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nylonpanda  11/5/2019
I feel like this name suits a female better than a male. Like someone above said, I think it would fit a tomboy. But it is a really strong sounding name!
― Anonymous User  8/26/2016
Well, there is nothing wrong with using native American names on girls and yes I agree Seneca is more female than male.
Kidwins9  11/2/2015
The name Seneca is a softer option for a male, but it is definitely all male and would seem trashy on a female. I say that because Seneca on a male leans more toward the philosopher Seneca the Younger, but Seneca on a female leans more toward the irritating trend of giving economically disadvantaged girls the names of Native American tribes.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2015
Seneca Crane is the ill-fated Gamemaker of The Hunger Games.
UniqueNameLover  10/6/2012
Seneca Wallace is an American football player.
― Anonymous User  12/11/2011
I think this name is lovely for a female character. For a boy it seems odd, but that's probably just because I'm so used to it on a female.
Book_Reader22  3/12/2011
I love this name, though this name strikes me as a more feminine name than a masculine one.
― Anonymous User  10/2/2010
In the book "Walk Two Moons" by Sharon Creech, the main characters, Sal, was supposed to be named Seneca, but her parents made a mistake ans named her Salamanca instead!
― Anonymous User  7/4/2010
A good friend of mine is named Sennyca. I've always thought it was a pretty name, though I think that the original spelling (Seneca) looks nicer.
― Anonymous User  2/9/2008
The Roman philosopher's full name was Lucius Seneca.
caoilainn  12/7/2007
Seneca Falls is a city in New York where the first women's rights convention was held.

I love this name, it's very unique and it seems like a strong, sophisticated name for someone. Actually, I would prefer to name a daughther this, especially with its women's rights ties. (:
rove  9/16/2007
Seneca is a brand of apple juice.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2006
I actually really like this name! It's cute, pretty, and would be suitable for a tom-boy, or a girly-girl. I know of a 5-year-old girl named "Seneca Cheyenne".
Pheadirean  4/14/2006

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