Gender Masculine
Scripts Рюрик(Russian)

Meaning & History

Russian form of the Old Norse name Hrǿríkr. This was the name of a 9th-century Varangian ruler of Novgorod.

Related Names

Rootshróðr + ríkr
Other Languages & CulturesRoderic(Catalan) Roderick, Rod, Roddy(English) Rodrigue(French) Rodrigo, Roi(Galician) Hroderich(Germanic) Hroþireiks, Rudericus(Gothic) Rodrigo(Italian) Hrōþirīks(Old Germanic) Hrǿríkr, Hrœrekr(Old Norse) Rodrigo, Rui, Ruy(Portuguese) Rodrigo, Ruy(Spanish)
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Entry updated December 7, 2022