Pua is also a Maori and Samoan unisex given name; meaning "flower, offspring" in Maori and Samoan. And, Pua is also frequently used as a masculine given name in Hawaiian, Maori, and Samoan. A known fictional (male?) bearer of this name is Pua, a Hawaiian pig from the Disney film Moana. Two known real-life male bearers of this name are Pua Magasiva (a New Zealand actor of Samoan descent) and Pua Kealoha (an American swimmer of Native Hawaiian descent), both mentioned in the "Namesakes" section of this name. However, Pua is more common for females. So, I think that the "Usage" of this name should be updated to read, "Maori, Hawaiian, Samoan"; and the " Gender" of this name should be updated to read "Feminine & Masculine". [noted -ed]Sources: (I think?)
Pua is the name of Moana's pet pig in the upcoming Disney film Moana.

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