I understand it as a name because it means saint and is very Catholic, but in English speaking countries, as you can see from all the comments, it will be associated with Santa Claus, the fat old dude with all the coal and presents.
noisynora  12/22/2020
Like Santa Claus.
mina_sakura  12/11/2020
This name is an anagram of Satan. Holy crap.
― Anonymous User  9/27/2020
Santa may sound like a terrible idea in the English speaking countries but it is actually a rather common modern feminine name in Lithuania.
― Anonymous User  3/29/2020
I don't like it as a name unless it is paired with the name of a Saint, for example Santa Rosa, and that naming a kid Saint is conceited and what if the kid turns out to be an atheist or something? But if Santo (which is usually San) can be used, why not Santa?
― Anonymous User  9/6/2019
Ho Ho Ho!
PickleJuice  8/22/2019
This name is also Lithuanian and still rather common there.
Shaymin  2/9/2019
Tuna  12/8/2018
Santa is the feminine form of Santo -- a long-used Spanish first name for men.
I'd find it unusual to meet someone named Santa, male or female, unless a Punjabi (Sikh) male, where the name is actually fairly common.

I'm having trouble finding out the Punjabi etymology, though.

Anybody know?

Those languages of Latin origins obviously use it to mean Holy (technically means "distinctive," not necessarily of higher moral character.)
cyberpope67  12/16/2017
Santa Jeremy Ono is a Canadian-American biologist and university administrator. Serving as a faculty member of Emory University, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, and University College London, he made key contributions to the field of gene regulation in the immune system and to the understanding of inflammation in the eye. Ono served as the 28th President of the University of Cincinnati and is currently the 15th President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia.
lilolaf  7/28/2017
That would be a weird name.
lovehermionegranger  12/6/2016
Please don't use this name ever.
I can't see ANYONE saying "Hi, my name is Santa."
At all. Ever.
epicanna27  12/19/2015
Pairs up nicely with a lot of names, such as "Santa Maria", "Santa Jane", "Santa Louise", "Santa Anita"... When pronounced right, as it should be "Sahn-tah", it sort of draws attention away from the familiar "Santa Claus" character.
Stewie_Griffin  9/17/2011
Santa does actually work as a name in some places.
vomiting  12/28/2009
I wonder what it would be like for a girl with this name around Christmas time! I'd bet people will expect lots of presents from her, that's for sure!
nicole_10107  9/17/2009
Three words: Ho ho ho.
Likeyeahwhatev  2/1/2009
The jolly fat guy that gives you presents when you are good on Christmas is the only thing that comes to mind whenever I hear this name.
number1212  8/24/2008
This is just pointless, since I always think of Santa Claus.
bananarama  7/26/2008
Having this name in America would be hell. Having this name in Spanish-speaking countries or any countries where this means 'holy' would be hell. Even in Finland, this is an old word for 'sand', and would thus be hell to have. Whereever people know the word 'Santa' to have the meaning 'holy', this is going to be hell to have. So why use the ridiculous name?
slight night shiver  5/5/2008
While this is a lovely name I'm kind of put off it by the fact that Santa is an anagram of Satan. Shame really.
Luangi  5/31/2007
Santa WOULD be a nice name. But good old Saint Nick ruined it. (No offense, Santa.)
7up  2/6/2007
"Santa Claus is coming to town."
7up  1/21/2007
So many plays on words. Santa as in "Santa Maria!" or Santa as in ho, ho ho?
There are just too many jokes that could derive from this name. It's a shame really, it's actually a very pretty name.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2006
Santa Claus is the first Santa I thought of.
breakofday  12/16/2005

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