I really like this name, but I prefer the spelling Rosaleigh. The "leigh" ending has personal significance to me.
It could be another Rosalie's pet name is Rosie, Rosy, Sallie, and Sally.
Rosalie is a lovely name. I absolutely love it. ❤️❤️.
I love the name Rosalie. It’s so soft, romantic and French sounding. Such a beautiful timeless name that can grow with the child. I want to name my future daughter Rosalie.
The name Rosalie features pretty heavily in the Chalet School series of children's books, which is how I discovered it. I like the books a lot, but really don't like the name Rosalie somehow. I don't know why.
It’s a very pretty name which sounds really refined.
This is a nice name. It's just getting too popular.
In my opinion, Rosalie and Natalie would make cute twin names!
I think this name sounds pretty. It's one of my favorites. I think it works nicely from baby to adulthood. Cutesy, but not too cutesy.
When I was in middle school, I had a stage where I "Made names my own" by giving them funky spellings. Rosalee, Karissa, and Delanie (Delaney) were my favorites. I still like Karissa.
This is my daughter's name. I live in Belgium and here the name is not too popular but not too common either. We are very happy we picked this name for our little one. It suits her perfectly. :-)
The submitted name “Rosalee” is a real name so I think it should be added to the website fully. [noted -ed]
I love this name it’s so girly with lots of nicknames like Rosa, Rosie, or if you make her name something like Rosalie Louise it could be Rosie Lou.
Pretty, but I prefer Rosalia.
I'm going to use this name for my future daughter (if any)! Nicknames can be Rosie, Rose, Rosa, Roro, Sallie and Rollie.
I love Rosalie! Well, I actually like almost all names that start with "Rose-", like Rosemary, Rosabella, Rosselle, Rosalind, Rossanna, Rosalía, Rosamund, etc. I find them all very elegant, feminine, and flattering, and it's great for any age. Hopefully these types of names start to gain a little more popularity, because I get the feeling that most parents see them as grandmother's names.
Rosalie is also Estonian. The name day for Rosalie in Estonia is May 4.
Better than Rose or Rosa.
A very sweet and pretty name!
Also Estonian: --- mention Rosalie
Dutch Pronunciation: ro-ZA-lee.
Gorgeous. I put this name along with Madeline.
Gorgeous name.
Up until very recently I wasn't a huge fan of Rosalie, but then I heard the song "Rosalie" by Jarrod Dickenson and it is now one of my favorite girl names. It has a very soft, sweet, French, feminine, elegant, and romantic sound which I really like. Sure it's kind of an old Lady-ish name as well, but every old Lady was a Child once so I don't see why that would be an issue.
I can picture this name on a female of any age. A happy little girl, an outgoing teenager, and a beautiful and elegant young lady. If I ever have a daughter some day I will definitely consider using it.
I kinda think it sounds bad when it's pronounced Rows-uh-lie but I adore it as Rawz-uh-lie.
British actress Rosalie Williams(1919-2009), perhaps best known for playing Mrs Hudson in the long-running (1984-94) British television "Sherlock Holmes" series starring Jeremy Brett in the title role.
Rosalie was a minor character on the The Sopranos. Sometimes they call her 'Ro' for short.
This is the prettiest name. My own name is Rosalyn but recently I took into consideration how pretty the name Rosalie was. It sounds so soft. I imagine a person who has this name as being really sweet-tempered and gentle. And it's not used so much. I haven't ever known anyone with this name surprisingly. It is beautiful. :)
I think that Rosalie has a lovely elegant and vintage vibe. I like it pronounced both in French and English. The first time I heard it was in the Twilight Saga. I don't think it is a bad association, nor a problem. Rosalie has been used far before the Saga and will be used by the next generation that probably will not have so many ties with these books. I mean that Twilight is actually only one of the hundreds of book series that exist.
In 2018, 72 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Rosalie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 885th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
This name is the epitome of retro beauty. I am really happy that it's becoming popular for girls again. I also like Rosemary, Rosabel, Rosalind, Rosamond, and Rosaline. Rose and Rosa are nice, too. I hate Roseanne, though.
One of my younger sister's names is Rosalie Luna. I think it’s perfect for her. When she was younger, we always called her “Rosie”, but now it’s an elegant name that she can use for a long time coming. So far, she hasn’t run into any girls her age with the same name as her. It was my parents' dream to give all their children a unique name in the hope that it would individualize them.
That’s my daughters name too!
EvannaLilly64, wow, that combo is so beautiful!
I love Rosalie as a name. It's so beautiful.
When I googled my name Rosalie Booth, I found that John Wilkes Booth had a sister named Rosalie. She was a sickly woman and never married.
Rosalie Ulrika Olivecrona, née Roos, was a Swedish feminist activist and writer. She is one of the three great pioneers of the organized women's rights movement in Sweden, alongside Fredrika Bremer and Sophie Adlersparre.
I think this name is so beautiful. There's a character with this name on a TV show called Grimm but she spells her name as Rosalee. I think I prefer the "ee" spelling over "ie". It looks better to me when written down.
My youngest (a one year old) daughter is named Rosalie, and it fits her so perfectly. Her full name is Rosalie Maeve, but for the most part we just call her Rosie. It has a class to it, but you can also go for the short, sweet, and quirky nickname of Rosie and that's just adorable to me. A woman can grow into Rosalie. It fits a little girl but can also be imagined on an older woman. I think it's a great name!
I have an almost 2 year old daughter called Rosalie. She really suits her name, she is beautiful and always smiling, she has 2 big brothers so she can also be quite feisty and sticks up for herself too, so she is definitely not very girlie, and it still suits her. I always get compliments on her name. Surprisingly no one ever asks if I got the name from Twilight! We sometimes call her Rose or Rosie as a nickname. My family love her name, especially my Mum who tells me off for shortening it! I haven't met any other little girls called Rosalie yet which surprises me. I love my little Rosalie.
I'm in love with this name. Especially when it goes with middle names like Vivienne or Violette.
There was a Rosalie on the TV show Family Ties. Rosalie committed suicide at 19. She was depressed. She was a friend of Mallory's.
Rosalie was the real given name of first-class Titanic passenger Ida Straus. (She went by her middle name.) She was the wife of Macy's co-owner Isidor Straus. She and her husband both died in the sinking.
I don't like it. It sounds old and way too sweet. But for some reason, I like Rosalia. Go figure.
I simply love this name!
I fell in love with the name after I heard a beautiful song called "Rosalie" by Jarrod Dickenson. It is a quite lovely song. If I have a daughter, I would love to name her Rosalie "Rose" Victoria, after all of the flower names in my family! It is really a wonderful name.♡
Joan Cusack's character in the film "School of Rock" was Rosalie Mullins.
Rosalee Calvert, an apothecary, is a major character in the TV series 'Grimm'.
This name is also commonly used in the Netherlands: it has been in use since at least 1880 (during which time it was still fairly uncommon), but it truly started to rise in popularity since 1976. See here:
[noted -ed]A known Dutch bearer of the name is Rosalie van Breemen (b. 1966), a former model, presenter and journalist: (in English)
The name Rosalie is beautiful, cute, sweet and SOOO pretty! I definitely see the appeal of this name. (:
The name doesn't remind me of Twilight, it reminds me of grace and beauty. It's been four years since twilight, and to be honest, I think Rosalie turned people off from the name because even though she is beautiful, she was described as having a bad attitude and super conceited. I think Rosalie is just an amazing name and it sounds refreshing, but I think middle names can be easy. I feel these are good combos, Rosalie Paige, Rosalie Avia, Rosalie Wren, Rosalie Gwen, Rosalie Corinne (even though it's long it just so classy to me), Rosalie Charlotte, Rosalie Scarlett, Rosalie Harper and my favorite Rosalie Winter it's just so poetic to me with that combo, so good luck.
My 18 month old's name is Rosalie, it's been a favorite of mine for years. It's got that elegant, sophisticated feel that is not commonly found in modern girls' names. My daughter looks exactly how I would imagine a girl named Rosalie to look: sandy blond hair, beautiful green eyes, always smiling. She is sometimes called Rose or Rosie, both very cute nicknames, in my opinion (I had been considering naming her Rose for a long time). Obviously it's gaining popularity but I don't think you'll run into very many Rosalie's in the near future. I would highly recommend this beautiful name to anyone looking for a vintage name that's not considered 'old ladyish' but isn't overly popular. I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on her name; I would love to meet another little girl named Rosalie and I think my daughter would as well!
Rosalie is also used in English, though I've mostly seen it on people of Catholic background. It's a really pretty name. [noted -ed]
Unique, pretty name.
I like the name Rose, but it's so overused, that's why I like Rosalie. I still get the Rose sound without being just plain old Rose.
There is a song called Rosalie. It was written by Bob Segar, and then Thin Lizzy covered the song. Thin Lizzy I think made it popular, because their version is WAY BETTER! It has that Rock a roll, sexy feel to it.
Maybe that's why some people think that Rosalie is an Irish name, because of Thin Lizzy. Funny thing is, only half of the band is Irish, Scott is American (his bday is on St. Pat's day lol) and Brian (R) is from Scotland. Only Phill and Brian (D) are Irish.
This name is very pretty.
I love this name, but I don't want everyone thinking I used it because of Twilight.
My husband and I named one of our daughters this in 2002, after his grandmothers, Roslyn (Rosalind?) and Rosemary, both of whom he was close to. We call her Rosie, and both her full name and nickname fit her beautifully!
Do not like this name. I like other "Rose" names such as "Rosella" and "Rosalind" much better.
My friend has this name, and I used to think it was nice, but then Twilight came along and ruined it for me.
This is a really cute name.
I love this name. It's less common than Rose and I think it's very pretty. However, I am annoyed that a lot of people associate it with a nasty character in Twilight. Still, I don't think of those books when I hear this beautiful name.
My name is spelt Rosalea, and its not on this site xD.
Rosalie is gorgeous! It reminds me of crimson roses and poetic beauty.
I have loved this name since I was a little girl. It's just adorable and "Rose" or "Rosie" are perfect nicknames!
Well-known British actress Rosalie Crutchley (1920-97). Rosalie Crutchley was a great actress, but I don't think even she would claim to be a great beauty - she took strong and sometimes slightly sinister parts, and the name Rosalie, being so pretty and feminine, didn't suit her at all!Rosalie is also a character in the British "Rupert Bear" stories.
I really love this name. I like how it is unique, but not too strange. Rosalie. Absolutely Beautiful!
The first time I had heard this name was in the Twilight books and I immediately fell in love with it. When I get older this is definitely one of the considerations in what I'd name my daughter.
I like the name Rosalie. It sounds really cute. :)
Rosalie is also used in Germany. [noted -ed]
It's somewhat boring. Not that great. I prefer Rosalia.
Rosalie Hale is the conceited vampire in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
I love this name. If I have a daughter I will strongly consider this name. Also, I love the other way that this name is pronounced with the Roz. Such a pretty name.
I've heard two different ways to pronounce Rosalie.Rose-a-lee
Author Irena Obermannová has a daughter Rosalie.
Czech actors Oldřich Vízner and Jana Šulcová have a daughter Rosalie Víznerová.
Rosalie Poe was the younger sister of Edgar Allan Poe.
Name Day celebrated 13th of March in Czechia.
I prefer the pronunciation "ROZ-a-lie" to "ros-a-LEE".
Czech actors Oldřich Vízner and Vendula Křížová have a daughter Rosalie Víznerová.
It's pretty, but all I can think of when I see this name is Cockney rhyming slang (Rosie lea = Tea) Sorry.
Czech pronunciation is "Raw-zah-li:ye".
I love this name. It is feminine and elegant but not girly at the same time. If I have a daughter I plan to name her this one day.
A bearer of this name would be the Rosalie in the books by Stephenie Meyer. (The Twilight Series)
Famous bearer is Czech actress Rosalie Kotyková.
Rosalie is also the Czech form. Name Day: 13th March.
Actor Tomáš Hanák has a daughter named Rosalie.
It´s also the Czech form.
Rosalie also came from a flower, ROSE.
Rosalia´s pet forms are Rose, Rosie, Lia, Rosaria, Rozárka.
Rosalie is an Irish familiar form of Rose. Traditional and classic. I love it. Rose and Rosie are great nicknames. Personal favorite combination: Rosalie May.
Rosalie is definitely not Irish. It doesn't sound Irish at all! Rosalie is purely a French name. The Irish form of Rose is Róis, coming from the Irish word "rós", meaning "rose". The familiar form is Róisín.
It's a very pretty name which sounds really refined.
Actors David Prachař and Linda Rybová have a daughter Rosalie Prachařová.
Singer Daniel and Mirjam Landa have also daughter Rosalie Landová.
Rosalie Hale is a character in Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
There is a movie, made in 1937, called "Rosalie." The IMDb plot summary: West Point cadet Dick Thorpe falls in love with a girl, who turns out to be a princess from an European kingdom.
Birth name of actress Andie MacDowell.
Is also a combination of Rose or Rosa and Leigh.

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