This is a wonderful name. It's powerful, and a lovely name for a girl to have. I especially love it as a middle.
I love it as a middle name.
I like it, it is nice and you can use Ray for short but spell it “Rai”.
If you name your kid Raine, you can call them Rae for short!
Raine is quite pretty and looks like a legitimate name, unlike Rain.
I wish I could kick myself! I named my daughter Raina, but Raine is better since it has a note of ambiguity- useful in job applications. Why didn't I see this? Changing the name is so complicated at this point. A thousand regrets.
There's someone I know who's called Raine for a nickname and her real name is Lorraine.
Raine is my middle name and I love it. I was named after my aunt whose name is Lauraine (as in Laurence) and although it's not my first name, I often go by Raine.
My name is Raine, I am 62 and as a child I wasn’t keen on it because all my friends had common names. However as an adult, and now unusual names are more common, I love it.
I love the name Rayne, it's beautiful for a little girl's middle name. My granddaughter, her middle name is Rayne and it fits her personality.
I like it, I kind of prefer it to Rena or Renee. It's more unique.
Also Yiddish.
Oh, such a pretty name! I like both Raine and Rayne for girls of course.
Such a pretty name for a girl. I love it! But I would spell it Rayne, and this seems more common these days.
Since it is from the word for Queen or a short form of a female name, I think this spelling is better for a girl.
I've always found Raine a gorgeous name! Elegant, classy, rare, natural but mysterious... hits all the right notes.
Pretty name! I love it!... I would spell it Rayne though.
Meaning "helpful friend".
Such a pretty female name! I like it better spelled as Rayne but there's not an option to comment on the name spelled that way.
I've seen it used for girls. Pretty and elegant feminine name. I do prefer the Rayne spelling though!
Nice name.. Used much more for girls, and that's how it should be. It's soft and feminine! Seems more commonly spelled Rayne these days and I prefer it spelled Rayne.
Raine is a pretty gorgeous name; I like it spelled thusly. At once hippie-ish and elegant. :)
I love this name for a girl! I do prefer it spelled Rayne though!
It seems to be spelled Rayne more often. Very nice, feminine name!
This is my middle name! It's very pretty, though I think it works better as a middle name because it's easily misspelled as "rain".
It just seems like such a stereotypical emo kid/goth name.
One lady I found online has a daughter named Rhiannon, nicknamed Raine.
I like to pronounce it as rain-EE, though in hindsight that would probably lead to a lot of weather-related teasing. Just thinks it sounds rather poetic that way.
A shortened form of Welsh 'Rhiannon'
Sometimes used as an informal title/nickname for those in a leader's position.
I like this name, but can you imagine how a kid with the name Raine would get teased?
Annoying. I hate misspelled nouns as names.
I love this name, but wouldn't use it as a first name because of the comments and jokes the kid would get. I'd use it at as middle name. This spelling is the best one, in my opinion.
I know this name is placed as feminine, but I have seen it as masculine three times.
Rayne is the title character of the Bloodrayne video games and films. She is a half vampire (dhamphir) who hunts vampires for the secret Brimstone Society.
This name is quite ugly and lame. And I can't help but think of Raine Spencer, aka "Acid Raine", the hated stepmother of the late Princess Diana.
The novelist Barbara Cartland named her only child (born 1929) Raine. That child, born Raine McCorquodale, became famous as an English High Society beauty and hostess - her first husband was the Earl of Dartmouth and her second Earl Spencer, father of Princess Diana.
This is such a cool name for someone a bit unconventional and edgy. It sounds like the name of a cool girl with a great taste in music, someone who has a bit of an indie look. It's not bad on grown women either. It's just that variations of this name seem to be really common as middle names for ghastly names like Heaven and Nevaeh. Not a middle name for me. It's already stale as such.
I love this name! It's such a pretty spelling of Rain or could also be used as a nickname for Lorraine.
Gender: Masculine and Feminine
Meaning: Wise Ruler
This is a much prettier spelling of Rain. Although I think I prefer Rayne, but all versions are nice. A BEAUTIFUL name.
Raine Sage was the name of one of the main characters in the video game "Tales of Symphonia".
Once on T.V., someone's name was "Raine Gottess", but when you pronounced it sounded like "Rain Goddess". Very nice!
This is my name, and I can recommend it to anyone, but be prepared for it to be mispronounced and for people to tell you jokes about the weather because I've been hearing them my entire life so far.
Raine for me, is God's Gift. A beautiful name for a girl with a beautiful face. When she smiles she just doesn't know how she takes my breath away. I hope GOD makes more people like her, because she's someone who can make a person feels good about life.
I like this name but I prefer the spelling Rayne.
Famous bearer is Raine Maida of the Grammy-winning Canadian band Our Lady Peace.
My nephew is named Raine. He is Native American and the name was found in a book of Native American names.

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