Scott Major is a famous youtuber (dangthatsalongname) and twitch streamer (smajor) who organises the Minecraft tournament MCC. He is also Scottish.
I used to hate the name Scott, but now I think it sounds mature and refined.
I really like this name, it's handsome. I can see this name on a girl for some reason.
"Latin Scoti meaning "Gaelic speaker"" --- "Scoti" did not mean "Gaelic speaker". The term was used to refer to the Gaels; the meaning of the word, however, is uncertain and still highly debated.
The British English pronunciation for this is incorrect. It should be "SKAHT", with the "o" in Scott pronounced as the one in "pot". Please fix this, thank you.
This name is the best. I love this name.
Better than Scot, yet I still despise this.
I hate this name! I much prefer Scot, even thought I hate both. They don't fit anyone, don't age well, and so on.
My name is Scott, and I live in Scotland. Which is excellent when speaking to someone online for the first time lol my parents weren't very imaginative.
All I can think of is Michael Scott. From The Office.
Don’t use if you're Scottish, lol.
LOL Inxpect.
In American English it is pronounced SCOHT but in British English it is pronounced SCOWT.
Scott Morrison is the current (as of January 2020) prime minister of Australia.
I always think of Scott Baio when I hear this name. I find the name to be attractive, solid and rugged. Scott is a classic, so it will never go out of style.
I actually love the name Scott. It's strong and masculine. I know several Scott's and all of them are decent and hardworking. Phonetically it has a lot of strength, and any name that ends with a double T is cool in my opinion.
I must admit that Scott is quite attractive as a first name, but I'm not going to use it because of Disick.
Where one 'anonymous' user stated:
'All the Scott's I've met were troublemakers. I have two Scott's in my family who are mean.'

Another: NiamhWitch commented
'I picture a Scott as being athletic, intelligent, and good at what he does, but doesn't have an inflated head.'

I am Jason Scott and I'm happy to admit I bear both traits, so firstly I have to agree with the first comment, I am a troublemaker, not the kind to create trouble that might end with someone getting hurt but the quick witted type that speaks my mind, honest, blunt and to the point and I can also be prone to winding people up. Just for my own amusement.
The second comment is tricky to admit to, based on the last line. But again honest, blunt and to the point wins that one in my opinion, the rest is pretty much bang on.

The name Scott derives from 'Scottus' which in the Middle Ages was the Latin term for "Irish or Gaelic", so the name means Irish-born Gael." "Scotti" was the name that the Romans called the Irish.
The spelling 'Scottus' has the authority in early manuscripts until perhaps the 11th century.
Occasionally also named 'Scottigena' ("Irish-born") in manuscripts.

Going slightly sideways now, my forename Jason in Hebrew means healer or one who heals, again I will help and have on many occasion helped many people fix whatever needed fixing without and often refusing payment in return.
I was also born 24th December the day before Jesus, as we all know that story is made up, and a lie.
I don't lie, I'm living, people can see me, therefore more believable than Jesus.
I am a Bench Joiner - Cabinet Maker (that's a Carpenter for anyone that might not know but I work with the metric system, more accuracy and also the best trouble making craftsman that, hopefully, I've been intelligent enough to end this without an inflated head. I take pride from these traits as I've been told by many, I just don't disagree.
I'm neither Scots or Irish, a little Welsh but mostly English.
An annoying jock/bro type name. Most Scotts I've known have been smart mouthed jerks. For some reason they seem to think they're better than other people too. They're not.
According to, there are 1,405 people in the U.S. named Scott Scott.
This is the whitest name ever.
A famous bearer is Scott McCall, the protagonist of the TV show, Teen Wolf.
Scotty is an awesome name for me. I love it! My boyfriend's name is Scott and I think it is one of the best male names. Love you Scotty.
In 2018, 39 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Scott who is registered male with the Social Security Administration. It is the 57th most common male first name for living U.S. citizens.
Scott Mills is a British Radio DJ.
Scott Beigel AKA Great American Hero... look it up. Just in case you’re too busy I’ll give you a synopsis. A man who turned tragedy into triumph and is responsible for defining the word Angel in relationship to our most precious institution; SCHOOL. May GOD bless his family and friends and always remember that precious are His saints in the eyes of THE LORD.
Scott Cawthon is the creator of Five Nights at Freddy's!
Scott Takeda is an American actor, filmmaker and photographer. His film roles include parts in Everything Must Go, Dallas Buyers Club and Gone Girl. Takeda was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, of Japanese descent. He earned a bachelor of science in journalism at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
Scott is pronounced SKOT in English with a short o (ɒ), a sound which is probably most easily explained as like the sound it makes in 'watch'. It is not pronounced SKOHT. That would rhyme with boat.
Scott M. Sassa is an American entertainment executive who has held a number of high-level executive positions in large entertainment companies. Sassa is currently Chairman of MILK Makeup. Early in his career, Sassa was vice president of New Business Development at Ohlmeyer Communications Co., which was headed by Don Ohlmeyer. He also served as vice president of network management for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Sassa was among the first people hired by Fox and he ran its operations and administration departments.
The listed pronunciation 'SK-AH-T' is in an American accent. In Scotland it is pronounced 'SK-AW-T' and in England 'SK-OH-T'.
There's an American actor named Scott Caan (born Scott Andrew Caan) He is the son of Actor James Caan. Scott is known for roles such as Ocean's Eleven & Thirteen and most notably, playing Detective Daniel "Danny\Danno" Williams in the awesome TV series, Hawaii Five-O (:
I used to like it when I was younger, but it has since become too associated with college frat boys who think they are entitled to anything and everything they want. Not a bad name otherwise, but that's the first thing that now comes to mind.
I like this name, it sounds very strong and masculine.
All the Scott's I've met were troublemakers. I have two Scott's in my family who are mean. I like the name Scott.
Scott Eastwood is the son of Oscar legend Clint Eastwood. He is famous for the movie The Longest Ride.
Scott David Menville (born February 12, 1971) is an American actor, voice actor and musician. He is best known for voicing Robin (Dick Grayson) from 'Teen Titans'.
Scott Edward Harris Lang aka Ant-Man in Marvel Comics and adaptations, superhero successor to Henry Jonathan "Hank" Pym. In the MCU Scott is played by Paul Rudd.
My name is Scott, or I go by Scottie and one of my favorite comedies of all time is EuroTrip. The main actor is Scott Mechlowicz and he plays the main character Scott Thompson and there is the song that has gone viral on youtube and has millions of views from the past 5 years called #SCOTTIEDOESNTKNOW! Catchy tune and love it when I think of anybody named Scott whether first, middle, last makes no difference. Just a fun loving, full of life eccentric, yet very excited and jubilant kind of guy, very spontaneous and sporadic as if our whole life is a Mardi Gras party. How could that be a bad thing? PARTY ON AND ROCK ON!
Scott Hoying, a member of Pentatonix.
Mr Scott in the original Star Trek series. Beam me up Scottie! I do like the name.
Scott Waldron is a character in Julie Kagawa's The Iron King book.
Scott Mescudi is the birth name of Cleveland-based rapper Kid Cudi.
Three time Indycar champion Scott Dixon, taking the title in 2003, 2008, and 2013.
I personally find it very funny that this name is in the top 100 in Scotland. It's a cool name, though. Fits all ages and is surprisingly uncommon in babies born today (but very common with other age groups).
Scott is the name of one of the Tracy brothers in Thunderbirds.
Two famous heavy metal drummers bear this name: Scott Travis of Judas Priest and Scott Rockenfield of Queensrÿche.
I'd be tempted to say "how 'bout no, Scott?"
A famous bearer is American actor, writer and producer Scott Adsit (born November 26, 1965). He's well-known for his work on the TV programs "30 Rock" (in which he stars as Pete), "Moral Orel", and "Frankenhole".
A famous bearer of this name is Scott Weiland, vocalist for the 1990s alternative rock / "grunge" band Stone Temple Pilots.

He was also the lead singer for Velvet Revolver from 2003 - 2008.
My name is Scott. I like it but it seems a little bland. Not to mention it's annoying when my brother calls me "Snot."
Orson Scott Card, author of the "Ender's Game" series, is a famous bearer.
Americans have ruined this name. It would sound just fine, but it just makes me think of mean and hateful conservative males who hate gays, women, racial minorities, etc. It also reminds me of that annoying singer from Creed, Scott Stapp. At best, this makes me think of vapid, dumb frat boys.
Wow, slight_night_shiver. Apparently all men and conservatives are bigots, and all Americans are like this, so true. Reeks of a lot of ignorance, Scott is a great name and sounds really cool for a man.
In my mind, Scott is the guy that is on every sports team imaginable, and whom every girl in the school has a crush on.
I gave this name to my son as a second middle name. It's my maiden name and I wanted to pass it on if I ever had a son.
I like the name Scott. It's short, simple, and easy to remember. I picture a Scott as being athletic, intelligent, and good at what he does, but doesn't have an inflated head.
Scott "Cyclops" Summers, a mutant character from the "X-Men" series of movies, television series, comic books, etc.
I don't like this name anymore. I was indifferent about it at first, and then I read a book with a character named "Scott" in it, and now I'm practically scarred. So, yeah, I really despise this name.
Pronounced SCOHT in England.
When I hear this name I think of a very happy person, with a grin almost always on his face. My brother's name is Scott and I always thought it fit him well. It goes especially well with the second name Robert.
Scott Tenorman is a chacacter from South Park who Cartman hates. (Cartman does the worse thing he's ever done - kill Scott's parents and cut them up and put them in Chili and fed it to Scott).
Overused as a middle name, but as a first name it is handsome, rugged, and unique. I like this name.
Famous Bearer: Winfield Scott Hancock, a famous Union Civil War general.
Scott is from Austin Powers. That weird kid that's Dr. Evil's son.
According to other various sources, the name Scott means 'Drunken man' or 'Drunkman'.
Isn't it a bit stereotypical to say most Scotsmen had tattoos?
Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner."
Scott Joplin remains the best-known ragtime musician and composer, setting the standard for the many who followed.
The feminine version of Scott, is Scotia. For example: as in Nova Scotia, a province of Canada, which means New Scotland.
F. Scott Fitzgerald was an Irish-American Jazz Age novelist and short story writer.
I have never met a Scott I haven't liked. I would definitely think about using Scott as a middle name.
Scott is the most awesome name ever! Scott is the coolest, and so is Dragon!
It's the name of the elderly Moffatts brother.
It basically came from the root of Old English, Scottish man. It symbolizes a lively, affctionate, and tall young man.

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