Is "prim" a slang that I'm unaware of? Because "prim" means modest, decent, proper, demure... These are virtues! Primrose is a lovely fairy name. I wouldn't choose it, in part because of Hunger Games, but it's nice.
It’s quite a pretty name - if you wanted to name your daughter Posy, this would make a lovely full name for it. Personally I would shorten it to Rose or Rosie. The nickname Prim just makes me think of the word ‘prim’, which doesn’t mean anything great.
I see so many comments thinking it’s a shame that the name is now associated with the Hunger Games. Why? The Hunger Games trilogy is a thoughtful, powerful book over the dangers of an authoritarian government, tyranny, distracting the people through “entertainment”, the oppression of the poor by the rich, death, rebellion, etc. It’s really such a shame that so many have only seen the movies and place it in the same category as other young adult franchises (not that the movies are bad by any means, but the books are so much more powerful and thought-provoking. Really recommend reading them). The character that bears this name, Primrose Everdeen, younger sister of the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, is a timid, shy healer who loves animals and is saved from the fate of death when her sister volunteers in her place for the 74th Hunger Games, which is what kicks off the entire trilogy. Sadly, (SPOILER ALERT) she ends up dying anyways (blown up by a second round of bombs) while helping dying children struck by bombs sent by Alma Coin, District 13’s leader, in the final book, Mockingjay. I rather think it’s a powerful name for a powerful character.
Posy, Posie, Rose and Rosie could be nicknames. I was also thinking that Prose could be a quirky nickname as well.
Primrose Everdeen! Need I say more?
I really like this name, it's so gentle and sweet. Primroses are beautiful flowers as well.
I think it's alright. I most definitely wouldn't use it, if I'm being honest here.
I love it! Very sweet and calm!
The word itself is beautiful, but I don't like it as a girl's name.
I'm named Primrose, and much prefer Prim. Everyone who's commented previously that they hate the name, just know that I've taken it personally and am not a fan of you. I was born three years before the first Hunger Games book, too! Absolutely ahead of the curve.
Stunning, yet accessible and cute, too.
I hate the “Prim” bit in the name, it looks weird written down. Awful.
Sounds very posh, probably because I automatically recall the definition of “prim”.It’s a pretty name, nonetheless.
Such a beautiful name! One of my favourites for sure! Cute nickname too.
Primrose is an beautiful name! I like it more than any other rose name.
Peter Thomas Primrose is an Australian politician. He has been an Australian Labor Party member of the New South Wales Legislative Council since 1996 and was also the President of the Legislative Council. Mr Primrose was previously the Labor member for Camden in the Legislativ.
This name is so delicate and pretty. Prim as a nickname is so cute!
I usually like flower names, but not this one. It sounds pretentious.
Primrose Azelhart is the name of one of the 8 playable characters in the JRPG-inspired video game "Octopath Traveler", published by Square Enix in 2018.
This name is very petite and pretty and a good choice for a daughter if you like floral names that aren't too common but still classic. I felt so pleased when I suggested this name to my uncle for his expected daughter and he put it down as a top option :)
Primrose is my little sister's name. While she was born a year before the first Hunger Games book, most people assume she was named after the main character's sister, which annoys her to no end. It's a shame that it has grown to be so closely associated with the trilogy, since I think it a lovely name, that fits a quaint British girl perfectly.
Primrose is a gorgeous, exquisite name! I love it.
Primrose is stunning, one of my absolute favourite flower names. Primmy is a cute nickname.
Arrogant and doing too much.
The name Primrose was given to 50 girls born in the US in 2015.
I adore this name, it's a shame about Hunger Games. Although hopefully it won't become super common or trendy and will die down...
One of the prettiest combinations using Primrose that I've seen belonged to an Australian lady born in 1911, called Gwendoline Primrose Ogilvie. However, in the Ogilvie family the name Primrose had been used for boys since at least the mid-eighteenth century and was her father's middle name - in their case it was not meant in honour of the flower but in honour of the Primrose family, an eminent Scottish family to whom they were connected. It is the family name of the Earls of Rosebery and derives from their lands near Dunfermline - it's thought to originate in the Gaelic “prenn rhos” (meaning “tree of the moor”).
Two famous Australians have the name Primrose.
They are socialite and philanthropist Lady Potter (born Primrose Catherine Anderson-Stuart), widow of philanthropist Sir Ian Potter, and her daughter, socialite Primrose Dunlop, known as "Pitty Pat".
Primrose was the name of Sam Gamgee's fifth daughter and ninth child in the Lord of the Rings books.
I love this name. My husband and I named our daughter Primrose after the flower. It is a very unique name and we liked the fact that it was not common. However, after she was born the Hunger Games came out and we were horrified to learn about the character named Primrose in the novel. We are hoping that it does not become popular. As for shortening her name, we don't. Why name your child one name and call them by another?
Though it might be lame, I did not consider this name until I saw the Hunger Games trilogy. I immediately fell in love. Needless to say, my husband and I decided to name our second daughter Prim Elizabeth. My husband was not a fan of Primrose for reasons completely unknown. So Prim it was! When introducing our little beauty, we get a wide array of reactions. In my opinion, I love that my daughter has such a name that will allow her to stand out amongst the crowd. I do not agree that this name will make her snobbish. Being that she is almost a year now, I can see her personality sparkling through and our daughter is a very warm and loving child. Something about her even-keeled nature will make you melt. Her name suits her so well and I am delighted at the decision my husband and I made, even after being told that it was a horrible name. Our little Primmy is one of a kind and her name is just an added bonus!
It's a pretty name, I don't find it ugly, tacky or snobby. If it was, we wouldn't have named our daughter Primrose. She always gets complimented on it.
I think Primrose is an ugly, awful, terrible name.
Actually, I've changed my mind about the name Primrose! I don't find it ugly, I find this name so pretty! You never expect names that you originally dislike to grow on you! ^^
My daughter is Primrose Alice. It is beautiful and she has compliments for her name instead of bullies teasing her, even though she's in high school. We named her Primrose because where we live, there are always beautiful yellow and purple primroses in Febuary, and as a coincidence she was born in such month. She might have been a violet but we already know 2 and personally I think Primrose is a much more beautiful name. She usually goes as "Rose" or "Rosie" especially at school, and some people just call her by her middle name (but she is also known by her nickname at home!). It is a beautiful name and I love it.
This name is terrible: it's tacky and snobby.
This name wasn't so bad until Hunger Games came out. Now I'm seeing it all over baby name websites, and people are actually considering it for their daughters. Primrose is bound to lose its uniqueness soon.
My fiance's grandmother is named Primrose and she's a very elegant and well-spoken woman, very proper and she doesn't take any nonsense. If we ever have a daughter I would consider this for her middle name to honor her and I also think it's a very beautiful name but I feel it's a little too over the top to use as a first name.
Not a fan of this name. It sounds old-fashioned in a bad sort of way, and the "prim" sound only makes me think "prim and proper".
I think Primrose is tacky. Some flower names are ok, but this is not one of them.
Love this one. Sounds like a very cute little girl would have this name, and would fit for a lovely older lady also.
I will admit it's rather pretty, but it's also youthful and tacky. I'd stick to Rose on its own, if I were you.
No offense to anyone, but it reminds me of prime ribs=) I like the Rose part just not Prim.
I love this name. I think it ages gracefully. I can imagine a sweet, shy little girl and an old, kind lady with this name.
Primrose Everdeen is Katniss' little sister in the series "The Hunger Games."
I want to retract my earlier statement--this name is actually quite pretentious.
Because of the phrase "Primrose path", I never used to pay this name any mind. However, now I think it's classy and elegant *without* being pretentious. And honestly, of all the schoolyard bullying fodder there is out there, I'm not really sure if 'Primrose path' or 'prim & propper' would become taunts (a little complicated). High school might be different, though. Anyway, this might make a cool nickname, too.
Very formal.
A character in Susan Collin's "The Hunger Game", Primrose (or just Prim) is the younger sister of the heroine, Katniss. Prim is small, delicate and timid but is a natural at helping heal people and is clever and determined.
A very feminine name.
Primrose is a census-dedicated place on the Kenai peninsula of Alaska.
I prefer the French version: Primavere.
As a surname, Primrose belongs to William Primrose (1904-1982), a Scottish violist who is possibly the most well-known violist of all time.
I absolutey love this name, but I can't imagine it on an old lady. It sounds good as a middle name!
Primrose was a character in the television programme "The Darling Buds of May."
Like with most of the floral names a real "grounded" and pretty name. Snobbery and flowers don't mix for me.
As a weeny kid this was my favourite name. LOL. I think I watched too many princess films or something. Anyway, I think this is a terrible name now. Very snobby-old-lady-ish and unoriginal.
I love the name Primrose, it's very pretty. This is the name of the main character in Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge.
The Primrose, along with the Violet, are the flowers of February.

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