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Member since   July 22, 2007
Real name Sharon Renee
Location Chicago IL
Birthday January 17
The Name is Sharon Renee.
But don't wear it out.
Call me Sharon or Sherri.
Whatever you like.

I came here as a writer, looking for good names for characters. I however have been transformed into total name nerd. And I am proud of it! I love writing, the theatre (I'm an actress and theatrical director), photography, music, and food among other things.

Talk to me, message me, or don't whatever.

*pic- me with my hair curly for Macbeth last year.


I don't believe in "What if?". What if will break your heart. [Annon(ymous)]

Music is the only thing that plays sense anymore, play it loud enough, you keep the demons at bay. [Across the Universe]

The opposite of war isn't peace. Its creation! [Rent]

Forget regret, or life is yours to miss. [Rent]

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