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The pronunciation of Pele is actually not pronounced like PAY-lay or Pe-LAY or anything other than what follows. The name Pele is pronounced PEH-leh like pet without the t and let without the t. Emphasis is on the sound Pe, not le. [noted -ed]
Vrepit_Sah_Dude  6/18/2018
Pele is a very wonderful name and was created by a nice person and it has its own inner beauty that other people don't understand and it is not 'Peel' it is 'Pele' (PEL- LAY)
shem  5/6/2017
My name is Pele and it means different things everywhere you go and the pronunciation is almost always wrong unless your name is Pele or you know someone named Pele and they will often tell you. In Samoan it means Princess as it does in Tongan (my culture) the correct pronunciation is Peh-Leh (PEH like Pet without the 'T' and LEH like let without the 'T') and it's usually mispronounced. Most people with European backgrounds pronounce it PAY-Lay or PE-Lay or Pell-Ay, and most with a Pacific island background pronounce it right all the time. No hate, but it's generally just the way English language is - most words sound the way it's spelt, whereas in my culture vowels are spoken differently and aren't as obvious. I used to hate my name because no one could pronounce it right and whenever the teacher turned their head to the side it was always at my name but I've honestly grown to like how unique it is and how much honour I have with it (My great grandmothers name). I have so many nicknames and pronunciation doesn't bug me as much, but it seems nowadays people are more interested in asking me how to pronounce it properly which is much better than when I was a kid and everyone just called me Pell-ay or pay-lay and didn't even try to correct themselves (which is also why I hated my name) but yeah, in Brazil it could be pronounced Pell-ay or Pay-Lay but I guess it's how you pronounce vowels that make the difference.
Hellohellohello  3/8/2016
Pele means skin in Portuguese.
theadiragram  7/22/2011
You could also use this as a male name in honour of Brazilian football Pelé. His nickname is pronounced pe-LAY but English-speakers often say it PELL_ay, and it has no meaning in Brazilian Portuguese. In his autobiography he says that he has no idea how he got the nickname and neither do any of his friends.
keepitreal  1/27/2011
This name is ugly. It sounds like "peel", which will lead to teasing. It is also too heavily associated with the soccer player and the volcano in Martinique.
bananarama  9/23/2009
This name doesn't sound like "peel" at all. It's pronounced PAY-lay, long "a" sounds.
I think it's a very beautiful name. My godfather is Hawaiian, so I'm familiar with some Hawaiian names (like Leilani and Kalella, the latter not on this site as far as I know). This happens to be my favorite Hawaiian name.
erb816  11/12/2009
Was also the Goddess of destruction and creativity.
audreyhubley  8/29/2006
Pele is the name of a famous soccer player.
Master_Kirby  7/11/2006
Pele' is the name of the highest scoring, greatest soccer/football player in the world having made 1281 goals in 1360 games.

His full name is Edson Arantes Do Nascimento. His childhood nickname was "Dico."

Pele' or "Pel" was a childhood nickname, which he didn't like. In Hebrew Pele means miracle or wonder.

Pele' Began playing soccer in a Brazilian minor league at 16. He was the youngest to play in World Cup finals.
Pele' ranks #1 in career goals. 1, 280 in 1, 360 games
He also holds the world record for hat tricks. 92 in total.
Pele' was inducted into National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1999.
Nameofthegame  3/28/2011
Actually, the famous Soccer star is Pelé. He was the greatest Brazilian Soccer player of all time. Full name is Edison Arantes Do Nascimento.
Rockos_Modern_Life_1  7/5/2008
Pele is the stage name of a dancer in the excellent novel "Eden Burning" by Elizabeth Lowell.
Phoenix Flower  10/1/2005
It's pronounced pe-LAY.
Jenna R  8/5/2005
It's actually pronounced PAY-lay.
Aqua  11/21/2006
In Lithuanian the word "pele" means "mouse".
monie  3/22/2005

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