Patricia "Trisha" Goddard is a British television presenter, actress and host best known for her morning talk show Trisha (1998–2010), which was broadcast on a mid-morning slot on ITV before later being moved to Channel 5. She has been based in the U.S. since 2010, when she started working on Maury as a conflict resolution expert. She hosted a U.S. version of her own talk show, named The Trisha Goddard Show, from 2012 until it was cancelled in 2014. As of 2022 Goddard presents You Are What You Eat.
Patricia Roberts Harris quietly broke down barriers and served as a wide array of historical firsts in American politics and beyond.Patricia Roberts was born in 1924 in Illinois. A product of public schools, she attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. on a scholarship. She graduated summa cum laude in 1945. A later profile said of Roberts, “[…] Harris was more apt to lecture the girls in her freshman dormitory on civil rights and the labor movement than to gossip about boys.”While at Howard, she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., a historically-black sorority. She would later serve as the national executive director for the organization in the 1950s.She completed graduate work at the University of Chicago from 1946 to 1949, studying industrial relations. Interested in working more in civil rights activism, she transferred to American University in Washington, D.C. in 1949. An opportunity opened up for Roberts to serve as the assistant director the American Council of Human Rights, and she continued graduate concurrently.Roberts married William Harris, known as Bill, a prominent Washington attorney and Howard University law professor, in 1955. (Going forward, she is now referred to as Roberts Harris.)At her husband's urging. Roberts Harris enrolled at George Washington University Law School. She graduated in 1960, first in her class, and passed the bar that same year.After graduating from law school, Roberts Harris became an attorney in the appeals and research section of the criminal division of the Department of Justice. She developed a powerful friend in Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.In 1961, Roberts Harris joined Howard University as a lecturer and the associate dean of students. She ceased her dean role in 1963, but stayed on as lecturer, becoming a full professor. She began working for the National Capital Area Civil Liberties Union, building her resume in civil rights work.Roberts Harris became increasingly associated with the Democratic Party as the 1960s progressed. In 1963, Pres. John F. Kennedy selected Roberts Harris to chair the National Women's Committee for Civil Rights, described as an "umbrella organization encompassing some 100 women's groups throughout the nation."In 1964, Roberts Harris was elected a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. She worked in Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson's campaign that year, and seconded his nomination at the convention.In October 1965, Johnson appointed Roberts Harris to be the US ambassador to Luxembourg. Johnson had implored Roberts Harris to join his administration, but she declined; the Luxembourg appointment was his backup appointment. She became the first Black woman to serve as US ambassador. Upon her appointed, Roberts Harris said, "I feel deeply proud and grateful this President chose me to knock down this barrier, but also a little sad about being the 'first Negro woman' because it implies we were not considered before." Harris served until 1967. Husband Bill went along as a special consultant to the State Department on European legal problems.After returning from her ambassadorial service in 1967, Roberts Harris returned again to Howard University's School of Law.In 1969, she became the first woman to serve as Dean of Howard University's School of Law. The appointment was historic: she become the first Black woman to serve as a law school dean anywhere in the United States. That said, the tenure was brief: she resigned after just a month. At the time, striking students had taken over the school, very much in the turbulent spirit of the era. Roberts Harris resigned, charging that Howard's administration failed to support her in her negotiations with students. In 1977, the Washington Post described it as "her one failure." Later on, Roberts Harris’ actions during her brief deanship would lead civil rights activists to question her commitment to the cause in her later government service.After leaving Howard in 1969, Roberts Harris moved into private practice, joining Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, a prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm.In the 1970s, Roberts Harris branched into the corporate world. She was name to the board of directors of IBM in 1971, becoming the first Black American woman to sit on a Fortune 500 company's board of director. She also joined the boards of Scott Paper, the National Bank of Washington, and Chase Manhattan Bank. She told Life Magazine in 1971, "I'm a first on many boards, but I'm not going to be content to remain the only black, or the only woman."Concurrently, she continued her involvement in Democratic Party politics. In the 1972, Roberts Harris served as chair of the Democratic National Committee's credentials committee. In 1973, she served as member-at-large to the Democratic National Committee.After Pres. Jimmy Carter was elected, Carter selected Roberts Harris to become the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Upon her selection and confirmation, she became the first Black woman to serve in a Cabinet, and the first Black woman to appear in the presidential line of succession.During her confirmation hearing, Sen. William Proxmire challenged Roberts Harris' nomination, asking if she could represent poor and less fortunate in the country. His perception was that she, a prominent lawyer and figure in corporate America, came from too affluent a background. Some in civil rights communities quietly agreed, skeptical of her bonafides for the job. Roberts Harris had moved from the civil rights activism of the 1950s and 1960s to the corporate world; despite being a pioneer in that field, her commitment to causes was questioned.Roberts Harris' response was powerful: "Senator, I am one of them. You do not seem to understand who I am. I am a black woman, the daughter of a dining car waiter. …a black woman who could not buy a house eight years ago in parts of the District of Columbia. I didn't start out as a member of a prestigious law firm, but as a woman who needed a scholarship to go to school. If you think I have forgotten that, you are wrong… if my life has any meaning at all, it is that those who start out as outcasts may end up being part of the system."Roberts Harris' tenure as HUD Secretary saw a significant shift in department priorities. Roberts Harris pushed funding to upgrading deteriorating neighborhoods versus slum clearance. She expanded the Urban Homesteading Plan and initiated Urban Development Action Grants to lure businesses into blighted areas. As the Washington Post wrote in 1982, under her leadership, "the agency had changed from a mere extension of the nation's housing industry to an advocate for saving inner cities." Roberts Harris affected complicated feelings among colleagues. A colleague told the Washington Post, "She's really hard and terribly calculating. […] She wouldn't have survived to get where she is if she weren't."In 1979, Carter appointed Roberts Harris Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW). When HEW was split into a separate Department of Education and a separate Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) by Congress in 1980, Roberts Harris was named the first Secretary of Health and Human Services.Reflecting on her own legacy in the Carter Cabinet, Harris Roberts was critical. She noted that civil rights enforcement had fallen during her Cabinet service, and that many of her programs had moved too slowly, particularly for her hometown of Washington, D.C.In 1982, Roberts Harris sought her first elected office, the mayoralty of Washington, D.C. She lost the primary to incumbent mayor Marion Barry. Her campaign manager, Sharon Pratt, one of her former law students, became the first woman to serve as Washington, D.C.'s mayor in 1991.She ended her career as a full-time law professor at George Washington University.Roberts Harris died in 1985 at age 60 of breast cancer.Patricia Roberts Harris was inducted into the National Hall of Fame posthumously in 2003.
Classy name, though not among my top favorites. Being the feminine of Patrick is the best thing about it, because of St. Patrick. The nicknames are the problem, and they'll be pushed on you whether you like it or not. I wouldn't want to be called Trish or Patty.
Patricia Helen Heaton (born March 4, 1958) is an American actor, model, and comedian.She is best known for her TV roles of Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond, and Frances "Frankie" Heck on The Middle.
Female form of Patrick.
I don’t like the name and I dislike all the nicknames for the name. I particularly dislike “Trish.” It’s subjective. A rose by any other name including Patricia is still just as beautiful. And just because it’s not my cup of tea doesn’t mean the name doesn’t have it’s empirical merit and majestic history.
Princess Patricia of Connaught, or Lady Patricia Ramsay was a member of the British Royal family. She married a commoner and relinquished her titles. Her full name was Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth.
Patricia Anne Rainone, known as Patricia Morrison, is a bassist who has played in The Bags, the Gun Club, Fur Bible, Legal Weapon, Sisters of Mercy and the Damned.
Patricia is a very nice name. In Spain it is a more or less popular name and is usually shortened to "Patri". I had a super pretty green-eyed mulatto classmate named that. She was friendly and got good grades. Also, it is a name with a noble and stately air. A good option, although I do not like Pat or Patty so much. It reminds me of the Spanish word for duck, which is "Pato".
Beautiful, although I would never use it.
I find this name okay but prefer its shortened version “Patty”. This is my mothers’ name, and she’s been called Pat, Trisha and Patty, but never Patricia. The downside is that it gets changed to one or all three of those inevitably. It also reminds me of the Patricians in Roman times which is the group of nobles where the name derived from. Patty is cute, sweet and pretty, but to me Patricia is very strange and not pretty or nice sounding. It’s not the worst, just nothing special.
Patricia Ryan Madson is an author, teacher, and master of improv.
Also a Bulgarian variant transliteration of Патриция. You'll find bearers on social media.
Patricia is also Swedish. The name day for Patricia in Sweden is April 16.
Great name! Patricia is classic, just a good quality name, should be used more often!
It’s actually very pretty even though there is “Fat Patricia” (Fat Amy’s “real name”)
Such a pretty name, I don't know why people hate it. It's not popular, it doesn't sound clunky, many nicknames, what's not to love?
Agree with SaltyLemon, I like it.
No. It doesn't do it for me. And the nickname, Pat, just makes it worse. Of course, good names are mostly subjective.
Also used in Slovene:
It sounds ugly in my opinion.
Very beautiful. Not sure why everyone is trashing on this name so much, especially on the nicknames. I know you guys are all more mature than that, so why not act like it?
Anyways. I really love this name. I associate it with my Grandmother, who bore this name. We were very close and I always called her “Grandma Pat”. Another association I have is with the children’s’ book author Patricia Polacco. I grew up reading all of the books she wrote and they hold a special place in my heart.
I really like the nicknames Pat and Trish. Pat is short and easy to spell and can be very cute on a toddler. Trish is more mature but still has that cute little flair and easy spelling. If my name was Patricia, I would love to go by Trish.
Yuck! This name is supremely ugly in my opinion. I hate the "P" sound, and the nickname Pat. Ewww!
Sounds ugly.
Remember all those "PATRICIA!" memes on Vimeo and TikTok?
Trix and Trixie could be used as nicknames for Patricia.
My name is Patricia and I wish that my mother did not name me that. It's not that I don't like the name Patricia. In fact I do think it's a nice name. However, in the United States where I live, the name Patricia seems to only ever be shortened to something like Pat, Patty, Trish, Tricia, or Patsy. When I was little, my family called me Patti and I didn't like it and wanted to be called Patricia. I asked to be called this since I was 18 and finally when I was in my 50s I put my foot down with my family, yet here I am at age 56 and they are still slipping up and calling me Patti occasionally, and even my husband referred to me as that in front of my family which annoyed the hell out of me! I have to continually correct people to get them to use the long form of my name, even after I carefully introduced myself as Patricia. So, if I want to make sure that people call me Patricia, I need to say that I go by the full version of my name just to make sure. I don't understand why people become so offended when you correct them about the proper usage of your own name as if they seem to have some right over the way you should be called rather than you having that prerogative. Had I to do it all over again, I would have changed my first name when I turned 18 because using the long form of my name has been so frustrating!
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes.)
I don't meet a lot of girls named Patricia who are my age--in fact, I don't think I've ever met a girl named Patricia who was my age-- but I think the name might eventually make a comeback because of Vine:
This is one of my favorite names. I hope it makes a comeback for little girls soon. It's strange because I have never liked the name Patrick at all, but I think Patricia is lovely. I like the nickname Patti because of Patti Smith, or Patsy because of Patsy Cline. But if my name were Patricia, I would like to be called the full name.
In 2018, 59 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Patricia who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 16th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is Patricia and personally I love my name! I'm named after my dad's grandmother or something and I'm 12 and I don´t think it's old for me. Also I let my friends nickname me Patty. It's a great nickname but maybe when I get older I might go by Trisha. I like the meaning of my name.
Lucky Star Character. See
Old fashioned, but the nickname Trisha is lovely. Patty is an awful nickname.
I think Patricia is a beautiful name. It is (in my opinion).
I love the name Patricia, but I dislike the nicknames like Patty etc. They are horrible and ruin this beautiful name. I like its meaning too. In my opinion it sounds elegant but strong at the same time, I really like it.
Patricia Wagon is a cyborg police officer in Mighty Switch Force, then a firefighter in the sequel, and then an Academy Cadet in Mighty Switch Force! Academy.
I don't particularly like this name, but it's Enya's middle name. I love Enya and that's why I have some nice associations with it. But the name itself is pretty wishy-washy.
Patricia (Pat) Morgan, aka. Patblygu is a part of the Welsh language experimental band called Datblygu.
This is one of my favorite names. I really like the Spanish pronunciation, the 'p' and 'sh' in English do sound a little strange, to be fair.
It's a name that would be hard to give nicknames or 'kriy8tiv' spellings to (although I guess patrycia might be an option... eugh) although I like Pat or Patty. Heck, you could go by Trisha or something if you wanted to.It brings to mind a sunny yellow. I really like this name on its own.
I am Patricia and I am soo proud of it, I don't think there's a name that describes me more than my name. Soo happy to be young Patricia.
Patricia "Patsy" Walker aka Hellcat is a model, actress, and media personality in Marvel Comics and adaptations, notably the 2015 Netflix series 'Jessica Jones' where she is portrayed by Australian actress and model Rachael May Taylor. In 'Jessica Jones', Walker attempts to distance herself from her childhood fame as "Patsy Walker" by calling herself "Trish" instead. She has a highly successful radio talk show called 'Trish Talk'.
I agree with some of the previous comments that Patricia seems like a rather stuffy name. Also, not a fan of any of the nicknames.
Patricia "Patty" McCormack is an American actress with a career in theater, films, and television. McCormack began her career as a child actress. She is perhaps best known for her performance as Rhoda Penmark in Maxwell Anderson's 1954 psychological drama The Bad Seed. She received critical acclaim for the role on Broadway and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Mervyn LeRoy's film adaptation of the same name in 1956. Her acting career has continued with both starring and supporting roles in film and television, including Helen Keller in the original Playhouse 90 production of The Miracle Worker and a more recent performance as Pat Nixon in Frost/Nixon.
Patricia Rooney Mara is an American actress and philanthropist. She made her screen debut in the slasher film Urban Legends: Bloody Mary and went on to have a breakout role in the independent coming-of-age drama Tanner Hall, followed by roles in the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street and the biographical drama film The Social Network.
The name Patricia was given to 380 girls born in the US in 2016.
Patricia Ann "Patsy" Ramsey was an American beauty pageant winner, who, at the age of 20 in 1977, was selected as Miss West Virginia. She was best known as the mother of JonBenét Ramsey, a 6-year-old child beauty pageant queen who was murdered on December 25/26, 1996.
Patricia Kara is a model, actress, and TV personality. She began her career in Chicago, before moving to Miami, New York City, and finally, her current home in Los Angeles, California. Throughout her career, she has done segments for the TV Guide Channel's coverage of the Golden Globes, the Catherine Zeta-Jones benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund, and the E! Network's Wild On! Series. She was also a Spring Break VJ in Lake Havasu and Panama City Beach. She has also done Three to Tango, the NPPL Super 7 World Series Paintball Tournaments on PBTV, segments for TVG, and OLN's Wakeboarding Power Hour.
Patricia Helen Heaton is an American actress and model. She is known for portraying Debra Barone on the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond from 1996 to 2005, and as Frances "Frankie" Heck on the ABC sitcom The Middle.
Patricia "Patty" Aakhus, also known by her maiden name and pseudonym, Patricia McDowell, was an American novelist and director of International Studies at the University of Southern Indiana. She specialized in Irish themes and won Readercon's Best Imaginative Literature Award in 1990 and the Cahill Award for The Voyage of Mael Duin's Curragh.
Patricia Yurena Rodríguez Alonso is a Spanish actress, model and beauty queen who has represented Spain at both the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. She is the first Miss Spain who is a lesbian.
Patricia Kaas is a French singer and actress with an International following. Stylistically her music is not classical chanson, but is closer to a mixture of pop music, cabaret, jazz and chanson.
Pat Benatar's real name is Patricia Mae Andrzejewski!
The name itself is absolutely beautiful, though I can't say I love any of the nicknames. If I named my daughter this, she might end up having to constantly correct people who try to give her a nickname! I love the meaning, though and could totally see myself using it.
Hi... my name is Patricia, what a lovely name, "noble and regal". The name just gives you this special feeling. To all the Patricias out there, love your name.
My name is Patricia and I recently turned 18, I've met three other women named Patricia in my life, one being my grandmother. I like how it is a 'classic name' and that it is a less common name for younger women/girls. I don't agree that it is an 'adult' name. I've gone by Patricia since I was seven, mostly because I hated being called 'Patty', and yes it always made me feel more mature and adult-like, but I loved it. I really dislike the nicknames Trish, Trisha, Patsy, Patty, and Pat though.
Beautiful name with a regal sound. It was top 10 in the 1940's so it's still suffering from being a "mom" name. I recently met a young girl named Patricia and thought it was so lovely! A nice break from all the Emmas, Olivias, and Sophias! I think it will make a big comeback in 10-20 years.
Hurricane Patricia (2015), which hit Mexico, is the strongest hurricane recorded in the Western Hemisphere at a rare Category 5.
I really like the name Patricia. I have a puppy named Patricia and she is full of energy. Her middle name is Matilda, and she has a sister named Morticia. I call her Trish for a nickname. I much prefer the nickname Trish over Pat, Patty, and Patsy.
I am from South Africa and my name is Patricia. I love my name so much. I feel that it is unique from most feminine names. I get a hunch that most Patricia's are extremely attractive. Come to think of it, I did not know that my name means noble. To learn of this now confirms the way most people tend to "look up" to me.. I get it a lot, maybe it is the 'noble life' that I, disguisedly, lead, lol...
Patricia Knight, born Marjorie Heintzen (Born: April 28, 1915, Died: October 26, 2004), was an American actress.
Patricia "Trisha" Ann Ruth Noble, an Australian singer and actress.
When my youngest son was born 12 years ago and we named him Patrick, we were concerned that when he got older he would run into girls at school who shared the nickname "Pat" and not like it for that reason. However, it has yet to happen. In fact, he has never had a Patricia in any of his classes. It doesn't seem to get used any more. My nephew Alex, however, started going by "Al" in third grade to avoid confusion with all the girls named Alex he encountered in school.
Hazel Patricia Moder is a daughter of actress Julia Roberts.
Patricia is my mom's name. I like it, but it sounds too formal for a kid. It suits adults more. Trust me, I've met young Patricias who always go by Tricia or Trish. It's a great, pretty sounding name but will get loads of nickname usage- my mom goes by Trish sometimes!
This was the name of my father's mother, who passed away in 2010. If I ever have a daughter, I will definitely name her after her great-grandmother. (nickname Patsy).
Patricia Cornwell (born 1956 in Miami, Florida) is an American writer and novelist.
Patricia van der Vliet is a Dutch fashion model.
Another famous bearer was actress Patricia Neal (1926-2010), who was the first wife of Roald Dahl and the grandmother of model Sophie Dahl.
If I was ever to use this name I would pronounce it Pa-TREE-see-ah.
Patricia Morison is a former actress, famous for her very long hair. She starred in the original production of the play Kiss Me, Kate.
I don't really adore this name, but it's ok, although I would never consider it for my child. But, the funniest thing is that I know 3 sisters called: Patricia, Leticia, Lukrecia. Lolz.
A famous bearer is American jazz singer Patricia Barber (born 24 March 1956). She is well known for her jazz-inspired interpretations of classic rock songs, such as "Ode to Billie Joe" & "Black Magic Woman".
Bad nicknames and a repulsive sound the syllables make together. There's also the Lucky Star character who annoys me greatly.
Patricia Martin, the American exchange student in the anime Lucky Star. She is known for having a voice in the English dub that a lot of Lucky Star fans say "makes your ear feel like it's getting screwed."
There's also Patricia Day, the lead singer for the Danish psychobilly/rockabilly band HorrorPops.
Katherine Patricia Routledge, CBE (born 17 February 1929, known as Patricia Routledge) is an English actress and singer. In addition to her roles in British television, she has had a long and successful career in musical theatre, as well as in film. She is best known for appearing as the main character in the 90's British comedy, Keeping Up Appearances, in which she plays Hyacinth Bucket ("Bouquet"), as well as many other film and television roles throughout her life. :)
Strangely, I always thought Patricia was a male name. I dunno it seems masculine to me.
Patricia also derives from Ancient Greece, where those of the wealthy noble class were called "Patricians".
George Harrison and Eric Clapton's former wife, Pattie (Patricia) Boyd was also well known for her modeling work.
PATRICIA also means noble.
I hate all the nicknames. Pat, Patty, Patsy, Tricia, Trish, they're all bad. And I hate the male equivalent Patrick. So, I can't really say I like this name in itself. It sounds a bit stuck up somehow.
Czech form is Patricie. [noted -ed]
The Roman upperclass were called the Patricians.
I LOVE THIS NAME! I used think nobody younger than 40 could bear the name, but then my aunt named her girl Patricia after her mother. We call her Trish and it totally suits her! I only wish I got to use it first! :(
Patricia is also the Slovak form.
Ick. I don't like this name at all. It sounds old and ugly. Whenever I write a story, I usually make the ugly and/or evil woman a Patrica. (although I love the masculine form, Patrick)
When I was a child I did not like my name, I thought my name was to big for me, when I entered Junior High every one called me Pat and I hated it! My name was Patrica! Why was every one calling me Pat? Now that I'm an adult, I love my name, I like the meaning of it, NOBLE, REGAL, I understand why I carry myself the way that I do. I love to hear men call my name,"Patricia", it's so delicious.
Patricia is okay, except that people always just automatically shorten it to Pat or Patty, which are horrible. It is my mom's name and she hates it. She goes by Trish, which is better than Pat, but she still doesn't like it.
Hate the nickname Trish, Tricia, Pat, Patty, Patsy etc. So I guess I hate the name! What good is a name when all the nicknames are UGLY!
I don't really like the name that much. It's just not my style.
There are authors named Patricia Cornwell and Patricia Lewin.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Patricia here:
Patricia Polacco is a famous author. I love her books.
This is my half sister's name and I think it's ok. It's an older name, I remember when she was little it just didn't work at all and we called her Trisha but now that she's older she'll only answer to Patricia. I also had a friend named Patricia and she hated it although I never understood why, it's better then Brunhilda or something!
I am from Venezuela, and there is a famous actress from here who is named Patricia Velasquez. She acted in The Mummy.
My name is Patricia, and I like my name. I think its a strong name and isn't common for women in my age group (late 20's) to have my name.
This is my best friend's middle name. I like it all right as a middle name, but I think it's a little upper-class and snooty sounding as a first name. If you go by "Patty," though, it's better.
My best friend is named Patricia, and she loves it. Espeacially the "noble" part. It suits her well. It's a nice name.
My father's best friend from school whose last name was "Patterson" and who I believe I was really named after. Dad finally said after 70 some years, it was because it means "Princess", but I think it was after his best friend and I was glad about that. I love my name. In the baby book it said "Of Noble Birth", that allowed me to feel special and become successful in life. You can't be a Patricia and not feel special! It is Latin for Patricians.
I met Patricia O'Neal on Martha's Vineyard and she was lovely to talk with. I was in awe of her when she spoke to me. I just remember watching all those John Wayne movies when she was a Nurse and there she was standing beside me asking me a question. How great is that!
Patricia is a name which is described: mean, strong, and don't lke to show your feelings and at times you will always need someone by your side.
Alfred and Alma Hitchcock named their daughter Patricia.
Patricia Highsmith was an American novelist who is known mainly for her psychological crime thrillers.
Patricia Arquette is a famous actress.
Thats my name! Personally I hate it. I'm going to change it when I'm older.
Grace Kelly's middle name was Patricia.
My name is Patricia. It is beautiful and I like the meaning of it (noble one). The only bad thing about it is, that I live in Hungary and people always write it Patricía, which I don't like.

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