I think it’s very nice, I love the meaning. I like it for a boy as well but the concept of a goddess makes it more feminine obviously.
Rajani A. Bhisey (born 20 January 1941) is an Indian scientist. She specializes in the field of environmental carcinogenesis and molecular epidemiology of cancer, occupational hazards.
Rajani Thiranagama (née Rajasingham) (23 February 1954 – 21 September 1989) was a Tamil human rights activist and feminist who was assassinated by Tamil Tigers cadres after she criticised them for their atrocities. At the time of her assassination she was the head of the Department of Anatomy at the University of Jaffna and an active member of University Teachers for Human Rights, Jaffna branch of which she is one of the founding members.
Rajani Sharma is the main character in the 2013 film: 'Rosamunde Pilcher: Die versprochene braut'. Rajani is played by actress Collien Ulmen-Fernandes.
Also used by males. [noted -ed]
Pronounced "rah-yah-nee".
It is a very nice and cute name, this is a female name actually and parents like to name their girls this great name. It is a natural name.
This name is, to me, truly breathtaking and very beautiful.

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