Really soulful. Honestly pretty.
Anyone who bears this name is very lucky. I would like it for myself!
Odd name.
I like this, it is cool and unique and it is too bad it will be associated with psychopaths, psych words, psychosis, which is likely why no one uses this. It would probably have more use without that.
It’s super cool but it’s relatively close to Psych/Psycho.
It’s a Greek name. It was used in a myth. Psyche got married to Eros (Cupid).
Nice for a character, but on a person? Heck no.
Totally bizarre name.
I've never heard this neame before and I think it sounds pretty! People might make fun of someone called Psyche and call her Psycho, though.
My name is actually Psyche since my mother is a psychologist, but even when I was young I knew what it meant and its original bearer, Greek mythology's Psyche. It kind of is a cool name but other people mispronounce it a lot. And it is kind of hard to think of other names that would go perfectly with it.
According to, "Psyche" is Ancient Greek for "Butterfly".
I used to just grin at this name and go "Haha, psych!", but looking back at the name and all that is associated with it, in a way it's almost ethereal. I wish I could say it sounds beautiful, but it also sounds grim.
This name is pretty and strange. I have never heard of this name before.
I am so interested in this name! It is pretty, exotic, and never really been used in America.
As this name means 'to breathe', it would be funny if someone named Psyche was asthmatic.
Pronounced "P:see-chai" - it's "ch" like German ch as in Bach.
Call me weird, but I like this name a lot! It sounds pretty in my opinion.
I think Psyche is one of the most beautiful names from Greek Mythology, along with Echo. Psyche is incredible, and with the meaning being soul, it is even better. Beyond lovely!
In Edgar Allan Poe's poem Ulalume, he is travelling through a gloomy, haunted land with a forest "Of cypress, with Psyche, my soul."
Pronounced SIE-kee. [noted -ed]
I think one of the highest compliments one can pay a daughter is to call her a name which means 'superhumanly beautiful'. The connection with the soul and the mind to me also implies a beauty which is more than superficial. It is also, my opinion, a lovely sounding name.
There are so many ways to tease someone with this name, but Psyche is such a cool name anyway!
"Psyche" is also the Greek word for butterfly.
C.S. Lewis's "Till We Have Faces" is a retelling of the myth of Psyche.
A, perhaps not so famous, bearer of the name 'Psyche' was a character in Traci Harding's book "The Tablet of Destinies", where she is portrayed as a Deva. She descended from her plane of awareness, the casual/fourth/middle plane, to aid Tory and Maelgwn in their quest to help the Nefilim back to their soul-source. She is the twin of Sacha.
In the Greek myth, Psyche was the most beautiful girl in the world envied by Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, who eventually decided to get rid off her competitor by making her fall in love with the ugliest creature in the world. She sent Eros (or Amor, or Cupid) to fulfill this task, but just when he was about to shoot one of an arrow of desperate love at her heart, he saw her beautiful face in the moonlight and fell instantly in love with her (or, in other versions of the myth, accidently fell on one of his own arrows). He started visiting her every night in the darkness, but never let her see his face so that she'd never know the true identity of her mystery lover. Psyche's sisters were jealous of her good luck, so they made her believe that her lover must be a terrible monster since he wouldn't let her see what he looked like. Thus Psyche, frightened by her sisters words, lit an oil lamp when Eros was asleep to see what he looked like only to discover that he was far too beautiful to be an ordinary mortal. Enchanted by his beauty, she accidently spilled a drop of hot oil on his skin which woke him up. Angered by her betrayal, Eros disappeared and never came to Psyche again. The devastated Psyche couldn't live without her love, so she set off to look for him and wandered aimlessly for months, until one day she arrived in front of Aphrodite. The Goddess promised to take her to Eros if Psyche did her a favour and delivered a box containing the secret of beauty to Persephone, the Goddess of the underworld. Psyche did as she was told and made a long journey to Hades. When she finally arrived, she found that travelling had made her look awfully weary, so, afraid that her old love Eros would not love her back if she was not as beautiful as she once was, she decided to peek inside Aphrodite's box. Unfortunately, Aphrodite had foreseen her action and taken the chance to get rid of her only rival once and for all. When Psyche opened the box and looked in, she did not find the secret of beauty - she found death, which took her life instantly. At this point Eros, who had secretly watched over Psyche's steps ever since they were parted, could not take it anymore and rescued her to Olympos, making her a Goddess - the Goddess of the Soul.

The story of Psyche is usually viewed as an allegory of life, in the way the ancient Greeks saw it. Psyche's life with Eros represents the blissful state before birth, Psyche's wanderings after Eros's departure is the rough life on earth, and her life after being reunited with her love is the afterworld. As a Goddess, Psyche is usually portraited as a girl with butterfly wings in works of art, beacuse the Greek associated the soul with a butterfly.

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