I love my name but I sometimes get angry when ppl write it "Rebecca", but it is fine.
This spelling gives a stronger appearance than "Rebecca". When I hear the name "Rebecca", it reminds me of a baby bunny. Not saying it's a bad spelling, but the spelling of Rebekah is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. Also, with this spelling, it is easier to see the nickname "Bekah" rather than "Becca" or "Becky". I have never been a HUGE fan of the name, but this spelling makes me like it. :)
Rebekah Harkness was an American philanthropist, artist, and heiress to the Standard Oil Co. Fortune.
This is such a cute and sweet spelling. I love this spelling.
Better than the traditional spelling 'Rebecca'.
I love this name. I go by Bekah but different people come up with nicknames for me (Bek, Bex, Bekah boo). I always get compliments on the unusual spelling and it looks great written down because of its symmetry. I think the spelling is stronger in comparison to Rebecca which is elegant and traditional.
Even worse than Rebecca.
I like this alternate spelling of Rebecca, although I slightly prefer that one.
Actually, I've changed my mind. I love both Rebekah and Rebecca.
I prefer Rebecca. I think it looks prettier.
I much prefer Rebekah over the other spelling.
I have always preferred this original spelling over the common Americanized Rebecca.
I have always loved this name.
My older sister's name. We call her Rivky.
My name is Rebekah, and someone told my mom the name means Bound to the Lord! I have loved that meaning and hope you love it too!
I think that people naming their child Rebecca are spelling the name wrong. Because the name is spelled or should be spelled like Rebekah, and that is the correct spelling.
I prefer this spelling to Rebecca. I saw somewhere that Rebekah could be nicknamed Ruby. Maybe a bit of a stretch, but I like the idea.
Rebekah is one of the original vampires in the TV series The Vampire Diaries. She also appears in the show's spin-off, The Originals.
My name is Rebekah and oddly, my nickname growing up has been "Kaye" because of the spelling. I like both names and feel like they compliment each other. As I grew older, only close friends and family would call me Kaye and so a new nickname had to given to me when I used Rebekah all the time. I started to call myself Becky/Beckybex which works for me. It sounds harder. Some people would prefer to call me Rebekah over Kaye when given the option, they say it suis me better. For a long while I felt like Kaye really suited me the best but now, I can't imagine myself being called anything else. Rebekah sounds common but my spelling is "different" according to a lot of people I encounter. I always get compliments on my spelling on how pretty it is. The K and the H makes the Rebekah sound and look significantly different from Rebecca. It also has more symmetry to it visually as the vowels are low and the consonants are tall and they alternate. I don't know, maybe I just love myself and my name too much but it's so pretty to me and I'm grateful to have this name. It means Beauty, Brains, and Brawn. How can you not be a proud bearer of this name? :P.
This spelling always reminds me of Hannukah. And it's more Hebrew looking, of course.
Rebecca itself is fine, but this one can be a nice alternative.
I prefer the spelling Rebekah to Rebecca because it seems a little more unique without being weird. Both spellings are in the Bible. Rebekah is in the Old Testament and Rebecca is in the New Testament, IIRC. It is a timeless, beautiful name.
Better than rebecca!
I like this a little better than Rebecca.
I have never meet a Rebekah before but it looks more pretty than Rebecca.
Here is additional information. Some people mistakenly think that "Rebekah" is the older Biblical spelling of the name, but that is not the case. "Rebecca" is the older of the two spellings. The ancient Latin Vulgate (compiled in the 4th Century A.D.) was the version of the Bible used within the church for centuries. The Latin Vulgate uses the spelling "Rebecca" exclusively. Centuries later, when the Bible was translated into English in the 1600s (King James Version), the spelling "Rebekah" was used in the Old Testament, but "Rebecca" was used in the New Testament (see Romans 9:10). So, the older Biblical spelling is "Rebecca," but both spellings are in the original English Bible. Here is a link to view the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible (alongside an English translation). On the page, verse Genesis 49:31 is shown. You can see for yourself that the older spelling is "Rebecca."
Regarding the usage and spelling of "Rebecca" vs. "Rebekah," there are some common misunderstandings.
Some people have said that the spelling "Rebekah" is the Biblical spelling and that "Rebecca" is a modern spelling. However, BOTH spellings are in the Bible. In the Old Testament (Genesis), the English translators spelled Isaac's wife as "Rebekah," and in the New Testament (see Romans 9:10), her name is spelled "Rebecca" (even in the original King James version). So both spellings are in the Bible. In America, the name (usually spelled "Rebecca") was fairly common among the Pilgrims from England and their descendants in the 1600s and 1700s. To clarify: The spellings "Rebekah" and "Rebecca" BOTH go all the way back to the original English Bible.
I prefer the shortened version, Bekah (I'm surprised it's not in the database). I have a friend with the name Rebekah and she hates it.
I love my name! My name is Rebekah Dawn & I think it fits me good since I have black-brown hair... I would recommend this name=)
My name is Rebekah and I really like it! I recommend this name, I think the spelling is prettier than Rebecca, and it is more unique spelled like that. You can also have many cute nicknames like, Bekah(mine:), Bek, Bekah Boo, (also Becky and Reba, but I don't like those).
My name is Rebekah, I love this name and I can't imagine any other name. The only down side is when people miss spell my name as REBECCA or REBECA. Or when someone calls me Becky:(
A Bekah or Beks but not a Becky. My name is not common with my age group so it's nice to be the only on at school with my name :)
A meaning of the name Rebekah is "faithful and steadfast".
I love this name, with this spelling. Don't really care for it spelled "Rebecca".
Not a fan of this name, but I like this spelling better than "Rebecca". It's less used and more unique.
I prefer this to Rebecca, it sounds more unique, more powerful, more majestic.
In all honesty, I hate "Rebecca," but I read Beka Cooper (Tamora Pierce) and I've fallen in love with the name "Rebekah." The spelling of it makes such a big difference. =D
This spelling is much prettier than the much overused "Rebecca."
Rebekah Cunningham is the name of a 1621 girl in a book from the Sisters In Time series.
Rebekah, though biblical, is really too kreatyv for me. I'm very traditional like that. And in the Old Testament anyway, Rivka was Rebecca (or Rebekah) not Rebekah/Rebecca. I don't know the New Testament way, though.
I love this name, it is my middle name, only when my parents named me they decided to spell it REBECKAH which I prefer. :)
I'm pretty sure the Biblical version I've always seen is Rebekah, but the original form of THAT I believe is Rivka.
Rebekah is my name and I love it. I think it's very uniuqe, and I only know 1 other person with this name. Also I think that Rebecca is pretty, too.
I have checked all of my bibles and all of them spell this name as Rebekah. My bible versions consist of the new King James version, the New Century version, and the English Standard version.
I was told by someone on the name facts message board that the name Rebekah/Rebecca in Hebrew is pronounced Rivka. That is a cool new spelling for this name. =P
One of the possible meanings of this name is captivating or enchanting.
I much prefer the spelling 'Rebekah' to 'Rebecca'. It is much more interesting and unique.
Rebekah has been on the top 1000 list since the 1950's. Its most popular was 1990's where it ranked 151.
Since this is my name and the spelling, I absolutely love it, I never liked it as a child, but I've come to appreciate it a lot more as I've grown older. Also, every meaning I've looked up said that it meant "bound, or tied" which I thought was odd, but if you go deeper with it, it really suits me.
I like Rebekah better than its variant Rebecca.
I love the name Rebekah. I would either use this spelling or the spelling Rebecca.
Actually, Rebecca was derived from Rebekah; not the other way around as commonly believed. Rebekah was Isaac's wife in the King James version of the bible. She was found standing at a well, and was the first woman seen by a member of Isaac's family, who was searching for a wife for him.
If you want to use the older Biblical spelling of the name, you will want to use "REBECCA" (not "Rebekah"). The spelling "REBECCA" was used in the ancient Latin Vulgate (Bible) from the 4th Century A.D. (Of course, Rebecca is also used in the New Testament of the King James Bible, Romans 9:10.)
Actually, Rebekah was first seen by the well by Isaac's father's servant, not an actual member of the family.
Rebecca is actually in the bible. Romans 9:10 (KJV) spells it as Rebecca not Rebekah.
In the version I, and everyone I know, uses (NIV), Romans 9:10 also spells it as Rebekah.
If you want to name your child REBECCA, but want to name your child biblically, then you're better off naming your kid REBEKAH. I have never seen a Bible with a character named REBECCA, only REBEKAH.

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