Reminds me of rayon.
Not a fan!
Though it is a Bulgarian name, I feel the need to say that it has been used in at least one English speaking country, as it is the name of a neighbor's grandchild. It is a beautiful name that strikes me as being both strong and feminine in one go. Plus it's not like some names where they only fit a little girl rather than a grown woman. It also was the name of a character in the original Star Trek series. I believe the particular episode was "Requiem for Methuselah".
Rayna is a beautiful name for a girl, easy to grow up with and I like the nickname Raynie or Rainie.
A name that is not used in any of the English speaking countries now. A Bulgarian name - very old and rich with history.
Raina is definitely a Bulgarian name and examples supporting this are easily found in Bulgarian literarure (Under The Yoke by Ivan Vazov). Raina is commonly used in Bulgaria nowadays. The same certainly can't be claimed for England. The name Raina originaly arose from the word 'RAY' - in Bulgarian - paradise, heaven. Close to Raya - another emphatically Bulgarian name.

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