Very pretty. I also like Roselia.
Adorable! It gives off the same energy as a violin, and I have no clue why.
I have heard of it as Rose AL ee ah.
Also Provençal: --- Source: Institut d'Estudis Occitans
This is so pretty.
This name was also used among the German minority in Bessarabia (and by far more common than Rosalie):
If you don’t mind the fact that there’s a Pokemon with almost the same name (Roselia) then go for it. Personally I think it’s plenty nice enough.
Also Sardinian:
The IPA pronunciation is /ˈli:.a/. [noted -ed]
Beautiful, underappreciated name.
So, so beautiful.
Rosalia de Catargena is the name of the rival character in the Japanese video game series Angelique.
Rosalia is an absolutely gorgeous name, and not common. It reminds me of that poor girl with the fictional disease named after her in Trauma Team, but I still like it! Definitely one of my favourites!
Rosalia is awful. I don't like the way it sounds, plus it's boring and annoying. I hate it.
I've seen this spelt "Roselia" and pronounced Ro-say-lee-uh or Ro-zay-lee-uh.
My daughter's name is Rosalia, pronounced "Rose-ale-ya", and named after my great aunt who also pronounced it that way. Her nickname is Rose.
My Coworker is named Rosalia. First time I heard this name. I think it's okay.
I've heard it pronounced Rose-ale-ya, which is said more as one syllable than three. Maybe it's just the Americanization, I'm not sure. I think it's a pretty name, but I'm not overly fond of Rosa Leah either. I'm not a big fan of the name Leah anyway, perhaps it's because of the bad connotation from the bible, I don't know.
I love roses, my favorite flower, but can't seem to bring myself to use any of the name variations. Every time I try to use it for a character I usually wind up changing the name.
This name is commonly used in the Netherlands: in 2010, there were 2935 bearers (of all ages) in the entire country. The height of the name's popularity was in 1880 (roughly 63 births) and 1947 (roughly 60 births). The name's popularity has been in decline since about the mid-1960s, probably in favour of the name Rosalie.

For more information, see here:
Rosalia "Rose" Rossellini is a character in Atlus' Trauma Center: Trauma Team video game for the Nintendo Wii.
The name Rosalia was given to 98 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
So pretty! I think some people unfortunately would end up saying "roz-AH-lia, which seems quite dragged out and ugly when compared to "roz-a-LEE-a".
This is a BEAUTIFUL name! However, if you're fluent in Italian, you'll notice that Rosalia is extremely similar to "Rosolia," which means Rubella. This is probably why Rosalia is underused in Italy; it's not a nice connotation. Too bad, because it's a gorgeous name :(
If you don't speak Italian, then this name will be more appealing to you.
The Spanish form is Rosalía. [noted -ed]
A variant form is the Latin American Spanish Rosaelia (Rosaelia Sepulveda is a famous bearer). Pronounced Row-SAY-lee-ah.
The Italian pronunciation is roh-zah-LEE-ah. [noted -ed]
Actually Rosalia is not generically Sicilian, but specific of the city of Palermo, where it is traditional and still quite common. It is rare in other areas of Italy.
Rosalia is a character of Pietro Germi's film "Divorce Italian style", Ferdinando's (Marcello Mastroianni) ugly and unbearable wife.
Such a lovely name.
I like it pronounced Roz-ALL-ee-ah not Roza-Lee-Uh.
Because I don't like the nicknames Rosa and Leah.
I really do love this name!
Due to Saint Rosalia, this name is very common in Sicily. It's quite a beautiful name.
Such a beautiful name!
It is very fancy, but I like it, sounds so beautiful like a flower. This is my aunt's name, and I like it very much, way better than these modern names.
Slovak pronunciation is "Raw-zah-lya".
I adore this name. It's quite funny. I chose this name for a character in my story without knowing it was a real name. I really do adore it!
Rosalia is also the Slovak form. Name Day: 4th September.
As you see, my username is Rosalia. That's my name, and I love it. I was named after my grandmother. Rosalia is a Sicilian saint that had a story. I'll tell you that story.

Before Rosalia was a saint, she was a princess in the 12th century of Palermo, Sicily of Italy. Rosalia was very much in love with God. At an age, she had an arranged marriage. She didn't want to marry the man, though. She told her parents that she would run away with God to a cave. Of natural causes, she died.

In the 17th-century, the plague went around. One day, a hunter had a vision of her. He found her, and then the plague stopped.

So that's the story of Santa Rosalia. I hoped you enjoyed it!
Beautiful, underused name. I recently chose it as my Confirmation name. (Since my family is from the Palermo area)
"Rosalia" could have a nameday on Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter) is the day of flowers and willows (the names of the other trees also have a nameday). The Bulgarian variant of "Rosalia" is "Rozaliya". "Rozaliya" has a nameday on Palm Sunday.
This is a lovely name.
In Spain also the name Rosalía is used, in honor of the patron saint of the Sicilian city of Palermo. From 1273 Sicily belonged to the crown of Aragón, and from ca. 1500 to 1713 it belonged to the Spanish monarchy of Austrias. For that reason the relationship with Spain always was very close. In addition, one of the most excellent poetesses of Hispanic Literature, born in Santiago de Compostela, has the name: Rosalía de Castro.

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