Considering Peter Jackson made Merry and Pippin gay, this would be a quite unfortunate name for a little boy to have.
Merry and Pippin would be good twin names! (And you could let Merry be a girl -- or Pippin for that matter -- or both!)
I wouldn't recommend this, especially after the LOTR movies. Plus it sounds silly.
Pretty dumb and childish.
I think this is a lovely name or nickname. It's very catchy and simple.
I think that this would make a good girls name or nickname. It sounds like a cute, pretty girl. Love it!
My name is Pippin. Well, actually, it's not my legal name, but it's what I make everyone call me. I chose to make this my name for several reasons. Mostly I chose it because of Pippin from Lord of the Rings (I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan). But I also chose of it because of Pippin apples, and also, I read in the dictionary that "pippin" is an archaic word meaning a brilliant thing or idea. That meaning really applies to me. And I don't think that Pippin is just a boy's name. I'm a girl, and nobody I know who hasn't read Lord of the Rings thinks it's weird. I think it's somewhat feminine because a Pippin is a kind of apple, and most names that refer to fruit are feminine.
I love the name Pippin, but as a pet's name. :) My beloved Border Collie's name is Pippin.
Pippin is the full name of Pip, a British child in the show 'South Park'.
Pippin is the name of the dog from the children's TV show "Come Out Side".
One of the most lovable hobbits in Middle-Earth.

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