No offense, but this sounds like the perfect name for an aggressive Pitbull or a psychopathic bodybuilder. It just doesn't sound very refined or intellectual. I can't imagine a middle aged gentleman with this name.
This name should be perfect for a human character not a dog in a story.
I chose the name Rex for my dog (He’s a Dashchund), and it suits him very well. I didn’t know that there were actually people named this, and that just seems wrong to me. But Rex is an awesome name for a dog so yes, definitely consider naming your pet this!
Good name, less common for dogs than Max, Jack, Or Sam.
Perfect for a dog!
Personally, I really like this name. I would only give it to a real person as a middle or a nickname, because it sounds like something one could easily grow up to hate.
“Rex” is also the name for describing the soft, curly hair of certain rabbits, cats, rats, horses, and dogs.
My son's nickname is “Rex”, short for Rexford. We, and everyone we know LOVE it. It’s a great, strong, punchy name.
I like it! A good alternative to King. If Regina is acceptable, I think this is too. The only things I don’t like about it are the x and the dinosaur association. Most names with x are tryendeey and yooneeq, but this one is different. As for the dinosaur association, it would be hard for me to give this as a first name to somebody because they’ll immediately go like “oh like Tyrannosaurus Rex?”, but I think I would be perfect as a middle name.
Only good for a pet. Not a human.
Dog's name.
Growing up, I never thought much about my name. I was never offended by the comments regarding my name... I said at least you are thinking about me - that ended it. I was told it was a dog's name by immature playground kids... but by high school the girls all loved it... and so did I. As an adult people always comment how much they like the name.. often asking if it is short for a longer version like Rexaford. No... Others will remind me it means King. The name has a power charisma with it. I love my name and am so glad my parents chose it. There aren't very many so if anyone needs you the last name isn't necessary, chances they only know one. But... in fun I've heard it all Sexy Rexy, Rex Tex (I'm from Texas), T-Rex, "Hi, Rex, Pyrex!" Rexter, SexRex but the most infamous use was when I said my name to the hostess at a restaurant and she wrote... "Wrecks"... I think it took me 20 minutes to gain consciousness. Those of us granted the privilege of bearing this regal name... LOVE IT! And we don't care how much others don't. Makes me laugh at them because they're the joke.
Good for your dog.
Why didn't they include Rex Tillerson in the list of namesakes? I think he should be included there.
Call me crazy, but I don't see this name on dogs at all. To me it sounds more like the name of an anthropomorphic dinosaur or lizard or other reptile.
My twin's name is Rex and mine is Duke (I don't know what our parents were thinking), but my name is more manageable than his... he says he doesn’t mind his name but says he would rather have something more “basic”.
Rex Dangervest was the main antagonist of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.
We had two dogs when we were children that were named Max and Rex. As it turned out my sister married a man named Max, not Maxwell or Maximilian, just Max. I don't plan to marry a man named Rex, but you never know. By the way, people name their pets and their kids the craziest things. Just because I know someone who named their cats Thomas and Tiffany doesn't mean those names are no longer appropriate for humans. I would prefer if people named their dogs Spot and Rover and their cats Fluffy and Muffy only because I can't imagine anyone naming a human child any of those names... but you never know.
Dog's name.
Rex is a cool name for a boy. As for girls, why?
My youngest brother is named Rex. I have never heard of a dog named Rex. There are dogs named Charlie and Henry too. No, he has never gotten teased because it rhythms with s-e-x. It is a great, uncommon name that is easy to spell and understand!
Rex means king, for a male and a ruler. I like it.
Typhoon Rex (1998) was a category 4 super typhoon that stayed at sea.
My last name is REX. Very simple and beautiful. Though often misspelled. Only for a dog... not so much.
Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon Mobil, an one of Trump's ship of fools.
Rex Tillerson, the 69th United States Secretary of State.
In my honest opinion, the name REX (Rexie) is a great name for a "bird hunting dog"... I have had two uplandbird hunting dogs that I named Rex and it worked out quite well:
REASONS:... Easy to yell (when necessary);. Depending on inflection, one can convey praise, displeasure or anger. It also just seems "to fit" a well trained hunting dog.
How many of you have actually met a dog named Rex? My son loves his name. He knows it means "King." He loves that we have signs that say "Tyrannosaurs Rex Xing" in his room. He was the only boy in preschool that could spell and write his name without help. It is a cool, strong name. He is doing TaeKwonDo so he does get the Rexkwondo a lot but he thinks it is great and laughs it off (we need to show him the movie) I am glad so many of you will not name your kid Rex, keeps it original, unique, and cool. Keep your Haydens, Kaydens, and Aydens, I wouldn't even name my dog that!
Sorry but the name Rex is in the word Anorexic... anoREXic.
Although I like the name I can't help but think it's the exact name a middle aged man who hates his job and life in general so he drinks too much bourbon and beats his wife and kids every day would have.
My nickname is Rex, my friend gave me that in middle school. I haven't found another one around using this name but already got loads of jokes from colleagues coming from EU for the famous Germany TV series and the hero dog. But I kind of quite like it for its cool and wise impression that it gave me, which is also an extension of my personality.
My name is Rex and I am a girl. Actually I'm a grown woman. All my life I've heard all the dog comments and frankly I don't care. I was named after my amazing father. I've always loved my name and people never forget your name once they find out. Not many of us female Rex's out there.
Rex is an awesome, handsome, unique, badass name! :D.
Generator Rex is an American animated TV series.
Rex is a lovely name, that fact can never change.
Love, Love, Love this name. It's: unique, strong, cool, individual, positive, upbeat, quirky, wise. On a boy this is the cutest and on a man seriously cool. If I ever have a son, he will be called Rex. Could never imagine calling my son something you wouldn't even think "oooh that's interesting/different" about, you are setting them up to conform, be average, don't be afraid to stand out people!
What a shame some people feel the need to refer to names as a "dogs name"! There are 1000000s of dogs, all with 1000s of names, including our poodle, James! Rex to me is strong, individual, different, fun and masculine. You only need to look at Fearne Cotton, of the most stylish, beautiful ladies around and know she chose the name Rex for her little boy. Love!
I know there have been men with the first name Rex (film critic Rex Reed, mystery writer Rex Stout), and I know it's Latin for "king." Nonetheless, like most people, I think of it primarily as a dog's name and would therefore never name a child that.
Rex "The Rexpert" De Jaager is a popular local Disc Jockey in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is the owner of Tidewater DJs.
The name is so flexible, one can create fun nonsensical words like "Rexcited" "Rexpert" "Rexel" "Rexist" "Rexic" "Rexon" "Rexam" just to list a few.
It's quirky, cool, strong & different. So much more interesting than the Johns & David's of the world, why are people so afraid to stand out from the norm?! Very cute for a baby and hot on a grown man.
There's a reason why names like John, David, and Thomas are so popular. They're classic. And I personally would highly respect someone who named their child john, David, or Thomas, especially today. In all honesty Rex isn't that bad of a name, but I have to say I probably wouldn't respect it as much as The aforementioned names. But it's still nice.
Rex is a strong but fun, very masculine, individual name. I can’t believe the ignorant comments about it sounding like a dog’s name! Get a grip…most people’s names can now be used for dogs- Archie, Jess, Lucy, Oliver, Emily- a few dogs names I’ve heard of far more common human names.. but funnily enough- not Rex!
People are so small minded and old fashioned its unbelievable. I love this name for a baby, boy and a man. Don’t be afraid to be different, there are more than enough Thomas, Johns and David’s in the world.
Max is fine for a person. Rex, however... Is not.
This is my name and I like it a lot. I'd say about the only downside for me is that people are constantly accidently calling my dog Rex, and half the time they don't even realize it. His name is Sarge so it's not even very close. Just a reaction since Rex is associated with a canine's name these days, I suppose.
I can't believe this is ranked #705 in the US... Did they get this one mixed up with popular dogs names or something?!
Somebody with this name would get rhyming jokes about sex.
"Rex Kramer" is a character name in Zucker films. Most famous for Robert Stack's performance of confidence and quintessential calm-nerved masculinity, Capt. Rex Kramer, from the film "Airplane!"
Sounds like the owner must be a dog instead of a human.
Captain Rex is a Clone Trooper who serves under Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
T. Rex, glam rock band from the early 70's, lead singer Marc Bolan. Famous songs include "Children of the Revolution" and "Cosmic Dancer."
Rex Raptor, a character from Yu-Gi-Oh. A dinosaur pun, obviously.
Rex Bell, the western actor. He was married to Clara Bow.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had planned to name the boy twin Rex but changed it to Knox, which may be a reference to Archibald Knox or Pitt's late grandfather.
Wasted on a dog.
Rex Racer is the older brother of Speed Racer in the new movie based on the anime of the same title.
Rex is my name and I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Call it a dog's name or whatever you may, nonetheless it is one that is uncommon and unique making it very hard to forget. The name Rex itself has been a social aid since kindergarden to this day. And only recently in the last of my high school years has this dawned on me. Long Live the Rexx.
Rex Gascoigne is a character in George Eliot's novel 'Daniel Deronda.'
Rex Hunt is a famous Australian television personality who hosts his own fishing program, and a former professional Australian rules football player.
I like it, Rex always reminds me of Mardi Gras, since Rex is considered "The King of Carnival".
I have a cousin named Rex. He is sometimes called 'T' as in the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex. I would personally never name a child Rex. It sounds more like a nickname or a name for a pet. Being called 'Dino' or 'T Rex' might get old, so consider thinking twice before naming a child this.
I simply don't like this name for a person. For a dog maybe, but not for someone. Makes me think of tyrannosaurus rex.
I disagree that Rex is suitable only for a dog. I think it's a very handsome name, and any boy would be lucky to receive the name Rex rather than Joshua, Justin, Michael, or Jacob, which are nice names but way overused.
This name belongs to a dog and a dog only.
I personally think this name is beautiful, shame about the connection with it being a dog's name.
The quarterback for the Chicago Bears is named Rex Grossman.
I think this name is interesting. I like it.
In the movie Napoleon Dynamite, there's a martial arts teacher named Rex. He is the inventor of "Rex-Kwon-Do." Ha ha. I wouldn't name my son Rex for this reason alone.
King Henry the Eighth used to sign his name Henrius Rex, or Henry the King. My parents were thinking of Rex for my little brother, I like it.
I love this name and would probably use it if it wasn't for the dog associations I assume people would make. Such a shame.
"Rex" is the name of the police dog from the Austrian series "Kommissar Rex".
Despite the negative reception of this name on the 'ratings,' I think this is one of the best names for a boy. It's simple and understated, yet still has a strong meaning and originality.
I always think of Rex as that green dinosaur on Toy Story 2, but that's just me...
Actor Rex Harrison is a famous bearer of the name. It's also a very popular name for dogs for many decades which has spoiled this beautiful name for me. There's a German TV series named "Komissar Rex" about a German Shepherd Dog.
Two famous Canadians with this name are Rex Murphy and Rex Goudie. Both men hail from Newfoundland, Canada.
Rex is Bree's husband on Desperate Housewives.
My husband’s name ("Rex") has meant "King" in Latin at least since the reign of Lucius Tarquinus Superbus in 509 BCE!

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