Pax was also used as a masculine name in the Latin language and in the Roman Empire. Some evidence for this is that Pax was used as a name element in unisex and masculine Latin and Roman names, such as Pacificus. However, Pax is more common for females. So, I think that the "Gender" of this name should be changed from "Feminine" to "Feminine & Masculine".

Don't like it, especially as a given name.
A lot better than Peace. I honestly prefer this on a boy. On a girl it’s okay too. It would definitely be awkward if a boy had the name of a goddess though.
Though the entry lists Pax as a feminine name, it is now used by males too, such as Pax Jolie-Pitt, the son of American actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Cute on a girl for a middle name, not sure about a first name though.
Pax is ugly and masculine. Not that I have anything against masculine names, but this one just sounds ugly.
Pax always reminds me of poop. I hate Pax and I think it's a stupid, horrible name.

Overall, 0/10.
Just that is better than its stale full form Paxton.
It’s cool how this name was originally feminine, and now it’s unisex besides the first point. I like it for either gender.
Pax is also a term used within the transportation industry to refer to a passenger or passengers.
Optimus Prime's real name was Orion Pax before he became the leader of the Autobots from the Transformers series.
Used as a masculine name on two characters in the Red Rising book series by Pierce Brown.
Seems a bit borrowed and artificial on a male but I love it on a girl, because the name of a god / goddess should always stay to either male or females.
Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt, whose birth name was Pham Quang Sang, born on November 29, 2003, was originally from Vietnam. He was raised in an orphanage called Tam Binh Orphan Center. By coincidence, Angelina Jolie requested a healthy young boy, considering most of the orphans are HIV Positive, and Heidi Gonzalez was looking for a home for Pax. On March 2007, he was declared as a Jolie-Pitt and his name was changed to Pax Thien, which means "peaceful sky." Pax's biological mother, Pham Thu Dung, was a heroin-addict and ran away two days after she gave birth to him, after finding out Pax had a liver problem, and presented with a £15 medical bill. Pax is younger brother to Maddox and older brother to Zahara Marley, Shiloh Nouvel, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Angelina Jolie recently announced Pax and Zahara will have short appearances in Maleficent, along with Vivienne, who plays young Princess Aurora. Pax is very wild, as Jolie claimed, and likes stuffed monkeys. He hates the paparazzi and gets in trouble a lot.
I think this works for a boy in addition to girls.
Sounds cool but reminds me of Paxil. It'd make a great nickname for something like Patrick or Patricia.
Sounds more like a nickname for Paxton.
I love this name! I think it is better suited for a male, however. :)
Pax is an awesome name for a boy! It sounds masculine just like Max. It has a great meaning too! Peace is what we all strive for in this world.
Actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a son Pax Thien Vojtka-Pitt, born 29th November, 2003, Ho Chi Minh City, Viêt Nam. His original name is Quang Sang Pham.
Sounds very masculine to me. "Pax Roman" would make a really awesome, cheese nom de plume or a sort of overdone character name.
This could be a nickname for Pascal.
Though it's originally female, I like it as unisex name.
The meaning is beautiful, but the name itself sounds too much like "Pox".
I love this name! It's so interesting and original. I love the meaning and MUCH prefer it over the name Peace.
I think it's a nice, original name with a very pleasant meaning.
I like peace *MUCH* better as a name.

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