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Gender Masculine
Scripts 浪人, etc.(Japanese Kanji)
Pronounced Pron. ṘO:-NEEN  [key]
Other Forms FormsRonin, Rōnin

Meaning & History

This name can be used as 浪人 (rounin) meaning "drifter" or "wanderer", i.e. "he who drifts/wanders".
It is built from the kanji 浪 (rou) meaning "wandering, waves, billows, reckless, unrestrained" combined with 人 (nin) meaning "person". Other kanji combinations are possible.

During the feudal period of Japan, the word Rōnin (浪人) was used meaning a samurai without lord or master. A samurai became masterless from the death or fall of his master, or after the loss of his master's favor or privilege. Today the word is now used meaning a salaryman who is unemployed or a secondary school graduate who has not yet been admitted to university.

This name is rarely given to boys, if given at all.
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