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Gender: Feminine

Usages: Italian (Rare), Spanish, Galician, Literature

Meaning: This given name is usually said to be derived from Latin rosa aurea meaning "golden rose". Some sources credit the Spanish playwright, writer and poet Pedro Calderón de la Barca (1600-1681) with inventing the name, as it was the name of a character in his play La vida es sueño ("Life is a dream") from 1635. However, it is possible that the given name predates his play and thus that he merely popularised the name, as the term rosa aurea has a strong link to Christianity and therefore prospective parents may have thought of using it for a feminine given name long before he wrote his play. In Latin American countries, the name Rosaura is also found as a compound name, which is not surprising, as combining existing names (often those of a child's parents or other important relatives) is part of the culture in these countries. In these cases, Rosaura is usually a combination of a given name starting with Ros- (such as Rosa and Rosario) with a given name ending in -aura (such as Isaura and Laura). Lastly, a known bearer of this name was the Mexican actress Rosaura Revueltas (1910-1996).

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