Fictional Characters from Books: 2 characters
Quentin Compson III   1929   The Sound and the Fury  
Terry Bellefleur (a.k.a. Quentin)   2001   The Southern Vampire Mysteries  
Fictional Characters from Television: 3 characters
Quentin Kelly   1993   Grace Under Fire  
Quentin Costa   2003   Nip/Tuck  
Terry Bellefleur (a.k.a. Quentin)   2008   True Blood  
Notable Artists: 1 painter
Quinten Massijs (a.k.a. Quentin)   c. 1466-1530  
Notable Athletes: 1 soccer
(soccer) Xavi Simons (a.k.a. Quentin)   2003-  
Notable Filmmakers: 1 director
Quentin Tarantino   1963-  
Notable Musicians: 1 musician
Norman "Fatboy Slim" Cook (a.k.a. Quentin)   1963-  
Saints: 1 saint
Saint Quentin   ?-287