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Reon 1
2a. listed usages are verified
Gender Masculine
Usage English

Meaning & History

Not available.
Added 2/9/2015 by Sofia

Reon 2
Gender Masculine & Feminine
Scripts 獅, 獅王, 玲音, 伶音, 澪音, 蓮恩, 廉穏, 怜遠, 怜央, 令桜, 礼央夢, etc.(Japanese Kanji) れおん(Japanese Hiragana) レオン(Japanese Katakana)
Pronounced Pron. [ɾé̞.õ̞̀ɴ̀]  [key·simplify]

Meaning & History

Borrowed from Leon, as seen in the occasional usage of 獅 (or 獅子), on its own or as a first element kanji.
More often though, a re(i/n) kanji, like 玲 meaning "tinkling," 怜/伶 meaning "clever, smart," 澪 meaning "," 蓮 meaning "lotus," 廉 meaning "pure, upright; cheap," 令 meaning "command, order; good, fine" or 礼 meaning "thanks, gratitude; gift," combines with a kanji that can be read as on, such as 音 meaning "sound," 恩 meaning "favour, obligation," 穏 meaning "moderation," 遠 meaning "distant," 央 meaning "middle, centre," 桜 meaning "cherry (tree, blossom)" or 王 meaning "king, ruler." Alternatively, for the second element, an o kanji can be combined with a mu kanji, e.g. 夢 meaning "dream."

One female bearer of this name is glamour model, actress and tarento Reon Kadena (かでな れおん) (1986-).
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