This name is really nice, and very unusual. You could probably call her Quinnie as a nickname.
Why do you guys hate this name? At least they are grateful that they have such a beautiful name. Unlike you having a common name like "Sarah" Or "Emily".
Hideous. You guys are saying you like this, but would you pick this for your kid? Honestly?
I quite like this. It feels like a more elegant and feminine form of Quinn.
Very pretty and unique. :)
It's not a bad name. I've heard this name being used before, but the person I know that's got this name is always being called 'Quinny', and I dislike this nickname. Too cutesy, but Quintella's alright. :)
Why, this is a lovely name! Honeyrose is much more sickening than this, of course.
This is an absolute hideous name!

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