So beautiful ❤️. I love the meaning and history of the name.
Very strange name.
Pilar is also a Catalan name.
This name is not my favorite, don’t know why.
Pretty name. It doesn't sound specifically Spanish, like Ramona or Sonia, but is still very nice.
Funny name.
I like the meaning. However, this name is still kinda strange and it sounds like the Chinese word for prostitute.
Pilar Montserrat Lastra is a model and radio broadcaster. She was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for August 2004. She co-hosts Every Man's Fantasy on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio Channel 87.
Pilar Geijo is a Marathon swimmer from Argentina. She has won most of the world's greatest ultra-marathon swimming competitions: the 2010 Traversée Internationale du Lac Memphrémagog (34K event), the 2011 Maratona del Golfo Capri Napoli Marathon (36K), the 2010 16K FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix in Sumidero Canyon in Mexico, and the longest race in the world, the 88K Hernandarias-Parana FINA Grand Prix event (88K) in Argentina. She has also won the FINA Grand Prix circuit in 2010 and 2011.
Pilar Rahola is a Spanish journalist, writer, and former politician and MP.
Pilar Hidalgo-Lim was a Filipino educator and civic leader. She was married to Brig. General Vicente Lim, World War II hero.
Pilar Lastra is a model and radio broadcaster. She was the Playboy Playmate of the Month for August 2004. She co-hosts Every Man's Fantasy on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio Channel 87. Lastra was one of the models on the NBC game show, Deal or No Deal. When the show began, she held case #26 and then #8, but then she moved to case #14. In April 2006, Lastra and the other 25 models from Deal or No Deal were listed as a whole in People magazine's annual 100 Most Beautiful People. She also is working for Sirius Satellite Radio hosting The Playmate Hour on Playboy Radio (with Miriam Gonzalez who was Playmate of the Month for March, 2001), and she wrote one of the chapters of a serialized novel on the Sirius website (along with other Sirius talent) called Naked Came the Summer.
Pilar Elena Mazzetti Soler is a Peruvian doctor who was Minister of the Interior from 2006 to 2007, being the first woman in Peru to reach that title. She studied medicine in the National University of San Marcos, where she has been Professor for many years being loved and admired by generations of students. During Alejandro Toledo's presidency, she was Minister of Health, also being the first woman in that area. She became Interior Minister under Alan Garcia in 2006 and was scheduled to serve until 2011, but she resigned in 2007.
Pilar Rubio Fernández is a Spanish reporter and TV presenter. She became famous for covering events for the program Sé lo que hicisteis... for the television network La Sexta. From January 2010 to January 2013 she was linked to Telecinco, having hosted Operación Triunfo and ¡Más que baile!, besides of being the protagonist of the series Piratas, released in May 2011. Since 2014 she appears as colaborator in El Hormiguero.
Given to 68 girls in America in 2014.
Also a Portuguese name, noted by the increasing popularity there and the overall infrequency of the name in Portugal (the latter taken from
My name is Pilar and I think it is a awesome name Pilar Ailene sound lovely together and that's what my name is. When I was younger I went by Larlar.
Pilar is a beautiful name that I plan to name my first daughter.
María del Pilar Cuesta Acosta, a Spanish actress and singer. She was born on 27 May 1951 in Madrid (Ana Belén).
Pilar Mercedes Miró Romero (Madrid, 20 April 1940 – Madrid, 19 October 1997) was a Spanish screenwriter and film director. She directed TVE from 1986 to 1989, and in the 1990s, the weddings of the daughters of King Juan Carlos I.
The name Pilar was given to 78 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Beautiful name!
This is the name of a friend of mine. She's Portuguese. Her name suits her very much because she's really tall.
I read a book in which one of the characters was named Pilar (Dreaming in Cuban) and because of it, I could never use this name. Not that I liked it much to begin with, but the book is so weird and disturbing that I would never be able to use the name without thinking of the crazy things the women in the book did.
A pillar is a symbol of strength, someone you lean can on. I see someone named Pilar as being very trustworthy and dependable.
A famous bearer is Peruvian actress Pilar Pallette (born 1936). She was also the third wife of John Wayne.

Name of the Day - August 27, 2009.
Pilar is sort of a nice-sounding name, but since it's one letter short of actually being Pillar, and since I speak English, I'm not quite certain how or whether I'd use it.
I'm from Zaragoza, Spain, and Pilar is the most popular name here. I know, at least, 20 women named Pilar. The nickname is Pili.
My name is Pilar. I think this is a beautiful name, I am proud to be named that.
In Cien años de soledad/One Hundred Years of Solitude, Pilar Ternera is the long-lived friend to the Buendía family, tarot-reader, whore and brothel madam.
In Spain, you kick a stone and find six or seven Pilars. All too common, but it's receding. Not ugly, though.
Pilar Lopèz de Ayala is a Spanish actress.
While living in Spain I had a friend named Pilar. Her nickname was Pili (pee-lee).
Pilar is the name of a member of Las Ketchup. She is the blonde one in the music video, but they all dye their hair.
Name date: October 12.
It's pronounced PEE-lar.
Pronounced "pee-LAHYR" (rolling "r") with the stress placed on the second syllable, not the former. The first comment is incorrect.
I'm fairly certain that the stress is actually on the second syllable: pee-LAR.

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