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Gender Masculine
Usage French
Pronounced Pron. SEH-VREHN
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Meaning & History

French form of SEVERINUS.

Related Names

Feminine FormSéverine
Other Languages & CulturesSeverinus(Ancient Roman) Severin, Søren(Danish) Severin, Sören(German) Severino, Rino(Italian) Severin, Søren(Norwegian) Seweryn(Polish) Severino(Portuguese) Severino, Seve(Spanish) Severin, Sören(Swedish)
Surname DescendantSéverin(French)
User SubmissionSeverín


Name Days

Croatia: January 8 (as Severin)
Croatia: October 23 (as Severin)
France: November 27
Germany: October 23 (as Severin)
Slovakia: January 8 (as Severín)
Sweden: October 23 (as Severin)
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