I love the name Luna, but it's getting WAY too common and popular. Selene is nice, and overall beautiful.
― Anonymous User  9/24/2020
It can also be pronounced as /sə.liːn/ (sə-LEEN), in the same manner as Celine/Céline
Teddy01  9/6/2020
In English, it's actually sə-LEEN not si-LEE-nee.
RHAWK3935  4/24/2020
I love this name so much. It's amazing. So rich in culture, yet so modern, too... you can't go wrong. Selena is also wonderful, but more common. I don't really like the name Luna much because it's almost too perfect, y'know? It's too feminine, too light, too happy. I can't imagine a Luna who's a real person, not a fictional character. Phoebe is an awesome name, but it's becoming more common, and, while I like Sol, I find it more masculine. I love Céline, too, mostly because of Céline Herondale from Cassandra Clare's books. Both spellings are great, but I really don't like Silena/Silene, Seline, etc. Stick with three e's, it looks cleaner.

I also love the name Sunny, but don't think it could work well on it's own. Imagine a Selene or Selena who goes by Sunny. I love it already.
MayaHelen  12/3/2019
Princess Selene Channary Jannali Blackburn is the protagonist in "The Lunar Chronicles" book series by Marissa Meyer.
User455  7/8/2019
In Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the default name of the female protagonist is named Selene.
― Anonymous User  4/13/2019
This is my daughter's name. We pronounce it Sah-Lean. It is a different meaning than the French Celine which is the feminine form for Little Marcel. The tooth fairy gives her the Greek silver Selene Coins when she loses a tooth. Her sister pronounces her name See Lee Nee as a term of endearment. Selene is a name easy to pronounce and much less common than either Luna or Selena. She is extremely kind, and gentle. She listens more than talks and when she does decide to talk she is very animated. She makes friends easily. She is gifted with body control, in that she has great command over the movement of her body in a way that dancers covet. She is quick and nimble, loves a good joke. Beautiful inside and out. Holds her own without comparing herself to others, never a tattler won her boy cousin's heart.
mamaKno  3/19/2019
My name is Selene and I love my name. In Europe, people write it as Celine, but I still like it because the meaning of it is the same. It comes from the Goddess of the Moon Selene in Greek mythology. It has a lot of variants such as Selena, Celine (in French), Selen (in Turkish, sounds similar with Spanish name Bélen), Selina (in Russian). I think the name is pretty strong with its meaning behind.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2019
Selene was not Artemis. Artemis was a goddess, and Selene was a titan. Yeah, Artemis was the moon goddess and Selene was the moon titan, but it's like Helios and Apollo. Helios was the sun titan and Apollo was the sun god (not to mention that Apollo is the twin of Artemis and Selene is the sister (or maybe twin, I don't know) of Helios). So I guess I'm saying that it should be that Selene is often confused with Artemis instead of Selene is often identified with Artemis.
picajay  2/20/2019
It sounds like senile.
― Anonymous User  1/1/2019
Selene was a Titaness, not a goddess. Check out Greek gods dot org if you don't believe me. Look up Theia, her first-gen Titaness mother. Under her name you will clearly see that Selene is her daughter. Just wanted to let you guys know. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  5/1/2018
My name is Selene and I love the definition of my name.
Selene kitty  4/26/2018
Lovely, gentle and beautiful. I like Selene as a first or middle name. Besides, it has cute nicknames like Leni and Sisi.
― Anonymous User  4/18/2018
I love the name Selene. If I ever had twin girls, their middle names would be Solange and Selene, which are basically sun and moon. Suh-Lee-Nee also sounds much better than the way I have heard it.
SapphireLace  1/9/2018
The name Selene was given to 214 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/15/2016
Selene is my name! And I agree with you, it is quite a beautiful name, not to be too big-headed! I quite like my name, and most people pronounce it 'Sah-lean-ee' when they see it. But I pronounce it Sah-lean. Some people even call me Selena. It can get annoying, but if people understand they usually say it is a beautiful name. I then will blush and thank them, as I can get quite shy.
SeleneKawaiiKween  3/21/2016
Princess Selene Blackburn is the main character (well, sort of) of the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer.
Aliria  2/15/2016
Selene it is also said, in Greece, that comes from the word selas. Selas means light and this is what we call northern lights in Greece "βόρειο σέλας". Some of course believe that Selene and Helen are synonymous names, (of the same meaning) which is the "shining one", because both of them come from the word selas.
ginnykom  9/1/2015
The name Selene was given to 237 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/16/2013
There is a song by the band Imagine Dragons called Selene. They pronounce it suh-LEEN.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2013
It's a pretty name, when pronounced seh-LEE-nee. Unfortunately, it reminds me of Selena Gomez, and I'm not a fan. It also sounds a little immature and almost made up. I prefer Luna.
Black_X  8/1/2011
I love the sound of this name. However, many people are bound to pronounce it wrong.
Athena Nike  4/2/2010
I found this name when I was little, and I loved it! I still love it now :) I named a moon nymph this in one of my stories. And I've used it in others too. I like both pronunciations, mainly because the traditional one sounds cool to me XD. I love the Underworld movies too!
VampireTears  6/25/2009
Selene the original Moon goddess. NOT ARTEMIS!
deatheater1408  5/26/2009
This name is gorgeous. So calm, yet beautiful. No wonder it's the name of the goddess of the moon! I prefer the seh-LEEN pronunciation, seh-LEEN-ee sounds a bit childish.
emmiix3  4/17/2009
Classical Greek may also have this name pronounced as sel-een-ay.
notaclue  4/12/2009
I used to really like this name, but it's just sort of corny now, and awkward on the conventional person. It's okay, I guess don't like the variant Selena.
Kerules  4/8/2009
Selena would be a latinized version of Selene. I do like both names.
deatheater1408  8/27/2008
(Greek Σελήνη) Selếnê.
― Anonymous User  4/1/2008
Selene Gallio (also know as "Black Queen"), a Marvel Comics character and member of the evil "Hellfire Club".
FMRadio  2/17/2008
This is a pretty name. It is a lot better than Luna! The meaning is so awesome! I would pronounce it like in the movie Underworld. I love names with the "moon" meaning. Especially, Selena.
deatheater1408  12/12/2007
A gorgeous name, with a lovely meaning. I much prefer this to the overused and extremely Harry Potter-ish Luna.
Lizdebiz  8/15/2007
I like this name. Though I'm not too keen on the LEE-NEE pronunciation ending part. That sounds silly, rhymes with all things ending in -ini.
― Anonymous User  6/19/2007
Beautiful name. Not so common either. That's a bonus. I prefer it se-LEEN as well, it sounds better.
― Anonymous User  6/4/2007
Sounds like a name for someone who really likes to be by the moonlight or is compared to the moon and moonlight. Isn't it romantic? Yep this is a very romantic and lovely name. I like both pronunciations but seh-LEEN sounds much better, seh-LEE-NEE can sometimes sound like a pasta ingredient if you focus too much on LENE ('LEE-NEE') and rhymes with all un-feminine names ending with -lini (like Mussolini). It's ok though but if seh-lee-nee I'd say the 'seh' sound stronger. Just some suggestions there. ;-)
Loni_maryrose  6/3/2007
I love this name and its meaning but I like it better pronounced Seh-LEEN.
writing the world  2/14/2007
By the way, the Greek goddess Selene had a sister, Eos (EE-os), or dawn, and a brother, Helios (HEE-lee-os), or sun. In one of the myths associated with the goddess, she falls in love with a shepherd named Endymion, and as she knows better than to ask that he be granted eternal life without eternal youth, she asks instead of Zeus, her father, that he be granted everlasting sleep. She then visits him in dreams, in which Endymion holds the moon in his arms.
Helias  1/16/2007
Pronounced Sel-EEN.
bellaboo  11/28/2006
I beg to differ, bellaboo. The original Greek name is pronounced see-LEE-nee, as read as it is written in the Greek alphabet, although it may be pronounced differently depending on the person giving the name. The goddess was called see-LEE-nee, and my sister's name is pronounced see-LEE-nee, but it is often mispronounced as see-LEEN or see-LEE-nu, and in one unfortunate case, su-LAH-mee. The pronunciation of any given name, however, is up to the person naming or named.
Helias  1/16/2007
Cleopatra Selene II, twin sister of Alexander Helios (accurately named after the sun & moon), was the daughter of Cleopatra Philopator VII and Mark Antony.
jeveuxlesoleil  9/19/2006
Oh my god is this a beautiful sounding name and I love that it means moon.
iwant2baurora  12/20/2005
Kate Beckinsale's character in "Underworld" and "Underworld: Evolution" is called Selene.
patchworkgirl  11/15/2005
This beautiful name has two meanings. One is that she's identified with the Roman Goddess Luna; second is a genus of carangidae. Synonym: Genus Selene.
Tbird  7/21/2005

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