I am named Raleigh and hated it until I turned about 21.
Raleigh_jones  12/23/2020
Love this name pronounced Rah-lee for a girl but it’s equally nice on a boy.
Would use this to name my first daughter or son.
― Anonymous User  11/16/2020
In modern times, this name can also be FEMININE due to the "leigh" at the end, making it UNISEX. [noted -ed]
This name is trending for GIRLS and was given to 170 girls over 89 boys in the USA in 2016.
LionB3  5/19/2020
It's okay, but not the most attractive name out there, and it makes me think of the city. I prefer it on a boy.
someone-  5/8/2020
My daughter's name is Raleigh but I pronounce it as Raylee. She has a lot of issues with being called everything from Riley to Rollie. It drives her nuts. I've even told her I can put in a request for a name change to switch the spelling up but she wants to keep it the way it is.
Vannahlee34  10/1/2019
Pronounced: RAL-ee

It may be derived from the capital of the US state of North Carolina which was named after English politician and explorer Sir Walter Raleigh. [noted -ed]
RHAWK3935  8/18/2019
Raleigh is the name of one of the love interests in the interactive story Platinum. You can choose their gender at the start of the game.
justpeachy  8/5/2019
Purely feminine as a given name.
RHAWK3935  6/13/2019
My name is Raleigh and I am girl! Most people cannot say it right. I do wish there were more people with the name Raleigh.
raleighismyname  12/20/2018
I had a dog with this name. But we called him Trolley because it rhymes with Raleigh, and because he was always happy and trolleys are cute and jolly.
Tatumarore  6/27/2018
The name Raleigh was given to 154 girls and 77 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
I was named Raleigh 21 years ago, and I pronounce it Rah-lee. My name has always stood out as different and often mispronounced (Riley, Rolly, Raylee, Rah-lay) but I think it has been a a perfect fit for my quiet and gentle personality. I also think it is a hard name to forget once you learn the correct pronunciation. I'm a male, but appreciate the unisex nature of the name and have enjoyed reading the comments on this site. I've never owned a Raleigh bike, or been to Raleigh, NC, but I plan on riding one there before my time is up on this earth.
_Raleigh_  3/5/2016
I think this is a cool middle name to give to a boy. If we end up having a boy, this is a middle name we would consider.
al84  12/24/2015
I was named Raleigh 79 Years ago as the fourth son of five boys
I pronounce my name as RAH-LEE, but I will say most people get it wrong. Often in London Riley, which I do not like at all
I am very proud of my first name and have always stood out in the crowd.
raleighz  12/2/2014
Raleigh Becket was one of the main characters in Pacific Rim, a 2013 sci-fi action movie.
badinlatin  6/22/2014
I really like this name! It makes me think of a polite and handsome man. I wish I could find more guys with this name, I don't even know any. I didn't know you could use this name for girls either.
UltimateTheZekrom  6/10/2014
It originated as a SURNAME (Walter Raleigh) and then became a PLACE NAME (Raleigh, NC). To say it is a "historical masculine name" is flat out wrong - it is a historical surname, which was found on BOTH genders. I don't know why all the names that originate out as surnames default to being "masculine names." I can understand some surnames, like Elliot, which have been so widely used as a boy first name that they do eventually evolve as "boy names," but Raleigh usage on both boys and girls has remained relatively obscure. It is a surname with a gender neutral meaning, so the origin is appropriate for usage on either a boy OR a girl. It is actually now used on more girls than boys now (check the SSA statistics).
― Anonymous User  5/7/2013
I love this name, and the fact that I just learned from this website that it apparently means "roe deer clearing" just makes me love it more, because a deer is my favorite animal. It's uncommon, fantastic, and unique, and aside from those qualities, I just love the sound of it. Fantastical choice!
StarMoon  4/29/2013
Oh my god people, it's a BOY name! You can't just make whatever historical masculine name you want into a trendy girl's name! Anyways, I always thought it was pronounced "rall-lee". I don't really like this as a name, but as a girl's name is just too much.
― Anonymous User  2/18/2013
I love this name. I prefer it on a girl, pronounced RAH-lee.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2012
I adore the name Raleigh. Although many people do mispronounce it! It is pronounced "rah-lee" and not "ray-lee". It is said just like the city Raleigh (the capital of North Carolina).
― Anonymous User  1/7/2011
I know a Raleigh (pronounced like "Rolly") who is male, in his 60's or early 70's . And I'm not sure if I know any girls named Raleigh (pronounced the same or as "Ray-lee") but I've heard of it as a girl's name too.

My opinion:
(Note, I'm a writer, aka a character-namer, not a baby-namer. :D)

As a male name I think it suggests someone mature, wise, perhaps wealthy, conservative, interested in business.

As a female name, I would say young (child or teen), interested in dance or something similar, unique but not strange (ie, not the same as all the Brittneys, Ashleys, etc, but not nerdy or "odd"), likely cute, blonde, nice, liked by adults.
carenrose  4/29/2010
Sounds absolutely androgynous. I prefer it for a male. Seems like the name of an intelligent guy with a good disposition.
Aureliano  2/24/2010
I always thought it was a girl's name. It sounds like Rae and Leigh. Very girly. I wouldn't name a boy this. A girl maybe.
Ranchie  1/2/2010
This could also be a name for a girl. I know a couple girls by this name.
blueeyesparkle  6/10/2009
My name is Natalie and I am a redhead. Raleigh seemed perfect for a girl name for any daughter of mine. It has the same amount of letters, both will be said with Lee at the end, and the name means in old English “red meadow”. Perfect for a (fingers crossed) red headed child.
natieanne  5/6/2009
Raleigh bikes are all I can think of when I hear/see this name.
Luangi  2/6/2009
Raleigh St Clair was a character in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums.
bellaumbrella  9/29/2008
I have a female friend named Raleigh. She pronounces it "RAY LEE". It's a strange name but it's grown on me. She always gets it pronounced "Rally". She hates that but I find it hilarious!
Dhom  9/14/2008
The common British pronunciation is RA-lay, the ra pronounced as in the word rather.
reniannen17  12/18/2007
The capital of North Carolina is called Raleigh. It is named for Sir Walter Raleigh, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I, who founded the colony of Roanoke, also known as the lost colony.
YMPvt  9/21/2007
I looks like Riley spelt the horrible Ryleigh way.
em_ily17  12/27/2006

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