
It's cool on a boy but gag-worthy on a girl.
It sounds quite boyish for both sexes. I can't imagine a grown man named Parker. At most, I can imagine an obnoxious frat boy named Parker. For a girl, it's terrible, and for a woman, it is completely ridiculous. Can you imagine a curly-haired toddler girl named Parker? How about a cute 10-year-old girl named Parker? Or a homecoming queen or prom queen named Parker? It sounds like a total tomboy name, and it might somehow work on young women with androgynous or indie looks, but never on any woman past the age of 27.
I would never curse anyone (boy or girl) with this horrid name.
I agree with the above comment. Surnames should be used for boys, not girls.
OMG! For a girl, peoples? Quit ruining the good boy surnames! Just name your girl Emma or something please! Keep the boy names for the boys!
I really like this name for a boy, but not so much for a girl. Parker is a surname, and it's very masculine, so I prefer it for boys.
Parker sounds like a surname, and more masculine.
I don't like it for a girl just because it's so trendy to use surnames on girls. Back when Parker Posey was first named Parker (assuming that's her birth name, I have no idea) I would have liked the idea, but now that it's a cheap trend I don't.
Parker is the last name of South Park/Team America: World Police creator Trey Parker.
I really hate this name! I mean, first of all, it's like naming your kid 'park' or 'tree'. It really is too close to the word park. I hate names like Parker, Hunter etc.
Comedienne and talk show host Rosie O'Donnell's eldest son is named Parker Jaren.
On TV there's a female Parker on Veronica Mars, and a young boy called Parker on Desperate Housewives.
Yuck! Snobby, boring, and trendy all at the same time!
Parker, Arizona is a small town on the Colorado River.
Despite the popularity amongst males, I have met two Parkers and they were both girls!
Parker Posey is an actress.
I like this name for a girl and a boy!
Parker for a GIRL?!
Nosy parker is what you call someone who is inquisitive, like busybody. I have always wondered where the term originally came from.
I think this is a sophisticated-sounding name. I'd only use it for boys, not girls.
I hate seeing this name used for girls. It is such a masculine sounding name.
There's a Parker Hanes in the Canadian TV show Radio Free Roscoe. She's a highschool-age musician with a very unique personality and sense of style.
Parker is increasing a lot for a boy and I have even seen it used for a boy.
Miss Parker was the beautiful, sinister nemesis of Jarod in the T.V. show "The Pretender." No first name was ever given.

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