This name can also be MASCULINE as a variant of ROMAIN influenced by JERMAINE, making it UNISEX.
In the USA, 16 boys and 0 girls were named ROMAINE in 2001.
In the UK, 9 boys were also named ROMAINE in 2012 and 2013.

A notable MASCULINE name is a footballer, Romaine Sawyers.

Romaine Theodore Sawyers (born 2 November 1991) is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Premier League club West Bromwich Albion and for the Nevisian national team.

A West Bromwich Albion academy graduate, he had brief spells on loan at Port Vale, Shrewsbury Town and Walsall. He signed with Walsall in July 2013, following his release from West Brom. He played on the losing side in the 2015 final of the Football League Trophy. He was named in League One's PFA Team of the Year for his performances in the 2015–16 season. He joined Brentford in July 2016 and went on to serve as club captain before he returned to West Bromwich Albion for an undisclosed fee in July 2019. He helped the club to win promotion out of the Championship at the end of the 2019–20 season and was also named in the PFA Team of the Year. [noted -ed]
Teddy01  9/10/2020
Romaine lettuce?
wh0sbad  7/9/2019
I like it. The lettuce thing isn't terrible, just annoying. But if Agave or Honey works, why not?
― Anonymous User  12/3/2017
Said as Row-maine
At least that's how my Great-Uncle Romaine's name was said. Could also be spelled as Romain or as Romane, I like Romaine best (:
― Anonymous User  9/1/2016
If you pronounce it differently, maybe Raw-mae-nh, it would be fine. Better for girls than boys,
Eileen1209864  5/7/2016
Romain (however spelled) has always been a males name to both me and my family.
My mom had an uncle named Romaine. The name just seems masculine- not remotely feminine.
― Anonymous User  11/19/2014
Not given in france. Romain (for boys) is widespread, but not it's female version).
luxsword  4/28/2014
Romaine Brooks (1874-1970) was an American painter.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2012
I think Romaine is very beautiful. It's a pity it makes people think of salad.
Caprice  9/22/2010
I can't hear this name without thinking of a salad. Sorry.
erb816  7/29/2010
I guess you could use "Romy" as a nickname, which would be cute, but I don't think it would make up for being named after a leafy green vegetable.
elizabeth hamlet  3/11/2010
One word: lettuce.
― Anonymous User  2/24/2009
Also a popular type of lettuce.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2007
What a cool name! It's very sexy and beautiful.
― Anonymous User  10/23/2006

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