Okay, Phyllis is my name and while I don't think it's the prettiest name in the world, it's mine. So hate it all you want. But, what else would I be called? Shall I change it? There's a lot of names out there that I don't like and equate them to VD. Thanks.
PDahl  11/6/2019
I'm sorry but Phyllis is one of the ugliest names I've ever heard, on par with Gudrun. I can't think of any association to this name but syphilis. And the fact that this was Phyllis Schlafly's name. Just hideous.
Sostiver  4/15/2019
Known several with this name and they were all rather unpleasant, which made me dislike this ugly name even more than I already had.
bevfromchitown  12/29/2018
Wish I could say I liked this name because I've known two really nice women with this name. Unfortunately, I find it completely unattractive.
― Anonymous User  9/9/2018
Sounds old fashioned.
kayisforkeen  8/14/2018
Although unrelated, most people have usually used Phyllis as a feminine form of a similar sounding name, Philip.
DanielRivera  5/26/2018
I like this name, very different but classic.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2017
Only a child abuser would name his daughter sy-Phyllis...
angolmois  9/11/2016
My name is Phyllis and I agree it is not a pretty name, but at work I am like Cher- no one needs use my last name. I am Phyllis or Miss Phyllis. It is kind of neat, makes you feel special.
Jaspersagemorin  9/10/2016
This type of name sounds like it belongs to your eccentric, rich aunt. I wouldn't ever name my daughter this, but I have no problem with it. It's a fine name.
sydneyvail  8/21/2016
The name Phyllis was given to 22 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
An ugly, outdated name befitting misogynistic Catholic women like Phyllis Schlafly.
TyrannosaurusRegina  1/14/2016
I really like the name Phyllis (and Ms. Diller, lol! That laugh of hers! Magic.) I have to say, it's the most unusual and uncommon name in my family, belonging to an aunt. I sometimes wonder what prompted my dad's parents to select it.
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  6/7/2015
Too old fashioned for me, I can't imagine anyone liking this name, not to mention the way it is spelled, which is in my opinion, repulsive. For a man, I can see it as Fileppe (fill-EE-pay).
Antonio432  3/23/2015
I think this is a pretty name.
Ali Hassan  2/13/2015
I think the name Phyllis is absolutely beautiful, classy and so very unique. It sounds so soft and gentle. :) I only found about the name today! :O.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2015
I went from hating this name to adoring it after learning its meaning and association with Greek mythology. Weird how learning about a name can totally change your opinion about it.
Tiger Lilly  1/19/2015
This name is hideous. It sounds like the name of a 50s housewife with a bouffant who believes that women should remain in the kitchen and depend on their husbands. Phyllis Schlafly makes it even worse.
Lolth  4/12/2013
In some versions of the legend, Phyllis became a hazelnut tree (not an almond) which is why the nuts are called "filberts" today.
oceanchaos  5/24/2012
I think Phyllis or Phyliss is a fine name. It's not that bad. Although many people think it sounds like syphillis or something like that, it's fine. But it doesn't mean that I like it. This name reminds me of the old lady who pee in pispot and forgot how to spell her name. And if it used by a girl, it would be a sloppy girl that has many freckles in her face. Sorry, but that's my opinion.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2011
It's cute and unusual name and my auntie named this. It's a good name.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2011
Phyllis is the name of a country girl, or rustic maiden, in Virgil's third and fifth Eclogues.

Phyllis is also a character in the poem Colin Clouts Come Home Again, a pastoral poem by the poet Edmund Spenser. Spenser's poem has been called: "The greatest pastoral eclogue in the English language." Spenser presented the poem as a gift to Sir Walter Raleigh.

Phyllis was the name of a shepherdess who appeared in Gilbert's Iolanthe.

"Fair Phyllis I saw, Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone" is also an English madrigal by John Farmer, which was published in 1599. In Farmer's song, the singer describes a person who saw a young shepherdess sitting alone feeding her sheep near a mountain. The other shepherds did not know where she was at the time. Her lover, Amyntas, goes looking for her and wanders through the hills playing hide and seek. Eventually he finds her, and when he does, they kiss.

One version of the lyrics is as follows:

Fair Phyllis I saw sitting all alone
Feeding her flock near to the mountain side.
The shepherds knew not,
They knew not whither she was gone,
But after her lover Amyntas hurried.
Up and down he wandered
Whilst she was missing;
When he found her,
O then they fell a-kissing.

Amyntas is a Greek name which means "defender."

Philis schoone Herderin ('Phyllis, beautiful shepherdess') is the title of a musical score by composer Jacob Van Eyck. Van Eyck was a Dutch nobleman and musician who lived between 1590 and 1657. Jacob van Eyck's most famous composition was the Der Fluyten Lust-hof (The Flute's Garden of Delights, or The Flute's Pleasure Garden). Editions of this work appeared in 1644, 1646, 1649, 1654, and 1656. Der Fluyten Lust-hof is a very extensive collection of solo pieces for the soprano recorder. The pieces are varied and include folk songs, dance tunes, church works, Psalms, and songs of the day. They are considered challenging even for an experienced recorder player.

In the United States, the long-running newspaper comic strip, Gasoline Alley, debuted in 1918. The primary character of the newspaper strip was Walt Wallet. On February 14, 1921, Walt found a baby which had been left on his doorstep. The baby was named Skeezix. In the meantime, Walt made the acquaintance of a helpful neighbor, named Phyllis Blossom. In 1926, Walt married his neighbor, Phyllis Blossom and other children soon joined Skeezix in the Wallet family. Gasoline Alley was one of the few newspaper comic strips which showed the main characters aging in real time. For example, Skeezix grew up and served in the military during World War II. Phyllis Blossom Wallet cashed in her chips on April 26, 2004. Following her death, Walt and Skeezix discovered that Phyllis was the biological sister of Skeezix's biological mother. Skeezix's mother had asked her sister, Phyllis Blossom, to keep watch over her little boy, whom she had left on the doorstep of Phyllis's bachelor neighbor, Walt Wallet. So it had never been "by chance" that Phyllis Blossom had become acquainted with her bachelor neighbor, Walt Wallet!
LoisG  5/18/2011
The late beautiful R&B singer Phyllis Hyman was a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  5/1/2011
I think Philippa would be a more modern version of this name.
Dawson  1/22/2011
Phyllis Smith plays Phyllis Lapin Vance on the show "The Office."
Liesl  1/21/2011
One of the ugliest names I've ever heard.
Chrila96  12/7/2010
This name is ugly and makes me think of a horse. It also makes me think of anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly.
bananarama  9/19/2008
If you love the meaning of "Phyllis," but (like myself) don't care for how the name sounds, check out Phyllida.
erb816  8/22/2008
This name is too old fashioned for people to remember its meaning. I like the meaning because I love nature, but prior to learning this meaning I didn't like this name. It's too harsh sounding. Also, it sounds kinda like fill up.
KayeKiLa  8/20/2008
This name always sounded ugly and old-fashioned to me.
slight night shiver  5/2/2008
I really don't like this name: it always reminds me of "syphillis".
― Anonymous User  6/9/2007
Luangi  4/9/2007
I like this name. It is very unusual and pretty in its own way.
― Anonymous User  4/3/2007
A famous bearer was Phillis Wheatley, an African American poet who is credited with starting both the African American and Women's literary movements in the US.
Bethany  12/17/2006
Phyllis was the name of the youngest child in the "Railway Children" by E. Nesbit.
emeraldstar  6/29/2006
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor is the author of the beloved Alice series and other books like Jade Green, etc. She's a really great writer.
pei_yC  6/26/2006
Phyllis Diller almost single handedly destroyed the popularity of the name. With her fright wigs she gave the name a negative connotation even though she was a talented comedian.
macgregor  6/10/2006
Phyllis Diller is an actress/comedienne known for her many ex-husbands.
breakofday  12/16/2005

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