Sorry, but I don't really see Saturn as a name for a human. Sounds kind of... blank.
Unusual name, yet not ugly. Sounds attractive and sexy!
Speaking of which, Saturn will be aligned with Jupiter today. I much prefer Saturnina, but Saturn is decent.
My Top 10 list for nicknames in my opinion, it’s a nickname for a female.
Saturn is such a weird name, and it seems a bit clunky. The child will have a hard time being taken seriously.
In 2018, 6 girls were given this name.
Saturn and Jupiter actually sound like Satan and Lucifer! That would make a whole new planet, preferably Planet Devil!
Saturn is also the modern form of Saturnus in: Bosnian, Catalan, Croatian, Danish, German, Norwegian, Polish and Romanian.
This would sound ridiculous on a real person, but not as bad as Jupiter, Venus, or especially Uranus. Nevertheless, it still looks silly, considering it's the name of a car.
The equivalent of Saturn in Greek mythology is Kronos, also known as Cronos, the son of Ouranos and the father Zeus and his brothers and sisters.
It may seem like a cool idea, but when you think about the reaction other kids would have to it in school, well, it just doesn't seem worth the risk. This sounds more like a pseudonym for someone in showbiz, and a bad one at that. Planet names are weird on people.
I think Saturn is a pretty interesting name. It's not something I would name my child, but I can imagine it on a boy that does track.
This name is very unique, but nobody really names their child after a planet.
I should think they'd be naming their child after the god, not the planet.
There's a make of car called Saturn.

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