Ok not a perfect name. But isn't it better than Ovary (Avery)? I guess it is.
I know most of you won’t agree, but I love the name Ryker. The name is really cool! Perfect for a cute little boy. Better than Ryder.
Abhorrent, but there are definitely worse names.
I like this name. It sounds strong and clever. I's also a more classic alternative to Rider.
It's a hard sounding name.
Sounds ugly to say and is just horrible.
This was trendy about five years ago. Over it and actually dislike it now.
I mean this is just my opinion but I think it’s 10 times better than Ryder, it’s an okay name...
Ryker is the name of a legend. Ignore all these horrible comments. If you're named Ryker, you are destined for greatness. Much better than Nate, Dane, Byron, Britten, Ryder, and many more.
This is one of those names that I really like, I just can’t imagine naming my kid it.
What a horrible ugly...Ryker sounds like a deadly disease, and reminds me of diarrhea.

Overall, 0/10.
I can't imagine anyone over the age of 14 with this name.
Hahahaha! The only comments showing up are negative, so let this be the first positive comment! My friend's name is Ryker! I personally think it's a cool name for the dork that he is! :D.
Terrible, terrible name.
Is this even a human name? Sounds more like a name you'd give a dog.
Ryker is a villain in the "Dragons" TV series.
Just as bad as Ryder.
This is the worst name ever.
In 2018, 2 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Ryker who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 3, 485th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
A character from a science fiction book series (And recently made Netflix TV show) named Altered Carbon has the name Ryker.
Ryker's Island is one of the most notorious, high-security prisons in the United States. So uh...
Riker island.. not Ryker.
My name is Ryker and I'm a girl. I LOVE my name and honestly always have. Almost everyone I've ever met has complemented it. No, I'm not a tacky, trashy person. And neither is my mom. Thank you SO much for your sweet comments though! (that was sarcasm)
Horrible. Sounds incredibly tacky. Something someone really trashy would name their son.
I think the name Ryker is awesome, cute and modern! I LOVE this name! :D.
First thing I think of is Riker's Island (which is hardcore, even for a prison). So... yeah, that renders Ryker unusable as a name for me.
Can't get past the Rikers Island association, which effectively rules out any possibility of my liking this name.
Riker Lynch is an American singer and actor who is in the band R5 with his siblings and is also known for his role of Jeff in Glee.
I first encountered this as the name of a trashy young mother's baby, and I immediately hated it. It sounds so ugly, trendy, and fake. It's not a real name!
Ryker's Island is a PRISON in the U.S.
Not necessarily a good or bad thing, but this is the same pronunciation as Riker's Island, the main jail complex for New York city. My understanding is that the island was named for the original owner's of the island, whose last name was some form of Riker/Ryker.
My first thought is Commander William T. even if that Riker is spelt differently.

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