Also used in Spanish. There are 18.498 bearers of this name in Spain.

It first arose before 1920 and was most popular in the 1950s (source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística).
Petra Mede is a Swedish comedian who was the sole host of Eurovision 2013 and one of the two hosts of Eurovision 2016 (alongside Måns Zelmerlöw).
Very beautiful, classy name. Surprised it is not more used. Definitely would consider for a little girl.
This name is growing on me. Every time I see this name I always think of cherry blossom petals falling down on a hot, windy spring day.
Petra is also Bulgarian. The name day for Petra in Bulgaria is June 29.

Scripts: Петра (Bulgarian) [noted -ed]
I think it's a beautiful name, and it's different, so if I named a child Petra she'd be the only Petra at school. I loved having a unique name at school.
Also Corsican:
You'll find numerous bearers on social media.
Also occasionally used in Estonia:
Petra is beautiful! I don't really know why it's so uncommon.
I'm surprised that no one on this page has mentioned Petra from Minecraft: Story Mode! :)
My name is Petra, and I used to hate my name, but now I think it's quite pretty even though sooo many people call me petrafied = petrified so that gets annoying.
Petra is my name, and it gets quite annoying when people say petrified, but other than that I really like my name and think it sounds quite pretty.
Petra Ral is a character from a Japanese anime "Attack on Titan" that aired in 2013.
I love the name Petra! If I ever have a daughter I would definitely consider naming her Petra. I don't really know why but I think this name is super pretty. Also when my mom was little, she had a pet hamster named Hannah, and later on had me and named me Hannah. And when I was younger I happened to have a pet hamster named Petra. So I think it would be really cute if I continued this hamster tradition and named my daughter Petra.
Have a nice day everyone! :)
Petra Parker is a Marvel Comics character. She is a girl from another dimension and is the equivalent of Peter Parker. She fights crime under the alias: Spider-Girl.
Petra is a lovely name. It reminds me of rose gold because of Petra, the "rose city" in Jordan, because the stone there is the colour of rose gold.
Petra was used in 2016 in Italy for 118 newborns. If next year will born ten more babies at least it will reach the Top200 for newborns [ISTAT].
Petra is a strong name for a girl. To the people saying petrified, please.
PETRA SOLANO from the CW television series "Jane the Virgin" is a famous bearer of the name, and the first that comes to mind for me. She is played by Yael Grobgras and is part of the main cast.
I consider Petra a very unique name. It's not really my style, but I like its uniqueness and Cristian associations.
Petra is the name of a German speech synthesiser produced by Svox.
Petra Brohäll is a Swedish singer, member of an ensemble called Erato.
Petra is used also in Poland, but very rarely.
Makes me think of Petra from Attack on Titan.
Petra Stunt is a British-born heiress, model, fashion designer and socialite. Stunt was born in London as the younger daughter of Croatian former Armani model Slavica and English Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone. She has an older sister, Tamara Jane, and an older paternal half-sister, Deborah.
Also used in Serbia as the feminine version of name Petar.
Also used in Greek (Πέτρα) and in Bulgarian.
I didn't like it much as a little girl, but now I love it.
Hungarian pronunciation: PET-raw.
The name Petra was given to 174 girls born in the US in 2015.
The name is also used in Norway, and Iceland.
I love this name. Even though it's unusual and originates from a biblical name, it doesn't seem overly religious. It kind of reminds me of fish, simply because the brand name of my fish's food was Petra, but that's kind of a good thing considering I loved my fish. I also love swimming, so it's perfect!
My name is Petra. My name is very unique and nobody but one has my name in the big city I live in. I love my name even tho I go by Pj. I have never had trouble with anyone forgetting my name or face because I'm the only Petra in the school district here ;) I am named after my Great great grandmother in Mexico. I pronounce my name peh-truh but new teachers always say pet-er-uh -.- do any of you other Petra's get annoyed by similar names like petree or petla?
My name is Petra, and I have always liked my name. I think it sounds feminine, without being too soft. I seem to regularly get genuinely positive reactions to my name. My name is very uncommon where I live, and I quite like that. People often assume that either myself or my parents are originally from somewhere like Croatia (We aren't). I would recommend this name for someone looking for an unusual name for their baby.
The name is also rather common in Iceland.
I haven't read through all comments, but whoever said that Petra IS feminine for Petro is correct. And it DOES mean stone or rock...
This name is really cool. Not just the sound, but it's history- like Petra to me is unique and beautiful, also it matures with the girl. I remember first reading this name in the book Beauty Queens by Libra Bray and I really loved it automatically. Another reason is it's biblical, so really it connects with almost every culture because of that fact. This name is pretty cool to have, and it's so chic and modern and I can imagine a really pretty modern teen with this name.
The name Petra was given to 118 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
It's a pretty name, but the fact that it sounds like petrol makes it very nauseating.
I find the name Petra beautiful, the petrified thing doesn't bother me!
Petra + -fied = Petrafied = Petrified.
'Nough said.
I think Petra is very pretty, I like it a lot. Anyone of any age could wear it, and it would suit a girl with just about any personality, (a girly Dylan or a tomboyish Lucille doesn't seem right, but Petra could be either one). I generally see a very kind, friendly, cheerful and funny girl when I think of that name.
This is a lovely, underused name. Why isn't it common in the States?
There's also one name which is not very popular, but you all may like it - Petrana.
This is my name and I think anyone who names their daughter Petra is reviving cultural capital. I do however recommend that you fill out the birth certificate and related papers prior to going on any pain medication or getting too far into labor. Due to being too high on pain meds to write in on my birth certificate herself, my mother trusted my father to spell my name right. He signed Patera and now I'm cursed with the burden of telling this story every time someone catches the misspelling.
Petra is a beautiful name, similar in pronunciation the video-game name Tetra that I also love.
In a student-directed version of Romeo and Juliet, I was to play the part of a Peter, who was hastily changed to a Petra, so I've always felt a positive connection to this name.
Petra is feminine and strong at the same time, and is very pretty! And it's not at all common here in the U.S. A really nice name.
My friend's named this and she pronounces it PAY-truh. I guess her parents just wanted to break tradition. I prefer her pronunciation of it over PEH-truh.
Petra is a popular girls name in Croatia. [noted -ed]
Welsh-born actress Petra Davies (b. 1930), in her heyday a lovely brunette starring in many television plays, etc.
I just want to add that the name Petra is used in Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (in fact, it is a very common Croatian catholic name, also with the male version Petar). Its origin is from Greek form 'petros' that means rock or stone and the Latin version is 'Petra' or even 'petrus' where the meaning stays the same. My name is Petra. :)
Petra is the name of a character in "The Chrysalids" by John Windham.
Very homely. Very blah.
Beautiful name full up to the brim of history. A character in the well-known teen novel Chasing Vermeer is named Petra. She is the kind of person you would want a child to become.
I just want to add -fied on the end when I say it.

Much too harsh for me.
Petra means "rock, stone" in Greek. Also, Petra is an ancient city in Jordan - it is called that way because living spaces, along with tombs, are cut in the rocks.
I like this name. It sounds better than the "name" Peta. Regarding one of the above comments, what kind of name is Cleopetra?
I was going through a lot of names before my baby was born and my sister put a real downer on most of them, like I mentioned Petra ~ she said blue peter dog ~ another crossed of the list.
Petra Čumplová, Czech handball player (7th May 1973, Praha).
I love this name. It's obviously feminine, but it has a bit of bite to it that makes it seem strong. I also like its ties to the ancient world.

This is actually one of my pseudonyms - that's how much I love this name.
I absolutely love this name! If one is looking for a beautiful and unique name, I would definitely suggest this name. I can't believe it isn't used more in the US. The history behind it, I think, is awesome! It's also neat that it means rock, like Peter, which makes me think of solid rock-like faith. I'd love to bless a daughter with this name in the future. Hopefully it won't go up too much in popularity by then.
Also used in Scandinavia.
Famous bearers:
Actress Petra Martincová
Director Petra Všelichová
Actress Petra Nesvačilová
Model Petra Faltýnová
Tennis player Petra Cetkovská
Hair dresser Petra Měchurová
Actress Petra Jungmannová
Politician Petra Buzková
Petra Andalee from Blue Balliett's "Chasing Vermeer."
Famous bearer:
Model Petra Němcová ("Niem:tsaw-va"), born 24 June 1979, Karviná, Czechoslovakia.
Petra is not the feminine form of Peter. It's short for Cleopetra, my friend has that name and if you type in Petra in all the other websites the same thing will come up.
There's a tomboy character named Petra in Ender's Game written by Orson Scott Card.
One of best friends has this name. And I think that it is very, very pretty. And it totally suits her. I think that this is a very unique name and quite tasteful. She's the only person I know with that lovely name.
A very pretty uncommon name.
And yet more famous bearers: Petra Páchová and Petra Pudová (both of them Czech singers)
Czech famous bearer:
Petra Minářová - model.
The famous sculptor and typographer Eric Gill called his daughter Petra, ostensibly because of the name's association with stone.
I think Petra is a very pretty name. It reminds me of the ancient city in Jordan, which is entirely carved from stone. It's fitting that it's a feminine form of Peter which means "stone".
There's a Christian rock group called Petra.
Also the site of an ancient trade city in the middle east.
I always think of the character in the film "When Night is Falling".
Pronunciation - PEH-truh.

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