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My name is Rachelle and I love it, and my husband loves it. Like he said it, the most beautiful name I ever heard. He even said he will name our little girl Rachelle. There's nothing wrong with that name, people are stupid saying this name is dumb. I would rather have this name than have the same name as everyone else. It is played out already.
A very good friend of mine has this as a middle name. She’s an awesome person so that’s definitely left a good impression of the name on me. I think it’s lovely and very pretty too. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a daughter with Rachelle as a first name. Rachel’s nice as well.
I prefer Rachel. Rachelle looks like it's trying too hard and it seems a bit tacky.
I named my daughter Rachelle Emmilyn. I wanted a name that was hard to make fun of. Children can be so silly with making up ways to belittle each other. My Grandmother named herself- born on a farm 1 of 11 children she only had a last name on her birth certificate so when she wanted to become A WAC to help the war effort she had to name herself so she put two names together and Emmilyn was born. So I named my child after my brave and creative Grandmother. I love both names but the spelling I picked has given her a headache so she uses her Middle name now most of the time. I really should have used it as the first name.
Why are so many people obsessed with changing how they pronounce their own name? If your name already sounds fine when people say it out loud, then what's the point of any alternative? If your name is Rachelle then stick to the French one, and if it's Rachel, then stick to the English one, instead of confusing and torturing everyone you meet. Please don't think I'm being rude, I know some people might be teachers or speech therapists on this website, but all these pronunciation issues can still be quite annoying.
My name is Rachelle and I absolutely hate it. I don't think it sounds made up but it for sure sounds stupid. I'm quite embarrassed by my name when introducing myself. I love my nickname though, which is Chel. Please NEVER name your baby this! Thanks. :)

If you were considering naming your baby this with the intention of calling her a nickname, just stick with the nickname instead.
Why would you name your poor child this disgusting, over the top, trendy FAKE so called name? Oh that’s far beyond my mind! It reminds me of some teen mom with about a MILLION kids who lives in a trailer. The fact a parent would ever give their child this is MIND BOGGLING! MIND BOGGLING! I tell you! Oh and guess what? When poor little Rachelle grows up I bet she will get that strange look ”What were you thinking”? THIS HAS GOT TO BE ONE OF THE MOST UGLIEST NAMES OUT THERE!
An actor with this name is Rachelle Lefevre, known for staring in Twilight and Under the Dome.
The name Rachelle was given to 94 girls born in the US in 2015.
I got yelled at today for saying "Rah-shell" instead of "Ray-chel." I'm sorry, but if Rachelle is pronounced Ray-chel than Michelle should be pronounced Mee-chel. If your parents wanted your name to be Ray-chel, they should have named you Rachael, Rachel, or even Raychel.
My name is Rachelle pronounced Ray-Shell. I love my name and get a lot of compliments on my name. Many people mispronounce my name and call me Rachel or Rochelle. I like that my name is not so common so I rarely had to worry about someone having the same name in my class or at work etc. It is a lovely name and if you don't agree that is fine, we are all allowed to have our own opinions!
I hate the name Rachel, but Rachelle is bee-u-ti-FUL!
Eww! My name's Rachel, and this sounds horrible! If you want something different than Rachel, don't give your daughter this train wreck of a name! Grrr!
It sounds like the parents were trying to find a classy, sophisticated name, but ended up with a rather tacky one. In English, this name sounds more like the name of some lower middle class ditz.
Used in the novel "Speak" as Melinda's ex best friend. Rachelle's real name is Rachel, but she changes it for her European heritage.
Rachelle can also be French (pronounced Ra-shell).
I much prefer Rachelle to Rachel. It's much softer and prettier in my opinion.
Much more prettier than plain Rachel.
I know one Rachelle who pronounces it ray-CHELL. I quite like this pronunciation, and I think it makes it a refreshing change to the equally lovely but more common Rachel, RAY-chul.
I know of one person with this name Rachelle and she pronounces it Rachel.
"The O.C" actress Rachel Bilson bears this name. It was shortened for when she began in the entertainment industry.
The name will almost always be mis-pronounced as Rachel (Ray-chul) although I have encountered Rochelle, and even Michelle. (Michelle most often with the hard of hearing)
This name sounds best pronounced Ra-SHEL.

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