Happy and Sad would be good twin names.
It’s a little ironic how the meaning is happy but the name is so close to “Sad”.
Aww, don't be Sa'd. (Sad)
Do you mean "Sad" instead?
Sa’d ain’t Sad. It’s a happy name.
It’s weird how this name is close to “Sad” but it has a happy meaning! I like this name.
Am I the only one who finds the meaning of the name ironic?
I typed this in after learning that Happy is a name. Needless to say, I'm quite amused. The name is quite nice, if you live in an Arabic country.
It would be sad to name your child Sad.
It's pronounced SAHD/SAWD not SAD. SAAHHDD/SAWWDD! It's kind of like saying Sadie is pronounced SAD-DEE, I'm sure no one would want to name their kid SAD-DEE and it's actually spelled SAAD and again pronounced SAHD/SAWD.
If you want your child to be Sad, name them Sa'd.
This is not the same as naming your child Sad! It has a completely different meaning.

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