So I am a Philippa too, and I love the name partly because it is apt- I love horses, and partly because it has so many nicknames which I use as a barometer of how formal/ comfortable people are with me. I get called Philippa, Pippa, Pip, Philly, Filly, Phil, P. However I know that my name can cause problems in the Med. As Pippa sounds very close to 'Pippo' which apparently means 'blow job' in a lot of languages...hey ho! That is certainly an icebreaker...and especially fun as Philippa is quite a posh and formal name. My maiden name was Williams which shortens to Willi, so the combination of both names, and living in Rome, caused much mirth. So, it's a posh name, with a hidden clown side. Finally I kinda like that over the internet if I use Phil or Pip no one is sure if I am male or female which can be fun too!
My name is technically Philippa but I never get called that ever so my name is basically Pip and my nicknames are: Pippy and Philly. I don’t like being called Pippa it sounds like something you would call a small angry chihuahua no offence to anyone who goes by Pippa. I’ve never met another Philippa in my life and I like that it’s unique. Nicknames I can come up with for this name are: Pip, Pippy, Pippa, Phil, Philly, Phila, Lip, Lippy, and Illy.
Interesting and unusual. ;)
I LOVE this name. I know a “Phillippa” which I definitely prefer!
Very pretty name. Classy. Don't see many people with this name, especially in the US. Love the nicknames Pip and Pippa.
It's fabulous.
Philippa of Clarence (1355-1382), 5th Countess of Ulster in her own right. The only daughter of Lionel of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence and Elizabeth de Burgh, 4th Countess of Ulster. It is through the line of Philippa that the Yorkist branch of the Plantagenet dynasty claimed the throne of England.
Always liked the word 'lip' in this name- reminds me of lipstick and lip gloss, which makes it quite glamorous, considering that it's a feminine form of a male name. Philip and Philippa are both soft sounding, both in handsome and feminine ways.
FIL-i-pə in English, and fi-LIP-pa in Swedish.
Philippa is a gorgeous name. I like the nickname Pippa. The meaning is so adorable!
My name is Philippa. Nickname Pip. And, close family members, i.e. my grandad, can call me Pippa as my grandma did. I love my name. I also had it spelt wrong many a time. Also, the the name 'Philippa' means lover of horses. Which in my case is true and I actually have 2 horses.
Philippa Charlotte "Pippa" Middleton is an English socialite, author, columnist, and the younger sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The future Lady Glen Affric, Middleton began receiving media attention with her appearance as the maid of honour at her sister's wedding to Prince William in 2011, and has continued to do so for her charity work and fashion.
Greek variant transcription of Filippa (Φιλιππα)
My name is Philippa and it is commonly mispelt 'Phillipa'. Nicknames can be used like - Pippa, Pippy, Pip... I don't think like a girl in the slightest, so my friends call me Phil, which is obviously more masculine. Which I prefer.
The name Philippa was given to 61 girls born in the US in 2015.
My friend named her twin daughters Philippa and Georgina, it just seem gorgeous to me because they make such a good sib-set! Sounds very elegant and unique, she gets a lot of compliments on their names!
Our beautiful daughter is called Philippa with the nickname Pippa. Her middle name is Jane. So she could be Philippa Jane, PJ, Pippa... options for her growing up. It wasn't my first choice of name for her - she didn't suit my first choice! I love it. Not many Philippa's and it has class.
My sister is called Philippa, she hates being called Pippa. We call her Phil or Philly Cheesecake (I know its weird, but it's a family thing).
One of my fictional characters, Philippa, goes by the nickname Filly. That seems like it should be a common nickname, since they both refer to horses.
I love Philippa, nickname Pippa. I love the medieval vibe (thinking of Philippa of Hainault) and Pippa makes a cute nickname even if it means something rather naughty in Sweden, I believe!
I dislike Pippa as a name in its own right, though.
Philippa Margaret appeals to me as a combo - it's that medieval thing again.
As I've noted in a comment for the name Philip, in Australia Philip and Philippa are often - perhaps more often than not - spelled Phillip and Phillipa. I hate those spellings. I think the double L connection may be due to the fact that the First Fleet, which arrived in Australia in 1788 with troops and convicts aboard, was commanded by Captain Arthur Phillip, for whom Port Phillip Bay here is named.
Philippa Bevans was an English actress.
The name Philippa was given to 51 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Philippa (1430-1439) was the daughter of King Duarte of Portugal and his wife Eleonora.
Philippa (1394-1430) was the youngest daughter of King Henry IV of England and his wife Mary.
American actress Emily Procter has a daughter named Philippa Frances.
This is sweet, regal-sounding name due to its popularity during the Middle Ages because of Philippa of Hainualt, queen of England. I really do like this name, but I detest the nickname 'Pippa'.
Philippa Middleton is the sister of Kate Middleton who recently wed Prince William and became HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. I think it's a lovely name!
Philippa is such a gorgeous name with tons of history. Several members of the Medieval English royal family bore this name. (Eleanor was another common name, most likely due to Eleanor of Aquitaine.) It has long-extending roots, yet it's still practical today. I love it!
I used to think this name was just plain weird, but it's growing on me. The nickname Pippa is sooo adorable.
Philippa is regal and Pippa makes it spunky and fun - who needs Piper when these lovely names exist.
Philippa was also the daughter of King Arthur, in the legend, therefore a Pendragon, a queen twice then!
Personally, I think the spelling Filippa is more beautiful and feminine than Philippa.
My daughter's name is Philippa, with the stress usually placed on the second syllable. She's been called "Fifi" or "P. J." since she was very young, and prefers these to her given name. No one ever calls her Philippa.
My friend, Philippa, has a gorgeous name. Although she prefers Pip, everyone likes the name Philippa better.
In Germany, the name is pronounced "phi-LIP-pa".
Another common nickname is Pippa.
Great name! I think it's sweet but classy at the same time.
You know the good thing about this name is it's not too overused. Also I don't think this name has been on the popularity chart for ages. And another great thing about the name Philippa is it's not out of date and it's way better than Philip. It's also nicer to pronounce it like this: philAppa philia philia-pa. Just to add the "a" sound to it instead of philipp a. It also comes with great classy nicknames.
Philippa Gregory is a famous British writer of historical novels, for example "The Other Boleyn Girl".
Philippa is the right way to spell it. There are other ways like Phillipa or Phillippa.
I like the name Philippa, it's my name. I hate being called Phil.
I used to think this name was just plain ugly, but now it looks very, very beautiful.
Philippa was the wife of King Edward the III. Also my husband is related to her through her marriage to King Edward.
In Britain this is always stressed on the first syllable - PHIL-i-pah.
Philippa Boyens, screenwriter for The Lord of the Rings, is a famous bearer of this name.
The name Philippa in England is rarely if ever pronounced phi-LIPP-ah, it is more commonly pronounced PHIL-ipp-ah.

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