Rhonda Parker, is an actress known predominately for her uncredited, non speaking, recurring role as a character simply known as Rhonda throughout the final season of the classic 1960s British TV show The Avengers.
There is that Beach Boy's song "Help me, Rhonda".
Although this isn’t my favorite name, I like the meaning!
I started really loving my name Rhonda in my 30s. I just never ever really thought about it I guess. I've known one Ronda. I've also known two sets of twins named Rhonda and Wanda. I wish it would come back.
This may be a feminine form of Ron. It is also spelled Ronda. That might explain why it's a recent name. As people had fewer children and not necessarily any sons, they could name a daughter for her dad, Ron. Maybe at least sometimes that is the case for names like Leslie and Beverly that were also men's names at one time.
There was a girl named Rhonda who died in a car crash in the 1980s in my family. She was 17 years old, and it was very sad for my mom's side of the family. (I wasn't alive yet, I was born a while after) My grandmother Vivian (who I'm naming my daughter after her if my brother doesn't before me.) Maybe I'd use this as a middle name?
I was going to say in my last comment, my grandmother wants me to name my daughter after Rhonda. I guess I just forgot to type that...oops...
I love my name. Its different and I do not have to worry about being mixed up.
My name is Rhonda and I like it. It was used in Australia mostly from the mid-40s to the early 60s but my mother was surprised when I started school and there was another three Rhondas in my class. All the many Rhondas I have known, bar two, have been slim and blonde, bright and interesting. I like the balance of h and d in the name. If someone tried to call me Ronnie, I would politely say that this was the diminutive of Veronica. There was a series of insurance advertisements with a popular main character named Rhonda. I hoped that people would then know that there was an h in the name, but I often get Ronda - usually the U.S. spelling.
Rough name.
Better than Shonda.
I personally love this name. "Good spear" is a powerful meaning, although I do not think I'm sold on the meaning "noisy."
I personally dislike Rhonda because it is too similar to ronda the Italian word for "patrol, watch, sentries". I'm quite indifferent about a possible comeback. It could be possible but it would not be anything special.I much prefer Rhoda.
The stereotypes that this name provides aren't lost on me. It's remarkably easy to visualize a woman described to be overweight, unfortunate looking and experiences life primarily through a bitter and gruff exterior. When she does reveal a genuine smile, her failing teeth are stained with nicotine.
However, stereotypes are often just that as evidence of my cousin's wife who possesses none of these qualities. In fact, one can describe her as the mirror opposite of her name. Though despite her, I must confess that I'm not sold on the name, not because of the image woven into my mind but due to the name itself; its visual aspect and sound.
I agree with the people here who think Rhonda is a harsh, ugly, horrible name.
In 2018, 45 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Rhonda who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 272nd most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
My name is Rhonda and I find it to be a beautiful name! I have read a few different meanings of my name such as, River, Babbling Brook and also Noisy! I guess this means a Loud, Strong, Noisy River! Yes, every Rhonda that I have ever known has definitely had a strong personality and you feel their presence when they walk into a room! I have never met a Rhonda that was fat, ugly or unpleasant. This must have been started by someone that was not a Rhonda! The name has been around for centuries and we all know, you can always name your child anything you choose! It keeps it unique when it isn’t what’s popular at the moment! I love my name!
Not very pretty, sounds extremely harsh.
I hate this name with a passion. It is probably one of the ugliest girls names I can think of. It is neither elegant nor attractive. Not all girl's names have to sound feminine, but if I gave my daughter a masculine sounding name I would at least want it to sound bad*** (which Rhonda does not). Rhonda would fit a rhinoceros or a bitter, 50+ year old divorced woman living in a trailer park pretty well though.
Big Rhonda is a character on That '70s Show. She dated Fez for a while.
Hello, my name is "Rhonda". If I may, I would like to share my experience of 50 years with this amusing name. 1) I cringe when the song comes on, now I sing it as "Help the Rhonda!" 2) I grew up disappointed because I couldn't find a tag with my name.. then I found out I was almost an Edwina (thank you Aunt Alda!). 3) I learned that it is a beach bunny's name, I live next to BEECH ISLAND- no beach for 2 hours around. 4) I wondered why getting a date was a bit confusing, then a fella enlightened me that "Girls named Rhonda are crazy". 5) I once read the meaning to be "babbling Brook", people who know me would certainly agree that's most applicable and I must add I've been called a lot worse. I've had the opportunity to thank my Aunt who suggested the name over "Winni" and most importantly, it has been, so far, quite an adventure being a "Rhonda".
I hate this name but only because I'm Hungarian and in my language "ronda" pronounced the same way as Rhonda means beastly.
The name Rhonda was given to 18 girls born in the US in 2015.
For some reason when I hear the name "Rhonda" I think of a slightly overweight woman in her late 50's who drinks and smokes a lot and who dresses like she works in the red light district. No offense to anyone, this is just what comes to my mind!
Rhonda Bell Thomley Martin (1907-1957) was an American serial killer. She confessed to poisoning two husbands and three children. She denied killing two other children.
Brad Walst's wife (Bassist of Three Days Grace)
Diana Ross has a daughter named Rhonda, born in 1971.
Actually it's been in use since at least 1844 in the UK, when it was given to someone in Essex.
For some reason this name reminds me of an overweight girl, that's friendly, cheery and dark haired.
This is my mother's name, it fits her so well, and it's truly beautiful except I don't like the way it reminds me of the name Ronald, which I hate.
I'm a bit skeptical of the idea that Rhondda, either in terms of the place name or the particular feminist, was an influence on this name, because since the very beginning the spelling "Rhonda" has been the one used for girls, and "Rhondda" has been practically non-existent. If the name was originally intended to honor a place or person named Rhondda, surely some of the early examples of women with the name would have that spelling. :)
There is a character from the cartoon TV series, Hey Arnold! called Rhonda Wellington Lloyd.
All the ladies I have met with this name have been very wonderful and outgoing. A good name. =)
Rhonda Fleming (born Marilyn Louis), stunningly beautiful American actress. Possibly the original Rhonda.
Well, as a Rhonda, I love it. I don't hear of a lot of people named that and maybe that's why I like it so much. As far as kids picking on it when I was little, the only one anyone could come up with was Rhonda-Honda. Big deal. And my nickname is Ronnie. Not too bad. Hope this changes some minds about naming someone in a new generation. Call her Rhonda!
I love the song and the name! It's spunky and sweet and all-around cool. I had been listening to "Help Me, Rhonda" in the car on my way to the store, was humming it as I shopped, went to the cash register with it still in my head where, lo and behold, the clerk was a beautiful young girl named Ronda! I thought it was the weirdest coincidence, I had to tell her, "I was just listening to a song with your name." and she smiled and said, "I hear it every year on my birthday."
I love the name Rhonda. I think it's a nice name, but i'd hate to be called Ron for short. Because then people might wonder if their full name is Veronica. And I like when names are out of style or different. I was the only Tara in my grade and elementary school and it was really cool. I would never name my kid a popular name.
On the 80's sitcom ALF Rhonda was the name of Alf's girlfriend from Melmac.
Let the great tune by The Beach Boys "Help Me Rhonda" bring it back in style!
I think this name is totally cool. I wish it wasn't so out of style.
I once read in a very popular baby name book, 10,000 Names For Babies, Rhonda means "powerful river". I like that meaning better.
"10,000 Names for Baby" may be popular, but it's wholly inaccurate when it comes to the meaning of this name. "Powerful river" is a completely false meaning, as far as I can tell from my research. Most books and sites that have the word "baby" in their title can't be trusted. It's sad, but true.

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