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I don’t really like this nickname much. It doesn’t age that well.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2019
My aunt is a Peggy. She's never been fat or ugly. She's an adorable person. People teased her about the name Peggy, calling her "piggy". Bullies are stupid. In my opinion, her name is really cute. I prefer it to Margret.
Survive-the-Junk  6/16/2019
Margarita (Peggy) Schuyler Van Rensselaer.
― Anonymous User  3/20/2019
It sounds cute. It reminds me of a freckly farm girl.
― Anonymous User  2/23/2019
Peggy from Margaret? Who came up with that?
Luvbug86  9/27/2018
Ugly, and reminds me of some fat obese person.
Curious me  9/3/2018
In the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, Charlie Brown, while at summer camp, fell in love with a little girl named Peggy Jean. She later appeared in the 1992 animated special It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown.
That70sShowGeek  2/20/2018
Almost all the Peggys I have known have had a fun personality. They have been witty and energetic. I think a person’s name helps develop their personality. With names, don’t get carried away or go for boring.
Pjchilis  1/3/2018
The name on my birth certificate is Peggy Simpson. I grew up during the Simpson's era and Married with Children, so people would tease me, calling me Peggy Bundy or Marge Simpson. I am more like a Peggy Bundy though, sensual, easy going, earthy, sassy, giving, voluptuous but not heavy. I am 49 now, but I look younger than my age. My dad had the audacity to name me after his first love. They put my name on the birth certificate and then my dad told my mom the truth. That must have stung a lot. Anyhow. I got called Miss Peggy in school although I was skinny as a rail. I knew a few other Peggys, maybe two or three in my lifetime, and they were educated, congenial, strong, attractive, and highly responsible individuals. But now that I am planning to relocate and start a new job search, I am worried about age discrimination. I am thinking of using another name on my resume to avoid it, although I don't want to change my name. I don't like my middle name either. Should I legally change my name or should I start using a new nickname of my choosing? My research has shown that a resume is not a legal document but a marketing tool. We don't have to treat a resume the same as a formal job application.
Pegalicious  10/22/2017
Peggy Hopkins Joyce was an American actress, artist model and dancer. In addition to her performing career, Joyce was known for her flamboyant life, with numerous engagements, six marriages to wealthy men, subsequent divorces, a series of scandalous affairs, a collection of diamonds and furs, and her generally lavish lifestyle.
cutenose  7/18/2017
My legal name is PeggyAnn but then just became Peggy in school and most legal documents use Ann as my middle name. I hated the name growing up. I was teased so much as a child. Born in the 50's before Miss Piggy was popular but that didn't change the fact I was called Piggy. I think it's cruel to name a kid Peggy and glad to see it's not used anymore. I changed it to Margo as an adult. Then married a guy who was a Miko pronounced ME-KO. I liked the sound of it and kept it even after I divorced him.
MargoMiko  4/5/2017
I'm a young Peggy born in the 80s. I don't like my name, never really have. On my birth certificate it says Peggy not Margaret. I don't look like a pig nor do I look like or act like a pirate. I'm a beautiful Peggy. Most of my friends tell me they have aunt's or even great aunts with the name Peggy. I have personally never met another Peggy that's my age. People remember me because of my name. It's always a good conversation starter or icebreaker.
Peggy82  12/31/2016
It looks like I'm in the minority here, but I like Peggy. I'm willing to admit that I may be slightly biased, however, since I personally knew and loved a Peggy Sue. I also know a Peggy Joy, and she's very nice. Every Peggy I've ever known is lovely. You seldom hear this name on little girls these days, and it would be refreshing to encounter among the sea of Madysyns and Teighlours.
Ruta Graveolens  9/15/2016
In English there are so much interesting nicknames. Peggy is one of them because it is so different from Margaret and it's very original after all.
Jake Fax  7/17/2016
The name Peggy was given to 13 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
Peggy Schuyler was a daughter of Philip Schuyler, with Peggy being short for Margarita, and features as a character in the Broadway musical Hamilton.
Silverstarswept  4/16/2016
My official birth name is Peggy, not Margaret. Like the "Margaret" who hates the name Peggy because she was teased with that name as a child, I have a similar problem in reverse. When my parents put me in a catholic school the teacher immediately referred to me as Margaret and there were 2 or 3 other Margarets already. When she refused to call me by my name I began to refuse to answer her. At 6 I already hated being called someone else's name. They did begin to call me by Peggy, but from grades 1-8 there are NO records of me ever going to grade school because they refused to change the records from Margaret.

To this day I HATE when people ask if my name isn't really Margaret (like I don't know my own legal name). I hate just as much when people call me Peg. What's so difficult about 5 little letters?
1020peggy  3/3/2016
Peggy (short for Margaret, which she's almost never called) Carter is a character in the marvel comics and movies. She's played by Haley Atwell in the films and starred in her own miniseries, Agent Carter, in 2015.
badinlatin  4/20/2015
Peggy Cass (born Mary Margaret Cass) (1924-1999) was an American comedienne and actress.
Kosta  1/12/2015
She's rather obscure as a famous bearer, but Peggy was the name of one of the P-Pals, the animated PBS Kids mascots from 1993 to 1999.
Ruta Graveolens  10/9/2014
In the 19th century, when the name Margret first became popular, a group of scientists did a conductive study to determine if there were any similar traits between people with the same name. The study found that women with the name Margret were more likely to be obese than women with a different name. One Margret in particular was known as the fattest woman in the entire city of London. She became known as "Margret the Piggy". However, even then, people had the courtesy to not call her that to her face. Instead, they simply called her Peggy. And thus, the name spread throughout the earth and is still used for Margrets everywhere today.
piggypeggy  1/16/2014
Who can forget the adorable 1920's child star Baby Peggy, born Peggy-Jean Montgomery?
― Anonymous User  10/26/2011
Peggy is not a name that should make a comeback. My mom's real name is Peggy and when she was in school, she caught a lot of grief over her name. For one, everyone assumes that all people named Peggy are fat, old, and/or uneducated. Of course this isn't true, but unfortunately, that's how it is. (Grow up people)

Second, I don't know they got Peggy out of Margaret considering they sound nothing alike and only share two letters. That's like giving the nickname Fred to someone named George.

Third, people can't seem to spell Peggy correctly! It's one of the easiest names to spell.
GibsonGirl  8/21/2011
In the movie, Sybil, one of Sybil's many personalities was a nine-year-old girl named Peggy.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2011
Peggy Shippen, a colonial loyalist (Tory) during the American Revolution and the wife of Benedict Arnold. She was a factor in his Face Heel Turn.
Atarah Derek  6/5/2011
Can you say Piggy?
― Anonymous User  1/13/2011
Sounds like a Pirate name to me! Arghhh!
coolcatevan9  5/16/2010
For heaven's sake! No one's mentioned "Peggy Gordon", the folk song? I am SHOCKED!
hiya21  10/10/2009
Because the name was popular a long time ago, it seems like only older women have it nowadays. Therefore, I think it has an 'old lady' stigma.
asforoneday  9/12/2009
Very ugly. I always think of chickens (maybe because peg sounds slightly like peck) when I hear this name.
-Julia-  7/23/2009
Cute! This name is due for a comeback.
vomiting  3/13/2009
Peggy the piggy. This name sounds like a good name for a pig. It's a rather hideous old lady name which I can't imagine coming back for a long time.
bananarama  11/15/2008
Peggy is by far the most hideous nickname for Margaret possible. I don't even understand how people managed to get Peggy from Margaret - the only thing they have in common is the 'g' sound. Maybe I hate this name so much because being a Margaret I was teased with this nickname in grade school. Peggy should be banned as a name from the English language.
― Anonymous User  8/14/2008
I have always found this name very ugly. It makes me think of pecking and pigs. It also brings to mind an obese, middle-aged or old redneck wife.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
Peggy Hill is the wife of Hank Hill in the cartoon show King of the Hill.
jasmineenimsaj  3/21/2008
This name has grown on me, and now I really like it! It's old fashioned, in a good way, and spunky, too. I like it as a name on it's own, since Peggy would be kind of an obscure nickname for Margaret, I would think.
Georgia_kh  3/20/2008
When I hear this name I think of a little girl in the 50's, wearing mary-janes and pigtails.
myhopscotch  9/7/2007
I like the Gaelic spelling - Peigi - better than Peggy. I think it is a much prettier spelling.
― Anonymous User  6/13/2007
In medieval times, it was common to make pet forms of names by replacing the first letter of other pet forms. That's where we get Bob from Robert (Rob) and Dick from Richard (Rick). Meg is a pet form of Margaret. The M was replaced by a P, and the 'ie' sound added at the end. That's why Peggy's short for Margaret.
Spider from Mars  6/9/2007
I have a "step-grandma" named Peggy. And it isn't short for Margaret. It's just Peggy.
CharlieRob  5/5/2007
I can sort of see where Peggy would come from Meg, which certainly comes from Margaret. It's kinda hard to make the connections, though.
EdwardxBellaxJacob  2/3/2007
My sister was named for singer Peggy Lee in 1948.
p_pod  1/4/2007
My sister's given name was Peggy, but a neighbor insisted for years that her "real" name was Margaret.
p_pod  1/4/2007
I don't mind Peggy actually and I've always known it for a short form of Margaret not Meg.
seanh  12/18/2006
This sounds like a pirate's name and it reminds me of a piggy.
Taydbug112  12/15/2006
I don't like the name Peggy. It sounds like someone weak and reminds me of Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show.
― Anonymous User  7/5/2006
One of Loretta Lynn's twin daughters is named Peggy. (Her sister is Patsy).
elizabeth hamlet  6/2/2006
I've always known this is a nickname for Margaret but I've never known why. Where do they get Peggy from? :/
― Anonymous User  4/1/2006
Peggy Sue is a famous Buddy Holly song.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
Peggy Webster won the 2005 Youth National Championships in the 420 class, aided by Hannah Mills. She represented England at the ISAF Youth Worlds, coming 4th.
benisme  9/10/2005
It is such a popular name for me. I guess I know at least 3 Peggy's already.
Pandora  4/23/2005

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