Porfirio Diaz was the controversial president/dictator of Mexico from 1876 to 1911. The entirety of that era in Mexican history is known as the "Porfiriato".
I like this name, but unfortunately it makes me think of Porphyria.
I don’t like it. It sounds and looks weird.
I really like this name, but I happen to like particularly weird-sounding or obscure names. I especially like color names. This one sounds kinda funny as a name but I do like it. It's dope.
I HATE this name. I fail to see myself ever warming up to it.
Porfirio Rubirosa Ariza (Born: January 22, 1909, Died: July 5, 1965) was a Dominican diplomat, race-car driver, and polo player.
The name has a nice sound, but reminds me too much of the medical disorder "porphyria".
Unlike other commenters, I think that this would make a fantastic first name. I'm not sure as to why someone by the name Porfirio would be subject to teasing.
I love it and it would be better as a middle name than a first name. Other than that, it makes me think of Porfirio Diaz and of little holes in rocks from when there are gas bubbles in them when they're forming (porphyry).
I adore Porfirio, but I could never use this on a human child, the poor kid would never hear the end of it. (Maybe as a middle?) He sounds so lovely and has such an artistic vibe! But never as a first name. :(
Ok, I'll admit to secretly liking this name, but no way would I name a child this. The poor soul would probably be bullied for the rest of his life!

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