Quirky and handsome.
Just straight hideous, I frigging hate this pompous name, sounds worse than Quincy.
This makes me think of Quentin Beck (Mysterio).
I normally don't like Q names, but this one is very nice. I've always had a soft spot for it.
Also Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
Low-key fugly. Reminds me of a balding, pudgy, middle aged accountant.
I don’t like it.
Quentin is the Christian name of the Beeman on Nevis, St Kitts & Nevis, West Indies/Caribbean.A wild and wonderful idea is to suggest a gathering of all people named Quentin on Nevis sometime during the winter of 2020/2021 (Quintin or other spelling of our name to be welcome too... of course!)
Quentin Beck is the name of SpiderMan villain Mysterio. He is portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in SpiderMan: Far from Home.
A cool name, but it had unfortunately been ruined from its association with hideous pervert troll-boy director Tarantino. It's a shame that one well-known scumbag can ruin an otherwise nice name.
It's alright, but always been more of an odd name to me. Probably because I haven't heard it that often.
The Best name is Quentin. It's very, very masculine.
A fantastic, strong, masculine name. :)
I've always joked that if I were to ever have a fifth child (highly unlikely), and it were a boy, his name would be Quentin as it means "fifth" (I say the same of an eighth child- I would name him/her Octavius/Octavia!). I do think of Quentin Tarantino with this name, but my first association is always of Quentin Blake, the illustrator of the children's author Roald Dahl's books since I loved his books as a kid. It's a cool name with a bit of a hipster-y vibe to me, and not many names start with "Q" so it's quite unique!
(Uncle) Quentin is the father of George (Georgina), and uncle of Julian, Dick, and Anne from Enid Blyton's The Famous Five books. He is a world famous scientist with a quick temper.
Quentin P is the psychopathic protagonist in "Zombie" by Joyce Carol Oates.
Our first female, yes female Governor-General here in Australia is called Quentin Bryce. Before this event I never thought it could be a female name! Another famous bearer is Quentin Crisp.
Quentin Claudian Stephen Bell (1910-96) was a painter, sculptor, potter and author.
The French pronunciation given is incorrect. The first syllable should be "kawn," not "kwawn." [noted -ed]
Quentin Jacobsen is the main character in the novel "Paper Towns" by John Green.
I hear it pronounced QUEN-tin and QUIN-tin. Cute name, my friend is named it. I call him Quen or Quent.
I fell in love with this name when I was about 6 years old; what a wonderful name for a boy, which also is great when he grows up and gets old. A very strong, macho, but also youthful and positive name.
Quentin Collins was my all time favorite character from Dark Shadows. He was a really good looking werewolf.
Quentin Collins was a really cute character on "Dark Shadows."
Quinn makes for a good nickname for Quentin.
Quentin with the nickname Quinn. Prince Quinn was a character in the novel "The Playful Prince" by Michelle M. Pillow.
Prince Quentin Kawananakoa is Prince of Hawaii.
The name Quintin and its variant Quentin were used historically by other name variants to name the fifth child or a child born during the fifth month. Basically anything with five. However back during Ancient Rome this name had popular variants. July was the fifth month of then. Now it is May. So Quentin has the meaning of Fifth. Also I heard it shares the meaning of The Queens Estate.
Quentin means "Fifth" not just the fifth child. In history Quintus and Quintilius were also used for a child born on the fifth month as well.
There was Saint Quentin.
Quentin derived from Ancient Roman Quintilius and Quintinus. I have also heard its English meaning is "From the Queens Estate."
Can anyone explain how Quentin could possibly mean 'The Queen's Estate', or even what 'The Queen's Estate' might mean: all her possessions? her home in the country?Even though two words, like Quentin and queen, happen to start with the same letters, they are not necessarily related. This is depressing. There are so many online dictionaries available. Oh well.
12 years late, but for the person asking how Quentin could mean "the queen's estate"... The English surname Quinton, which could easily be respelled as Quentin by some families (influenced by the given name, which indeed derives from Latin quīntus "fifth"), was originally a habitational name from any several places named with Old English cwēn "woman, wife - especially a king's wife, i.e. a queen" + tūn "homestead, manor [within an enclosure, such as a fence, moat, or walls]" (an extension of the earlier meaning "an enclosed piece of land - especially one belonging to an individual dwelling or garden"; the meaning later again expanded to "settlement, town [within or without an enclosure]"). Source: Dictionary of American Family Names (©2013, Oxford University Press) via, Wiktionary (Latin and Old English diacritics).
Quentin Roosevelt was the youngest, and by general consensus, the favourite son of President Theodore Roosevelt. Tragically he was killed at just 21 when the plane he was flying in WW1 was shot down.
Country singer Johnny Cash left a trademark singing to the prisoners of San Quentin Prison. The lyric goes "San Quentin, you've been livin' hell to me!"
In _The Sound and the Fury_ by William Faulkner, there are two characters named Quentin, one male and one female (the latter being named for the former).
Quentin Blake is a British cartoonist, known for illustrating the books by Roald Dahl.
A famous bearer is film director Quentin Tarantino.

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